Thursday, February 19, 2009

Man Candy #1: Seth Rogen

He lost weight.

Oh, my word.

Its not that I've never seen it in my head. I've pictured it, and yeah, its a great picture, but . . . to really see it. Right here. Right above.

I . . . I like it.

Oh, Seth. I lurve it, sweetie. Lurve.

Lemme explain to you guys something.

I am seriously infatuated with Seth Rogen. I'm telling you, he always has my tummy up in knots. He's hilarious. I love his hair; I could picture myself running my hands through it, feeling its soft and wavy/curly tresses . . . and he had this adorable nerd guy behavior that just made him seem so likeable. I mean, he really is likeable. Plus, once again, he can make you laugh. I've never been disappointed (Erm, rephrase, shall we? "Zack & Miri Make a Porno was OK, not, really GREAT. Cute, but compared to his other films, even though I have yet to see Pineapple Express, okay) with his work, and thats because he always stands out in some way.

IDGAH if you think I'm nuts on rye. I really am in love with him. I can picture myself dating a guy like this. He's so amazing. Plus he has introduced me to Michael Cera, who will be on this blog soon enough . . .

I can't wait to see him fully done with his training. Even though he hates being healthy, Seth, its great.

TIDBIT: I loved him WITH the weight. I never saw it as a problem. I don't care. Thick or thin, I am in love with you, Seth Rogen.

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