Friday, February 13, 2009

Cover Me, Please.

Erm, magazines. I lurve them. Its funny because I have a stash of magazines that are scattered everywhere in my home. You would probably laugh at me, and then steal a chunk. Each of them showcase something for me: Cosmopolitan; Its all about the sexual side of me. And I DO have a very sexual side of me. The men might like it. I lurve the tips they give you for the bedroom, the kitchen counter, the office, the closet, in the rain, on the hood of your car . . . Seventeen; the teen side of me. See, the thing with Seventeen is that not only do they show you ensembles and articles of clothing that is affordable and perfect for your body shape, but it's a comfortable and self-esteem boosting magazine. Its perfect for teenagers. Unlike Teen Vogue. Those are for the Blair Waldorf's and Serena Van Der Woodsens of our generation, hm? Essence; for the urban side of me. I seriously one day hope to be the editor-in-chief of this magazine. I really do admire everything that it is. My mother subscribes to it, but its always me that ends up stealing it from the mailbox and giving it to her after three days because I just have to read it about three or four times to fully absorb its pages. Shape; I just get so inspired after I read Shape magazine. Its all about health, which I lack, and when I read it, I say to myself, "Cynthia, you are gonna be so healthy!" Well . . . I am a procrastinator, and I always say this, after every issue. Yet . . . Anywho, I do have other magazines but they don't consume my brain as much as these three do. SO, here's the topic. We have three females who are gracing a few magazine covers. It's funny I don't read any of these magazines. Hm. Especially the third one. Gah!

OH BOY! IT'S MICHELLE OBAMA! GRACING VOGUE! Yay! I admire her. How can you not? Her style is so simple yet so chic. It's great. But, um, is it just me or does this photo of her look so . . . fake? Not her in general, because Michelle is a real ass woman. But, I mean, maybe it was photoshopped too much? I just don't know. It doesn't sit right with me.

Christina Milian! She looks extra sexy in this picture. I will not sit back and deny it. I wish I had her bod, because she's really been killin it in the style game. Plus she really is a cutie pie. Look at her innocent face, gracing King's uninnocent magazine. Awwww. Why did she date Nick Cannon again? Doesn't matter, she's not with him anymore. Thank you.

Ugh . . . everytime I see her . . . everytime, I swear a vein pops across my forehead. She's so overrated and so typical. It's like, you already know what Aubrey O'Day's next move is. I never liked her while I watched Making the Band. Never. She made me itch. Then when she caught and attitude with Diddy and left Danity Kane, I shook my head and chuckled. Then when I saw her take trashy nude photos and walk around in outfits that my mother would find offensive, I knew this child was just another one of those. Now, she's on Playboy. You know what really pisses me off? She moved from a great thing that showed off her talents, and moved to something that shows off her assets, and has the audacity to say it was a great experience. SMFH. Not to mention she looks so photoshopped, it looks like someone at Marvel Comics drew her in. Aubrey, you are the weakest link. Goodbye.

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