Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 + 0001 = 2009

Ha! Like the math equational title?

Didn't think so . . . anywho, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Erm . . . My Christmas was lame beyond laaaame so lets skip Christmas to New Years. I didn't really get the chance to celebrate it the way I would have celebrated it in the past. For one, I was working at my dads liquor store. Got there on New Years Eve @ 11:30am and we all (Me, my older sister, my dad's best friend and my parents) left at 1:20am. On New years Day. I seriously wish I could have watched the ball drop and fully savor the moment, but I was too friggin tired and it's a friggin BALL! I know, it's been this tradition and all that, but, I can watch a ball drop on the basketball court. I can watch a ball drop in a bowling alley. I can watch a ball drop on the tennis court. To see a very lit and ginormous ball slowly fall to start off the New Year became ludicrous to me when I actually saw it happen just 13 hours ago. IDK. Maybe I'm just saying this because I really was tired . . .

In this case; NEW YEAR RESOLUTION! . . . . My New Year Resolution is to STICK to my New Year Resolution, which is to better myself in every aspect of my being. Raising all my B's to A's next semester, losing weight, eating right, staying in contact with people, trying to make my dreams come true . . . I really do want to better myself. Be more responsible is the top of my list, next to 'Stop Procrastinating.' I got an idea.

In order to truly truly truly follow your resolution, write it down on something and post it up somewhere where you would have no choice but to see it. Like on your wall next to your bed, or in your closet door. In a notebook, on your sidekick . . . where ever. If you really wanna make this resolution happen, be committed.

I will do my darndest not to be hypocritical and to actually try to follow my resolutions and to be consistant with them as well.

So, have a happy new year, guys. And remember, POP CHAMPAGNE AND HAVE SOME FUN!

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