Monday, February 23, 2009

Nappy Roots

Sometimes, relatives are meant to keep their mouths shut.

Why, you might ask? "Cynthia, how can you say such a thing!" you might say to me.

But how would you respond if you were in my size 11 American Eagle boots? Lemme set up the scenario.

[Cynthia is sipping on dry champagne, absolutely disgusted by the taste, for this champagne had not tasted like the last champagne she sipped on last year. Yes, if you haven't guessed, Cynthia is not a heavy drinker. Matter of fact, its been decades, sarcastically speaking, since she last drunk an alchohol beverage. While she sips, her Aunt Josie sneaks up behind Cynthia and plays in her poof, for Cynthia's hair is natural and was set in a poofie high ponytail.]

Josie: Cynthia, sweetie, when are you gettin' that perm?

Cynthia: [baffled as if she was the last to hear of news that is life changing] What perm? I'm not getting a perm.

Josie: [frowns] Why not?

Cynthia: [Shrugs slowly] Cuz . . . I . . . I like my hair natural. And when I got a perm in 7th grade, by my frehsman year of high school, my hair started breaking.

Josie: [Nodding slowly] Ahhhh.

Cynthia: Plus this is different. Everyone rocks weaves and wigs and perms. Thats not cute anymore (Mind you, my Aunt Josie was wearing a wigs that was not doing her justice)

Josie: Sure, you know, its different. And your hair is nice, but, don't you think it'll look nicer straight?

Cynthia: [Shakes head slowly] No . . . this is fine. Plus I have a lot of hair. Too much to manage.

Josie: [giggles] No it's not. Just go to a hair salon. They can fix that hair easily.

Cynthia: Eh, no. It's ok. Thanks though, Aunt Josie . . .

[Cynthia walks away with rage fixating across her face, ready to splash her dry champagne across Aunt Josie's face]

I am so sick of it. People asking me when I'm gonna get a perm, why don't I get a perm, perms will be much easier to handle . . . don't you know I am extremely aware of all of this? I know perms are easier to handle, and I know it's better than natural hair. But for me, and many others, perms, weaves and wigs are the X that marks the spot. I don't wanna see myself wearing them unless it is extremely mandatory. And I doubt those times will show up. What really made me mad was the fact that her hair is jacked to the max. Literally, she has to cover it with a new wig everytime we see her. And then she has the audacity to tell me to perm my hair? To make it straight? To abandon what has made me who I am? Get outta here. Please.

I'll soon be talking more about this issue, due to the fact that I'm writing a research paper for my english class about good hair, and plus because this is my blog so . . . heh. I write what I want, I guess.

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