Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's Michelle, Batch.

Holy Fridge! Oooooh buddy boy. Remember a good year ago I posted my adoration for Katy Perry, and along with it, I spoke about others I idolized, including Michelle Branch? And how I wanted her to come out with some new material post-"The Wreckers"? Well . . . my hopes have become realities! She's out with a new damn single! Oh em gee, excitement has overwhelmed me. Guess her baby, Noah, will have to wait because she still loves her fans. The ones that blog about her and write in caps LIKE THIS TO INDICATE HOW MUCH THEY LURVE MICHELLE BRANCH!

Tame the crazy, Ophelia. Tame it.

IDGAH if you don't know Michelle Branch, or like Michelle Branch, or even me for that matter. But this is a very pretty song. Makes me want to have a picnic with a certain someone in the middle of spring . . . gahhh I lurve that feeling.

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