Sunday, January 25, 2009

OUT OF BUSNIESS! Cue The Applause.

I dunno if you've heard, or if you care, but I'll let you in on something. If you're walking around Broadway like a normal New Yorker, you will see that in front of 16 year old Kira Plastinina's store there is a sign, such as the one in the photo, that says "OUT OF BUSINESS." I remember just three or four weeks ago, I was passing that store, looking at the shop window and wincing. Her clothes are L-A-M-E. And not to be the bearer of bad news or the mother of all that is doomsday, but I seriously am very happy that its closing. Should have closed sooner, but I guess they were giving her a chance. The girl is adorable (I guess . . .) and its awesome that she's from Russia, one of the places I plan to visit, and God knows America loves imports, but you can send her back in her lame pink and black tutus and frilly white silk shirts 'cause her clothes barely stand out. You can combine better ensembles at S-n-D Kids or Conway (Which I love. Yes, I buy some shirts for $6, so what? They last me for a good time!) than at her lame clothing store. The only good thing about it is that they shop is comforting, adorable, and pink. Can't help but attract lame Miley Cyrus addicts who are trying so hard to be fashionable teeny boppers with pink, now can ya? I would just stand there and scratch my head with a bag of headbands and a few cardigans that I bought at Strawberry and Forever 21 while looking at the shopfront, wondering why the shop was even there. She has jackets for a price so unreasonably unnecessary. Like, come on. But though her stores are closing everywhere they were created in the US of A, her 80+ stores in Russia are still uber busy, making sure to clean up after every hunger crazed Russian teeny bopper girl who thinks she can rock the next greatest Kira Plastinina outfit before the Regina George (Mean Girls? hello) of her school does first. Sawwy, Kira. At least you have your fellow high schoolers to keep you in business.

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