Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Instagram Camera... It's Real.

Mmmm. Instagram... (checks it out as it catwalks in front of me) My, how you've grown.

Went from a simple iPhone app that subscribers can use to enhance their pictures with a small load of filters to choose from, where afterwards said person can upload that picture onto the Instagram Homepage, to being THEE app that every person with an iPhone should have, to being bought by Facebook for $1 Billion dollars, to broadening your users to not only iPhone, but also Android phones as well, so now everyone can get in on the fun...

Instagram, my my my. I gotta, say, you've outdone yourself pretty well.

So well, that they're thinking of making lives a whole lot more awesomer by creating an Instagram camera.

Say what now? No, I'm not shitting you.

The Instagram Socialmatic Camera is the latest camera invention, when, just like Instagram, you take a picture, add the filter (if you want), and post it up. Except, you now have the option to print it out of the camera like a polaroid. Insaaaane. Is your mind blown yet? No? Well, here's more.

With the internal printer, it prints onto Instagram Paper Sheets (which have glue strips so they can act like a Post-It), and with every picture that's printed, it prints your username on the front side of the picture, also including a QR code, so if someone on Instagram wants to follow it, they simply punch in the code and voila. 

It also has a little space where you can write a caption, just like any ol' Polaroid.

Here are some of its features: 

  • 16 GB mass storage 
  • Wifi and Bluetooth 
  • 4:3 touchscreen 
  • 2 main lens, first for main capture, second for 3D filters, webcam applications and QR Code capturing 
  • Optical zoom
  • Led Flash 
  • Internal printer to make your Instagram photos real
  • Paper cartridge with Instagram Paper Sheets 
  • Dedicated 4 colors ink tanks
  • InstaOs 1.0, which put together Facebook and Instagram App feature

It's just a concept, I believe. So who knows if it's the official product or if this product is even going to HAPPEN. But, for the sake of the existence... Are you interested?

I gotta admit, I am.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Scared For Brooklyn?

Mega sweet. (photo via)
Not shaking in my boots scared, but I am a tad bit worried, for Brooklyn is my home. 

I was born here and have been raised here. Not to mention, I hope to continue living in Brooklyn while also building my family and continuing my life in this great city. The hype isn’t spoonfed lies. In NYC, Brooklyn can arguably be named the most diverse area in this state. And that’s what makes it so wonderful. Every nationality can chill in Brooklyn and there will probably be a low amount of animosity toward each other. They all have their own little community in every part of this place, so much that you can tell just by bike riding from one block to another that the atmosphere and surroundings shift to a whole new setting. So when you notice such things like homes getting way more expensive and people moving out to make way for wanderers to move in, it makes you feel a certain way. 

I work in Bushwick/Williamsburg where my father owns a liquor store smack under one of the busiest train stops in that area (btwn Myrtle Ave. & Broadway), so we get a lot of business. But who we get that business from, is black and spanish folk, because they had taken over that area. It was theirs. Same goes to many other parts in Brooklyn. Blacks, mostly from the West Indies, populate a lot of neighborhoods in this city, but before we were here, white people had Brooklyn on lock. It wasn’t until immigrants from all over moved here to make a better living, where whites packed up and left (this was around the segregation times, so whites were having no part in being neighbors with black folks, so they left), leaving us to turn Brooklyn into what it is today. 

This city has tradition. Flavor. It’s homey, you know? I can be surrounded by Haitians in Flatbush, then smiling and waving hi to Middle Easterns around Church and Cortelyou. Take a train to an area populated by the Chinese, walk to an area strictly Spanish. But now, due to its growing popularity, white folks and hipsters are moving (back) in and blacks, due to the high levels of pay and the clean up that’s going on in the crime ridden areas, are moving on out. And that, in a sense, is unfortunate. 

Sure, the pro of this is that the crime MAY go down. Brooklyn could become a bit more safer than before, and it’ll become more presentable as well, which is something we won't try to turn down. Being that Brooklyn is our home, the opportunity to make it more appealing is a fine idea. But moving all the people who created the hype around this place… admittedly, it's upsetting. There may be no major hostility toward whites and hipsters, but they won’t be able to do the amazing job of keeping a lot of blacks and spanish people who've built their lives here close to the roots they couldn’t touch tone with back home as their own people can. And a part of me feels whites and hipsters won’t really want to, because they’re changing the surroundings to fit their needs. Not purposely, but to make Brooklyn homey for themselves. Bushwick, where I work, used to be just awful with crime. It was bad, and even close to intolerable. Nowadays, I see more white people and hipsters alike. More bars, cafe's, clubs and hipster joints… Williamsburg in itself is Home to the Hipsters. And I’m just thinking, with this growing popularity of Brooklyn and the attraction it’s creating, what will become of the diversity? 

Can it still stay put? Can we hold on to it?

Monday, February 13, 2012

SHORT FILM: "No Bikini," by Claudia Morgado Escanilla

This movie is so innocent while it has the ability to make you think about a lot of things. For one, dividing genders and what society says a gender can or can't do. Pink is for Girls, Blue is for Boys. Skirts are for Girls, Pants are for Boys. Cheerleading is for Girls, Sports are for Boys... that kind of thing. And it all starts when these kids come out of the womb. When they'e placed in a pink or blue bin indicating their gender to when they get their 3-year-old birthday party filled with Tonka trucks or Dora the Explorer.

But what if all of that was taken away Switched a bit?

This short film, about a little girl who doesn't want to wear a bikini, is amazing, only because that sole decision made a whole difference.

Check it out.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Nigel Thornberry Disney Takeover

"When will my reflection show, who I am inside?" The jig is up, Mulan.

A genius person via tumblr has started this trend of GIFs where the 2D creations of Disney Movies have their faces replaced by Nigel Thornberry, the kook of a father and animal lover who backpacks his family around the world in the awesome show that was, "The Wild Thornberries."

I don't know why...

I don't know how... (well, I have a good feeling how, but the idea came about...)

But this trend has become one of Tumblr's greatest reasons for existence. It's these funny antics that is why you can't get enough of it.

At least for me.


Hercules. MY FAVORITE, hands down.
The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Can you imagine trying to cop her digits, then to see her turn around and...nevermind.
The Princess & The Frog. Magic at its worse...
The Little Mermaid. Nigel's mustache can pose as fins, I swear.

Thank you, Hannah! All of these photos are her genius work. Click here to see some more. 

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Aubrey Plaza Goes Batshit in this Music Video

Father John Misty (aka J. Tillman, the drummer of the Fleet Foxes) has brought us something pretty interesting here for the music video of his debut single, "Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings." Interesting, why?

Because the video brought us the likings of Aubrey Plaza going apeshit, a side of her we rarely see (or at all, if you're not an avid viewer of "Parks & Recreation"), and from the looks of it, a side that we can definitely get used to. But not enough to destroy her reputation as the Princess (or Queen, if you don't know anyone above and beyond in dry humor) of Deadpan.

The video for "Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings," is head-tilting in a sense where you might not exactly know what's going on right away, or at all, but in which the sight of Aubrey Plaza showcasing something a little less dry and a little more psychotic (eating flowers, humping a lamp, and walking/crying with a bleeding nose to name a few) entertains you enough. Plus the song is kinda nice.

I dunno about you, but something tells me that Aubrey can be any character she wants to be, but remains deadpan either for comfortability or to keep us entertained. But every once in a while, she'll break the mold. Which is a pretty smart move, the element of surprise. Hollywood knows you one way. But when they see you step out every once in a while, they go "Ahhhhhh.... Look at that..."

Watch the vid over at EW.com (click link) since they're being mean and didn't include an embed code. Bleh.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Elle Varner? You Done Good, Kid.

Have you guys heard Elle Varner's mixtape, "Controversial Lush," yet?

Man... I gave her some hard time because after a while of truly listening to "Only Wanna Give It To You," I really began to not like it. It sounds so off while also being too much, y'know? Too many highs and lows, and she changes her voice from verse to chorus to hook, each being a different way of singing. It drove me up the wall. Too much in one song? KILL.

But she's really talented, that much is true. So I summed up my faith in her and checked her mixtape out.

No way in hell am I disappointed. This mixtape is a fine piece of work, and it is easily the most freshest R&B mixtape/EP out there! Her voice, which I never stopped liking, is so gorgeous in a raspy and croony way that she pulls off very well. I believe she writed her own music too, so kudos to that. Lyrically, I enjoyed it. Not too simple, while not being too complex. Conversational Lyrics, I like to call them. And there's funny punk within some tracks, such as "WTF," a song that had me cracking up because she let loose and it was enjoyable.

A few other favorites include "Refill," which I wish were longer, "Feel Like A Woman," "Ghosts," "So Fly," which was fantastic when it came to matters of being self conscience with the standards of beauty, and "32 Flavors," which was the first single off the mixtape to perk my ears in interest.

Listen to (and download) the mixtape below! No regrets here.

Sigh... I see you, Elle.

Friday, January 13, 2012

"Red Tails," To Pave The Way for POC Actors? -Fingers Crossed-

There's a buttload of hope that's riding on the film, Red Tails.

And with good reason, of course. First off, it's a film with an all star cast. But this cast is indeed special because it's a cast made up of Black actors. Yeah, sure there have been many movies with Black actors/actresses as the lead, but why this cast and this movie is special brings me to the next point. The movie is action packed. If you think about action films and the stars that bring the anticipation to the film, you think White males/females, such as Bruce Willis, Liam Neeson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Angelina Jolie... so on, so forth. Black actors don't come to mind at all, mostly because Black actors haven't starred in action flicks, period. And if they have, please bring it to the attention of the public, because we're not convinced.

So, you've got the Black all star cast, you've got the black all star cast leading an action film... Now, you have the person behind the film who hopes that this movie opens the doors to many of us black folk who want to make it into this industry, George Lucas. Yes. THE MAN WHO BROUGHT US STAR WARS. And Indiana Jones. I mean, seriously. Imagination stimulating genius, George Lucas. He has written the story, about a group of African American pilots who have been benched for most of World War II based on their color, who finally get the chance to serve for their country when they are called into the skies to fight against the Nazis. And from what it seems, George Lucas really wants to shed light for the POC (People of Color) in the film industry.

Apparently, the movie has been refused by many studios in helping him bring the story to life, and part of the reason was because the cast was all Black. If you don't believe me, watch the interview he did with Jon Stewart for The Daily Show below:

I mean... Thank God for people like George Lucas, for he has been trying to get this movie made, not only because he believes in it, but because he wants to give some passage to the people who are just as gifted, but aren't given the chance. Gosh, 23 years of working on it? Damn. It's always a breath of fresh air to see Black people push through a barrier that are still placed in front of us because of our color, even with years and years of segregation supposedly behind us.

How many times have I seen a film and say to myself, "I could have played that part..." when I see a female character that I definitely could have played, had the slot been open to any girl and not just a White/Caucasian girl. I love to act, have been doing it for a long time, and as someone who dreams of being on the big screen someday, it is discouraging to notice that there's a slight chance that may not happen the way I want, which means I'm not entirely given a range. Because face it, many Black actors that you've seen in the for front have been movies made for Black people, solely. How about a movie made for white folks starring some black people as well? There are many Black people that want to step out of that box. Those Black actors are unfortunately placed in the sidekick/supporting character sideline.

Take Anthony Mackie for example. That man has been acting for a while. I've watched him in a few films, and he's got the goods to be major Hollywood gold. But so far, I've only seen him star in Black oriented films, and seen him appear or take the role of a supporting character, behind major white actors. I have no idea when he'll get his shine, but he, among others, need to have it.

It is great, though, to see some actors take the role of a character meant for a white person, such as Donald Glover, who did a read of his character, Troy, in Community, who was supposed to be white. Apparently, he did such a great job, they decided Troy was going to be Donald, who happens to be black, and who happens to be one of the best characters on the show.

We've gotta break mold here. Black actors are just as top notch as white actors, and should be given the chance and choice to expand to roles not so cliche of generic. So when I see films like "Think Like A Man," with the same Black actors who could be stepping way outside the box, especially since they've been in the Hollywood game for years, it gets me a tad frustrated.

Let's support this movie. I know I will. I believe in the obvious and behind message of it all, and I fully support it. Do you?

"To the last bullet, to the last plane, to the last man! We fight! (We fight!) We fight! (We fight!) We fight!" 

...I'm sorry, that chant is very uplifting.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Style Mama: Nadia Aboulhosn

She made the top out of a scarf. A SCARF. I nearly died from amazement.
I'm not a fashion junkie, but don't be fooled entirely. I like to indulge in fashion magazines such as Nylon, Glamour, and Allure to name a few, I will find myself searching for the latest trends to try or the trends that have fallen in the "To-Do...Not!" list, and I happen to be quite fond of fashion bloggers, any shape and any size alike. Seeing the style of other people around the world and how they assemble their everyday attire is fun and inspirational, don't you think?

Well, not too long ago, I came across a fashion blogger who literally took my breath away on site from the outfit I caught her wearing. I searched for her blog and in a matter of seconds, I found it, spending a whole hour analyzing her quotes, reading her passage to the inspiration of her outfits, and then the outfits themselves, which always made me go "Oh, wow... That's sa-weeeet." Her look, overall, is amazing. She has this Bohemian vibe that runs at your eyes, with dark brown/black hair falling over her shoulders and mid-back, she has skin that's a pale olive tone, her eyes are excrutiatingly smoldering, with a make up fresh face that's envious. She has long legs, a tiny waist, and the best part? She's gorgeously thick. Wide hips, thick thighs, and a booty that people wish to have, her figure is THE poster ad for the ideal womanly figure.

There are times when I think, "Holy crap, that outfit and pose is badass!" And then there are days when I go, "That outfit can be rocked by anyone... It's simple and cute, but what makes it stand out for her and her alone is that smile." Did I mention Nadia has a smile that is radiant beyond words? Fresh, friendly, and fun, her smile exemplifies the Three F's and enunciates her outfit even more. Nadia's got the whole package, and in this blogosphere of numerous fashion bloggers alike, plus size, thin, black, white, she does an amazing job at standing out.

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to ask her a few questions. Well, she loved the questions so much, that she made a video for me and for her blog as well. Check it out!

One of the things that I adore Nadia for is her fearlessness to strut whatever she puts on, whether she gets comments about it, in which she's told her readers on her blog that she undoubtedly has. It's not easy to represent yourself through what you wear, especially when you think that because of your size, you shouldn't wear one thing, or because of your personality, to wear something not similar to it would be wrong... The thing is, we have to learn to appreciate the person inside of us that dresses the person on the outside. That in itself can be just as complicating, because we want to find a way to express ourselves but we usually don't know how.

It's being fearless, unapologetic, creative, and down right ballsy that brings a true fashionista, or any person willing to showcase who they are, to life. And with Nadia, someone who is not only simply beautiful on the outside, but plain ol' awesome on the inside, that came easily.

Aside from her beauty, she also has a work ethic toward her fashion that is pretty sick. Always reminding us that she's all about making her dreams come true, they slowly are, for she's been featured on countless fashion blogs, was chosen along with another plus size beauty, Heather Hazzar, to be the plus sized models for American Apparel, has chosen fashion looks for Ashley Stewart, models regularly for Seventeen Magazine, and so much more. Her buzz is getting louder, and it's literally only a matter of time before she blows EVERYONE away. No bullshit.

There's no doubt that admiration and love is what she deserves for doing what many dare to do.

G'on, girl. The world is watching.

(all photos courtesy Nadia's blog. CLICK HERE to check her out!)
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