Wednesday, February 11, 2009

She Rode the Beat, Like A Pony. Gallop.

Nowadays, I'm not a fan of current music. Trust me, you will find that my iPod is growing with music from the old days. I've become a favorite of Etta James, before she went senile. But there are a few artists that I admire. I've already stressed my love for Katy Perry. I'm also addicted to Sam Sparro, Solange, Keri Hilson . . . so many. And there is one thing these artists have in common: they are true artists. They either write or co-write their material, they come up with concepts and don't stand there like frigid dolls getting made up. Nope. It's their way or they walk out. So here's one person who fits into that category and he's been doing it big recently. He's on tracks, writing tracks, and doin' his thing. So, lemme give it up for The-Dream (I sometimes don't know whether to put the dash or not. Is it The-Dream or The Dream?!). He's amazing. I love his music. He's genius, man!

He's got a new vid out, guys. I know you've been hearing "Rockin' That Sh*t/Thang," and I also know its on your iPod or MySpace page. Its a nice club banger. When I saw the vid, I was blown away because I love it! I swear, I always catch myself wishing I can dance like the femalesi n his video. The dances might LOOK simple, and might SEEM easy, but I've tried when I attempted to memorize and dance the dance to "Shawty is the Sh*t/a 10." I got the danc,e but it's actually doing it with as much sass and sensuality as the ladies do that kills me. And once again, I find myself wanting to perfect the dancing in this video. And do you see that jacket? It is tragic. TRAGIC! Jumping Jehosaphat, that jacket is amazing. Blue Rhimestones creating a V, its beautiful leather . . . And The-Dream is sexy, IDGAH (I Don't Give A Hoot) what anyone says. You don't see him very often, or at all, without his shades. And I've always wondered what his eyes look like, cuz I was always in love with his lips. Those are juicy lips heh heh. And I'm not disappointed with his face in whole. Like I said, he's sexy.

Enjoy the video. It's sweetness.

TIDBIT: I know The-Dream has a daughter with Nivea. So that means at some point they were an item. So then why the hell couldn't he use his talents to write her a hit, man!? That's eating me up inside . . .

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