Saturday, January 3, 2009

Benjamin Button: A Film to be Remembered

Please, whatever you do, go watch this film.

If you thought for a second that this movie would be a waste of money, then please, waste that money and see how much worth it has, because this, ladies and gents, is the film for the ages.

I've watched movies that have me leaving the theatre absolutely dumbstruck, or that has me sitting in my sitting utensil, be it couch or computer chair, absolutely stunned from the picture that I saw, because that film was that good. One movie that had me captivated was "V for Vendetta." I will always have a warm spot for that movie . . .

But this post is not about V. It's about "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button."

My my my my my my my . . . absolutely amazing. I went into the theatre at 6:20? The lights shut off at 6:30, the previews lasted till . . . 6:45? Then the movie started. I will warn you that this movie is looooooong. The credits rolled at 9:25 haha. But, I promise you you won't even realize how the time flew by because the film is that captivating! I didn't want it to end. It was too beautiful!

Let's talk about the story. For one, if you don't know what it's about, it's about a man named Benjamin who has a condition: he grows up backward. When he was born, he looked like an 80-year-old baby. Yep. Wrinkles, saggy skin, arthitis and all that jazz. Around the age of 7 he seriously looked like an old man. It was amazing. The graphics that they made to make Brad Pitt look like this said 7-year-old old man was astonishing. Not even Pixar could capture that, and I saw WALL-E. That movie stunned me, too! Another movie that had me walking out the theatre in a daze, but, let's move on. Around that age, he meets a young girl named Daisy, who he falls in love with, at the tender age of seven, even though he looks 80, all because of her blue eyes. I must say, they probably digitally made those eyes extremely piercingly blue, because I looked at them on that pretty little red headed girl and I was mesmerized. As he grows, people grow as well, but he grows younger physically, while mentally he turns 13, 14, 15, 16 . . . but then he starts to see the consequences of this condition of his. He meets people that change his life in many ways and does things that has him in tussles. He falls in love and makes decisions that . . . crap I realize I really am giving a lot of info here. It's just so much that makes so much sense.

I think I have fallen in love with Brad Pitt without meaning to. Not because of how gorgeous he looks when he's about 50 or 60 in his mind but physically he looks like a 20 year old bombshell (oh, boy when he rode that motorcycle . . . god bless the 70's.), but because of how he created Benjamin to be this Forrest Gump-like person. Not mentally retarded . . . but someone thats not all THAT bright but at the same time, is. Someone you wanna talk to. Someone you wanna tell all your secrets to because you know they are loyal. That's Benjamin. And Brad Pitt deserves an Oscar nod for this role.

Cate Blanchett, holy cow she is beautiful in this film. Red hair suits her so well! I actually hate her blonde hair after I saw this. The red hair brings out her blue eyes amazingly. Her acting was impecable. She made Daisy the amazing woman that she was. She was like the Jenny in Forrest Gump until later on in the film. You'll notice that someone else turns into the Jenny but not completely . . .
Taraji P. Henson who plays Benjamin's "mother." She has you cracking up quite often! It was comforting to see. She's a great actress. I like her a lot. I have never really paid attention to her much, but then I saw her in Jamie Foxx's video for "Just Like Me" and she was funny in that one, too. Anyway, in TCCoBB, she plays Queenie. I'm not telling you nothing except that I liked seeing her character age throughout the movie and how well Taraji conquered the aging Queenie went through. Well done, Taraji!

There are also other people, but . . . these were the important ones.

Tidbits: There are a lot of secrets that come out in this film. It is truly so interesting, I tell you. Also there is this one old man that seriously will have you laughing! He randomly comes out of nowhere in the film sometimes and goes to Benjamin, "Do you know I've been struck by lightning 7 times?" Then he tells him what he was doing when he got struck and then there's a little clip on the exact description and you crack up at it! I laughed 7 times to his seven strikings, lets say that. Also, this movie is all about love, life & death. There is a lot of foreshadowing and irony in this movie. Whatever you do, listen to the story about the clock. Please do that. It's important. VERY important.

Other than that, I loved this movie. I wanna watch it over and over again. It's so beautiful! Please, whatever you do, watch this movie! It's funny, trust me, it's romantic, it's heart quenching, it's truly divine.
Oh, gee. I haven't used that word . . . ever.


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