Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sultry Blues #1

This Sultry Blues thing is when I showcase my poetry, songs, or writings. i was skeptical at first to post my stuff up, but, if I wanna become a journalist, I've gotta start somewhere, huh?

I know many of you don't believe in love. But, what you think love is is what is the typical, status quo of everything you've seen on TV or movies. Love is special in its own way. You'll find love in a way someone else hasn't. There's the Disney way, the love/hate way, the kissing-in-the-rain way, the best friends turned lovers way, the accidental way, the love-at-first-sight way, the serenating way, the creative way, the determined way . . . the point is, don't think love doesn't exist because you see the things in movies and you automatically say that it's not real, just for the fact that it was written in a script. Here's a poem I wrote after watching a movie called "Love Jones," that displayed love in such a powerful way, it actually makes you believe.

Dreadfully waiting.
got my heart anticipating,
for the love I'll soon be savoring from you.
Hand in hand we mesh,
knew from the start you were the best,
you lay my head right on your chest to hear you breathing.

Giggling with no stop
you have my tummy up in knots
we're on the phone and slowly the clock is ticking away.
My mind is not confused
Its a fact that I want you
to be my one and only boo, take my breath away

The first day we met
It was raining, I was wet
You opened an umbrella over my head and that was that.
God was by my side
Cuz that same minute we locked eyes
and I was instantly hypnotized, could this be real?

You had to feel the same
because the words you wanted to say
were surely not coming your way, your stutter was so cute.
You were fumbling with words,
It was obvious you had nerves
But you were determined to make it work, for you to speak.

I made it easy for you
I took your number, gave mine to you
A sign of relief quickly came through across your face.
I'll never forget that look
Cuz that after that, we were hooked
In each others souls, that's all it took, to be what we are now.

You quickly catch me when I fall,
you accept me, flaws and all,
and for that, I want to crawl into your heart.
And it will be my home,
And you will crawl into my own,
and from there our love will grow to cover us whole.

You safely keep me sane
when my mentality's feeling strained
from all the sadness and the pain I receive elsewhere.
Cuz only from you,
I receive the love I do
the love that amazingly renews my energy.

Our love is true.
Thank God for you.
You walked me through.
Baby, what you do . . .
Only you can do . . .

TIDBIT: Um, I'm in a relationship dilemma right now, and this is why I wrote it. I hope many can relate.

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