Monday, January 19, 2009

France Elle's December 2008 issue

I don't know about you, but this is a beautiful picture. Can't you see it? Her posture embodies power. Her skin is creamy and has that touch of cocoa beauty. And my God. That afro. Isn't it stunning? I honestly could care less if all, most, half or a quarter of it is not her actual tresses, the point is . . . I mean, look at it! Tell me it doesn't speak to you in some way?

Some are saying that because its not natural, its nothing to get excited about. Some said that it looks too exaggerated, so that's nothing to get excited about either, because Black women who DO strut their afros won't strut it as vibrant as this piece of artwork over here. Some also said that France's Elle is copying the July issue of Vogue, who embraced the spread of Black Models.

But, to be discreetly honest, who cares? I mean, who gives a dime if one magazine does a spread of famous black models such as Naomi Campbell and furthers the new posing black young beauties such as Chanel Iman, Jourdan Dunn or Arlenis Sosa and then another magazine does it, too? You gotta realize something. They're embracing them. There was a time when they were everywhere and people loved it, then that time passed. You soon saw more whites than blacks and then you saw none. But now, people are embracing them again. I mean, Jourdan Dunn is bracing the cover! Isn't that good enough? So what if her afro is not hers? So what if its too vibrant? So what if it copied Vogue's July issue? Look at that picutre and tell me you don't see something beautiful.

Just in advance. If you do, I might have to hit you with my trusty broom, right here.

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