Monday, December 29, 2008

"la la la . . . Cherry Chapstick!"

Don't worry. I don't think Travis would mind. He'd like to watch you kiss a girl, Katy.

I am inspired by numerous amounts of people. Christina Aguilera is one. Her voice is absolutely stunning. My God. I remember way back in the day when she came out right after Pop Princess turned Wacko turned Trying-Very-Hard-to-Regain-Fans singer Britney Spears zipped through our radios and blasted to our ears. The battle began. Me? I was always a Christina gal. I couldn't stand Britney back then, and the same goes now, except now, I have more respect for her (she's been through hell and back and she's making it. How many No. 1 albums has she had?! Heller?!).

Michelle Branch. Erm, her songwriting skills had me at a standstill. Plus I was in a phase back then where emo and acoustic music were my shizzot. She still is amazing to me, and I wish she would come out with some new material, yes and I mean post-"The Wreckers," but she's too busy taking care of her baby with her husband/drummer, who is, BTW, twice her age. Cough.

But there is one person who seriously helped me to understand that being yourself is the funnest and greatest way to live your life. And that wonderful God given gift who helped me to realize that is Ms. Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, aka Katy Perry.

Eureka. This girl is a freak of nature. And I'm saying that in the best way possible. When "I Kissed A Girl" came out, I thought it was a bisexual that came out with that song to introduce herself as, "Hi! I'm a bisexual! SUCK ON MY FAMILY JEWELS, BEEYOTCH!" See, I have a tendency to create the face of the person I hear on the radio before actually knowing what they look like. So because hearing Katy's voice for the first time, I concluded that she was probably butchy and a rebel and someone that probably wasn't all THAT purdy.

By goodness macaroni rolls was I wrong! After seeing her face, listening to a few more of her songs, and reading up on this gal, I instantly fell in love. Yes. I'm tellin' ya right now. She's my female crush! Cross my heart! She's a stunner. Her eyes are large and beautifully baby blue. Her hair is slick, glossy and flippy. Her style is a style that I can only admire from afar and dream to carry out the same style she displays, because that style is God-like IMO*. Her music is amazing!! 'Nuff said! Her humor is out of this world insanely hilarious. I catch myself laughing at her jokes and WITH her beautiful insanity that is sane. She's dating/tapping Travis "Travie" McCoy of the Gym Class Heroes, who I find extremely sexy, even with his body art and piercings. She's biffles with Perez Hilton AND homegirl hangs out with Dita Von Teese. DITA VON TEESE?! To chill with this woman, the amazing Dita Von Teese; to even get the chance to say "Hi, whats up?" with her is amazing to me. Like, I wouldn't know what to do with myself. Surely, Katy does! And last but not least, she truly is someone who believes that HERSELF is the greatest SELF there is. She just shows you who she is from the getgo. there's no cookie-cutterness. No blanket over your head. She's not pulling a fast one on you. Nope. She's real. Up front. She does the wackiest things that can get people like Miley Cyrus cursed at, but for her its admirable.

She's so amazing. Katy Perry, I idolize you.


P.S.: Your rendition of "Black & Gold" by Sam Sparro is played repeatedly on my iPod.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hoopla! Hoopla! Read all about it!

Me at work. I was trying to get away. Didn't get far with that spoon.

Cough Cough. Good afternoon blogettes. Lemme not bore you with pointless information. Seriously I don't see other bloggers doing that. Most of the blogs I read on this site are actually very interesting. I promise when I stumble upon a lame one, you will be notified at once!

This blog consists of a bunch of random things that I feel should be brought up for the sake of it. Or basically what I feel is important to me. Don't be surprised if you see a bunch of hoopla (sound familiar?) or hulabaloo on this site and say to yourself, "I thought she was posting IMPORTANT things. This is not important in the least." Exactly, my smart lil' friend! It's not! But in my neurotic mind, I think it is. I mean, after all. It did catch my attention, enough for me to post about it, right? RIGHT!

Also, this might also be a blog showcasing my writing skills. After all, as a journalism major, writing is what I will be doing quite frequently. Ugh, you can imagine the amount of writing I had to do in my English 16 (the highest ranked english class for undergrads at my university. I know, it's amazing how I passed my placement exam and was put into that class immediately. HA! I lurve it!). Head scratching topics, might I tell you. Gee whillickers, it was annoying. Until we got the chance to become ethnographers, which are people who do deep research and observations about what they are writing. I ethnographed Krumping! Two of my friends are avid krumpers, and so that was the reason why I chose that topic. Thanks Kevin and Hassan!

ASIDE FROM THAT! I will just be writing my heart out, thanks. Love it, hate it, but please don't break it.

Hasta la bye bye, beeyotch!


Note: Be careful what you wish for. It might be your mother's foot instead of a brand new Mercedes.
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