Tuesday, February 3, 2009

An Ugly Duckling Story

I've been a fan of Dakota Fanning since I saw her amazing performance in "War of the Worlds." Its because of her character and of course the movie in itself that I can never get tired of watching it. And I was uberly excited when I knew she was starring in "The Secret Life of Bees,' even though I still have yet to see it. And she was hilarious in "Uptown Girls," so there's that. But I will be very honest. When I saw Dakota, though her acting skills were up there, and I mean UP THERE, I always thought she was . . . un-cute. I didn't find her adorable. Nope. She had these teeth that looked like the teeth that belonged to Christopher Walkins character in "Sleepy Hollow." Like, wtf. Yeah, you know what? It was the teeth. And she was so scrawny and tiny, like, OMG. I just didn't find her cute. BUT . . . puberty, and lemme tell you I still thank God for puberty, though we go through so much, but puberty did this girl good. Do you see how cute she is now? OMG, her teeth don't scare me at all! her hair is long and flawless, her cheeks are the perfect shade of red and she's tall with model legs, and she has a great style to match. She's 14, same age as my little sister, and she dresses appropriately, unlike fxckin Miley Cyrus who walks around thinking that ripped pantyhose will be the newest trend showcased in Vogue magazine. Miles, its never gonna happen. Atleast flaunt lace pantyhose, man. She's coming out with two new movies, "Push" alongside Chris Evans (Yummers!) and "Coraline" alongside Teri Hatcher. She just looks so stunning. Its surprising to see her change in a year to become something seriously so beautiful. I like this change, and I hope it stays or increases. now she's got the skills and the look to be one of the hottest child actor ever! CONQUER THE TITLE, DAKOTA! GET IT!

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