Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sultry Blues #1

This Sultry Blues thing is when I showcase my poetry, songs, or writings. i was skeptical at first to post my stuff up, but, if I wanna become a journalist, I've gotta start somewhere, huh?

I know many of you don't believe in love. But, what you think love is is what is the typical, status quo of everything you've seen on TV or movies. Love is special in its own way. You'll find love in a way someone else hasn't. There's the Disney way, the love/hate way, the kissing-in-the-rain way, the best friends turned lovers way, the accidental way, the love-at-first-sight way, the serenating way, the creative way, the determined way . . . the point is, don't think love doesn't exist because you see the things in movies and you automatically say that it's not real, just for the fact that it was written in a script. Here's a poem I wrote after watching a movie called "Love Jones," that displayed love in such a powerful way, it actually makes you believe.

Dreadfully waiting.
got my heart anticipating,
for the love I'll soon be savoring from you.
Hand in hand we mesh,
knew from the start you were the best,
you lay my head right on your chest to hear you breathing.

Giggling with no stop
you have my tummy up in knots
we're on the phone and slowly the clock is ticking away.
My mind is not confused
Its a fact that I want you
to be my one and only boo, take my breath away

The first day we met
It was raining, I was wet
You opened an umbrella over my head and that was that.
God was by my side
Cuz that same minute we locked eyes
and I was instantly hypnotized, could this be real?

You had to feel the same
because the words you wanted to say
were surely not coming your way, your stutter was so cute.
You were fumbling with words,
It was obvious you had nerves
But you were determined to make it work, for you to speak.

I made it easy for you
I took your number, gave mine to you
A sign of relief quickly came through across your face.
I'll never forget that look
Cuz that after that, we were hooked
In each others souls, that's all it took, to be what we are now.

You quickly catch me when I fall,
you accept me, flaws and all,
and for that, I want to crawl into your heart.
And it will be my home,
And you will crawl into my own,
and from there our love will grow to cover us whole.

You safely keep me sane
when my mentality's feeling strained
from all the sadness and the pain I receive elsewhere.
Cuz only from you,
I receive the love I do
the love that amazingly renews my energy.

Our love is true.
Thank God for you.
You walked me through.
Baby, what you do . . .
Only you can do . . .

TIDBIT: Um, I'm in a relationship dilemma right now, and this is why I wrote it. I hope many can relate.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Goodie . . .

There's a commercial.


I cannot stress it anymore.


And it is so cute! People have deemed it weird and uncalled for, but I admire it. It's like a combo of Alice in Wonderland and Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. The make-up is sooo sweet. Sweet to perfection. Mwah! And the set is so prettyful! Admit it, you wanna be in this video.


TIDBIT: I wanted to live in that mound of cotton candy and eat my way through, but after seeing that cat climb out of it . . . eh. No thanks.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Nappy Roots

Sometimes, relatives are meant to keep their mouths shut.

Why, you might ask? "Cynthia, how can you say such a thing!" you might say to me.

But how would you respond if you were in my size 11 American Eagle boots? Lemme set up the scenario.

[Cynthia is sipping on dry champagne, absolutely disgusted by the taste, for this champagne had not tasted like the last champagne she sipped on last year. Yes, if you haven't guessed, Cynthia is not a heavy drinker. Matter of fact, its been decades, sarcastically speaking, since she last drunk an alchohol beverage. While she sips, her Aunt Josie sneaks up behind Cynthia and plays in her poof, for Cynthia's hair is natural and was set in a poofie high ponytail.]

Josie: Cynthia, sweetie, when are you gettin' that perm?

Cynthia: [baffled as if she was the last to hear of news that is life changing] What perm? I'm not getting a perm.

Josie: [frowns] Why not?

Cynthia: [Shrugs slowly] Cuz . . . I . . . I like my hair natural. And when I got a perm in 7th grade, by my frehsman year of high school, my hair started breaking.

Josie: [Nodding slowly] Ahhhh.

Cynthia: Plus this is different. Everyone rocks weaves and wigs and perms. Thats not cute anymore (Mind you, my Aunt Josie was wearing a wigs that was not doing her justice)

Josie: Sure, you know, its different. And your hair is nice, but, don't you think it'll look nicer straight?

Cynthia: [Shakes head slowly] No . . . this is fine. Plus I have a lot of hair. Too much to manage.

Josie: [giggles] No it's not. Just go to a hair salon. They can fix that hair easily.

Cynthia: Eh, no. It's ok. Thanks though, Aunt Josie . . .

[Cynthia walks away with rage fixating across her face, ready to splash her dry champagne across Aunt Josie's face]

I am so sick of it. People asking me when I'm gonna get a perm, why don't I get a perm, perms will be much easier to handle . . . don't you know I am extremely aware of all of this? I know perms are easier to handle, and I know it's better than natural hair. But for me, and many others, perms, weaves and wigs are the X that marks the spot. I don't wanna see myself wearing them unless it is extremely mandatory. And I doubt those times will show up. What really made me mad was the fact that her hair is jacked to the max. Literally, she has to cover it with a new wig everytime we see her. And then she has the audacity to tell me to perm my hair? To make it straight? To abandon what has made me who I am? Get outta here. Please.

I'll soon be talking more about this issue, due to the fact that I'm writing a research paper for my english class about good hair, and plus because this is my blog so . . . heh. I write what I want, I guess.

Friday, February 20, 2009


4 slices of pizzza.

Thats what I've had all day.

It's only 3:49pm, . . .

But I still feel like a fat ass.

Mission Accomplished.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I just . . . man.

To think I laughed about this turn of events at first.

There seriously is nothing to laugh about when you see this picture.

I cant even fathom how Rihanna or her family must feel, to have their loved one come home to them looking like this, knowing where the person who did this to them is.

Even though I can't picture Chris doing something so heinous . . .

Picture from TMZ - Click Here
TIDBIT on 2/20/09: Happy 21st Brithday, Rihanna. Get well soon!

Man Candy #1: Seth Rogen

He lost weight.

Oh, my word.

Its not that I've never seen it in my head. I've pictured it, and yeah, its a great picture, but . . . to really see it. Right here. Right above.

I . . . I like it.

Oh, Seth. I lurve it, sweetie. Lurve.

Lemme explain to you guys something.

I am seriously infatuated with Seth Rogen. I'm telling you, he always has my tummy up in knots. He's hilarious. I love his hair; I could picture myself running my hands through it, feeling its soft and wavy/curly tresses . . . and he had this adorable nerd guy behavior that just made him seem so likeable. I mean, he really is likeable. Plus, once again, he can make you laugh. I've never been disappointed (Erm, rephrase, shall we? "Zack & Miri Make a Porno was OK, not, really GREAT. Cute, but compared to his other films, even though I have yet to see Pineapple Express, okay) with his work, and thats because he always stands out in some way.

IDGAH if you think I'm nuts on rye. I really am in love with him. I can picture myself dating a guy like this. He's so amazing. Plus he has introduced me to Michael Cera, who will be on this blog soon enough . . .

I can't wait to see him fully done with his training. Even though he hates being healthy, Seth, its great.

TIDBIT: I loved him WITH the weight. I never saw it as a problem. I don't care. Thick or thin, I am in love with you, Seth Rogen.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Must See

Children are hilarious. Very. And I don't know how old this boy is, but he not only has a foul mouth, but a funny one, too. So, please watch.

TIDBIT: He started speaking my families language, Creole, at the end. I'll get my mom to translate later lool.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Cover Me, Please.

Erm, magazines. I lurve them. Its funny because I have a stash of magazines that are scattered everywhere in my home. You would probably laugh at me, and then steal a chunk. Each of them showcase something for me: Cosmopolitan; Its all about the sexual side of me. And I DO have a very sexual side of me. The men might like it. I lurve the tips they give you for the bedroom, the kitchen counter, the office, the closet, in the rain, on the hood of your car . . . Seventeen; the teen side of me. See, the thing with Seventeen is that not only do they show you ensembles and articles of clothing that is affordable and perfect for your body shape, but it's a comfortable and self-esteem boosting magazine. Its perfect for teenagers. Unlike Teen Vogue. Those are for the Blair Waldorf's and Serena Van Der Woodsens of our generation, hm? Essence; for the urban side of me. I seriously one day hope to be the editor-in-chief of this magazine. I really do admire everything that it is. My mother subscribes to it, but its always me that ends up stealing it from the mailbox and giving it to her after three days because I just have to read it about three or four times to fully absorb its pages. Shape; I just get so inspired after I read Shape magazine. Its all about health, which I lack, and when I read it, I say to myself, "Cynthia, you are gonna be so healthy!" Well . . . I am a procrastinator, and I always say this, after every issue. Yet . . . Anywho, I do have other magazines but they don't consume my brain as much as these three do. SO, here's the topic. We have three females who are gracing a few magazine covers. It's funny I don't read any of these magazines. Hm. Especially the third one. Gah!

OH BOY! IT'S MICHELLE OBAMA! GRACING VOGUE! Yay! I admire her. How can you not? Her style is so simple yet so chic. It's great. But, um, is it just me or does this photo of her look so . . . fake? Not her in general, because Michelle is a real ass woman. But, I mean, maybe it was photoshopped too much? I just don't know. It doesn't sit right with me.

Christina Milian! She looks extra sexy in this picture. I will not sit back and deny it. I wish I had her bod, because she's really been killin it in the style game. Plus she really is a cutie pie. Look at her innocent face, gracing King's uninnocent magazine. Awwww. Why did she date Nick Cannon again? Doesn't matter, she's not with him anymore. Thank you.

Ugh . . . everytime I see her . . . everytime, I swear a vein pops across my forehead. She's so overrated and so typical. It's like, you already know what Aubrey O'Day's next move is. I never liked her while I watched Making the Band. Never. She made me itch. Then when she caught and attitude with Diddy and left Danity Kane, I shook my head and chuckled. Then when I saw her take trashy nude photos and walk around in outfits that my mother would find offensive, I knew this child was just another one of those. Now, she's on Playboy. You know what really pisses me off? She moved from a great thing that showed off her talents, and moved to something that shows off her assets, and has the audacity to say it was a great experience. SMFH. Not to mention she looks so photoshopped, it looks like someone at Marvel Comics drew her in. Aubrey, you are the weakest link. Goodbye.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's Michelle, Batch.

Holy Fridge! Oooooh buddy boy. Remember a good year ago I posted my adoration for Katy Perry, and along with it, I spoke about others I idolized, including Michelle Branch? And how I wanted her to come out with some new material post-"The Wreckers"? Well . . . my hopes have become realities! She's out with a new damn single! Oh em gee, excitement has overwhelmed me. Guess her baby, Noah, will have to wait because she still loves her fans. The ones that blog about her and write in caps LIKE THIS TO INDICATE HOW MUCH THEY LURVE MICHELLE BRANCH!

Tame the crazy, Ophelia. Tame it.

IDGAH if you don't know Michelle Branch, or like Michelle Branch, or even me for that matter. But this is a very pretty song. Makes me want to have a picnic with a certain someone in the middle of spring . . . gahhh I lurve that feeling.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

She Rode the Beat, Like A Pony. Gallop.

Nowadays, I'm not a fan of current music. Trust me, you will find that my iPod is growing with music from the old days. I've become a favorite of Etta James, before she went senile. But there are a few artists that I admire. I've already stressed my love for Katy Perry. I'm also addicted to Sam Sparro, Solange, Keri Hilson . . . so many. And there is one thing these artists have in common: they are true artists. They either write or co-write their material, they come up with concepts and don't stand there like frigid dolls getting made up. Nope. It's their way or they walk out. So here's one person who fits into that category and he's been doing it big recently. He's on tracks, writing tracks, and doin' his thing. So, lemme give it up for The-Dream (I sometimes don't know whether to put the dash or not. Is it The-Dream or The Dream?!). He's amazing. I love his music. He's genius, man!

He's got a new vid out, guys. I know you've been hearing "Rockin' That Sh*t/Thang," and I also know its on your iPod or MySpace page. Its a nice club banger. When I saw the vid, I was blown away because I love it! I swear, I always catch myself wishing I can dance like the femalesi n his video. The dances might LOOK simple, and might SEEM easy, but I've tried when I attempted to memorize and dance the dance to "Shawty is the Sh*t/a 10." I got the danc,e but it's actually doing it with as much sass and sensuality as the ladies do that kills me. And once again, I find myself wanting to perfect the dancing in this video. And do you see that jacket? It is tragic. TRAGIC! Jumping Jehosaphat, that jacket is amazing. Blue Rhimestones creating a V, its beautiful leather . . . And The-Dream is sexy, IDGAH (I Don't Give A Hoot) what anyone says. You don't see him very often, or at all, without his shades. And I've always wondered what his eyes look like, cuz I was always in love with his lips. Those are juicy lips heh heh. And I'm not disappointed with his face in whole. Like I said, he's sexy.

Enjoy the video. It's sweetness.

TIDBIT: I know The-Dream has a daughter with Nivea. So that means at some point they were an item. So then why the hell couldn't he use his talents to write her a hit, man!? That's eating me up inside . . .

Monday, February 9, 2009

Avoid The Chris Brown Jab!!!!

UM . . . There is so much to talk about. And we know what that thing is. EVERYONE does. And I will get to it, sooner or later. But, um, I got a funny chain letter . . . relating to the "CAR ACCIDENT" (cough cough, LIARS!), so here it is.

Why chris Brown attacked Rihanna: They got in the car right, and Chris wanted 2 pull over to "Take Her Down" but Rihanna said "Shut Up and Drive" So he got tight cuz he didnt get any in "Forever". He tried 2 cut the radio off and she grabbed his hand sayin "Please Dont Stop The Music." This nigga Chris tried to act all "Super Human" and push her shyt away and cut it off she picked up an "Umbrella" and tried 2 hit him and he said "Gimme That." Then she bragged about how "Unfaithful" she was and this nigga said "YOOO" n spazzed out n tried to choke her so she couldn't have "No Air" now she gotta go 2 "Rehab".

If you didn't laugh, then, LIGHTEN UP! It's funny. I laughed at the "Please Don't Stop the Music," and "Gimme that" part. It's funny. Retarded and made by someone who has no life, but it's funny.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Hello and Nuh-Oh, Kitty

I am a make-up addict. Don't ask me why. I feel that my face is my canvas and the make-up is my art supplies. And that I'm about to create a masterpiece. I subscribe to M.A.C. and Sephora, and yes I get those point things that give me discounts on certain products . . . I'm a follower on BellaSugar's blog as well as Afrobella and Fuchsia, and I sit for hours on end looking up make-up tutorials on YouTube. Laugh at me and I'm coming to your house. So on the subject, let's talk about the new Hello Kitty make-up line that M.A.C. is coming out with. You gotta know something. With Hello Kitty, the possibilities are endless! They have everything you could ever want! necklaces, lamps, TOASTER OVENS! I mean, gosh darnit! So, it was only a matter of time till they will come out with a make-up line. I'm actually surprised they didn't come out with one sooner. But, hell, its here now. And yes, I am excited! Though I have never really been a fan of Hello Kitty, because, guys. Chick has no mouth! IDK how she eats, but lemme stop degrading the imaginations that created the popular Hello Kitty and Santario. Cuz I love Coco heh heh! I still do think that Hello Kitty has become one of the most popular brands amongst young girls and even older women. Their stuff are cute. Q-UTE! I've never purchased their products before, but Hello Kitty will find me! Yerps, buying their make-up products! They're selling brushes, lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, make-up bags, glosses . . . what did I tell you? The possibilites are endless! But . . . lets move on. Remember how I started this post out with make-up? Its sort of ending with fashion. So lemme explain with PICTURES! You know you love it! ince Hello Kitty is famous amongst many, would you really be surprised if celebs showed up to the opening of its make-up line? Hell, no you shouldn't! You had many people there. But the two people that stood out to me with their attire was Solange and Teyana Taylor. Solange stood out, but with an outfit I lurvveeee! A beautiful yellow-and-black skirt with amazing shoes to match! Like, con flabbit, man! Stunning! See, this is why I love Solange. She has this fashionable energy that seriously takes its course on its own, but with her guidance of course. Though that one outfit with those hideous toy-poodle shoes . . . oi ve. But aside from that, she is my style icon. Her, Rihanna, the Olsen Twins, Taraji P. Henson, Katy Perry . . . lemme stop. Fashion meltdown. Now, over to the hideousness. Teyana stood out, all right. Yessir, in a weird outfit. One that does not show off her beauty. Her hair looked deranged. That girl has beautiful locks. and this is what she does? I can't stand it when girls have beautiful hair and they mess it up to look "DIFFERENT." IDK if Teyana did this to look different or if she really just wanted to do something with her hair, but the outcome, sweetie is not working. Go back to the full crazy black beauty that was planted on your head. I admired that, and I'm sure many others did, too. And WTF is up with the outfit. No, seriously. SE-RI-OUS-LY. Why? huh? Why? I have no words! Like . . . ugh . . . IDK. I'm at a lost for words. Poor Hello Kitty. She's suppose to have people representing adorable beauty. And then you have . . . Teyana. I don't hate her, but this outfit really disappointed me, man.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

An Ugly Duckling Story

I've been a fan of Dakota Fanning since I saw her amazing performance in "War of the Worlds." Its because of her character and of course the movie in itself that I can never get tired of watching it. And I was uberly excited when I knew she was starring in "The Secret Life of Bees,' even though I still have yet to see it. And she was hilarious in "Uptown Girls," so there's that. But I will be very honest. When I saw Dakota, though her acting skills were up there, and I mean UP THERE, I always thought she was . . . un-cute. I didn't find her adorable. Nope. She had these teeth that looked like the teeth that belonged to Christopher Walkins character in "Sleepy Hollow." Like, wtf. Yeah, you know what? It was the teeth. And she was so scrawny and tiny, like, OMG. I just didn't find her cute. BUT . . . puberty, and lemme tell you I still thank God for puberty, though we go through so much, but puberty did this girl good. Do you see how cute she is now? OMG, her teeth don't scare me at all! her hair is long and flawless, her cheeks are the perfect shade of red and she's tall with model legs, and she has a great style to match. She's 14, same age as my little sister, and she dresses appropriately, unlike fxckin Miley Cyrus who walks around thinking that ripped pantyhose will be the newest trend showcased in Vogue magazine. Miles, its never gonna happen. Atleast flaunt lace pantyhose, man. She's coming out with two new movies, "Push" alongside Chris Evans (Yummers!) and "Coraline" alongside Teri Hatcher. She just looks so stunning. Its surprising to see her change in a year to become something seriously so beautiful. I like this change, and I hope it stays or increases. now she's got the skills and the look to be one of the hottest child actor ever! CONQUER THE TITLE, DAKOTA! GET IT!
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