Sunday, March 29, 2009

Just writing what the membrane concocts.

Not very happy. My life is not an open book, but sometimes I wish some people were curious enough to read a few of its chapters. I may say I have the greatest friends, whether old or new. But I am still lonely. Love seems so bland nowadays. People say it as if its the hottest abbrevation in AIM slang. Love isn't like "TTYL," or "IDK!" Something simple to write to abbreviate what you are trying to say. It should be said fully. And it should mean something unlike "LOL," where in reality you are not really LOL. Someone close to me said that I don't know what I want. People don't know what they want. Well, what happens when you have so much and yet you are still so unsure? What else could you need? Dr. Seuss said that you know you are in love when you would rather live in the real world rather than in your dreams. I'm still living in a dream, Dr. Seuss. When will I wake up?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Keri & Kanye, ONCE AGAIN!

Noooo, omg. Seriously? OMFG. These two have to get together. They just mesh! I'm sorry!

TIDBIT: Ne-Yo . . . dude [-_-] Killed the beautiful chemistry between those two. Thanks a bunchies. But I still liked your role in the vid. Nice!

"Love, Sex & Magic," VIDEO REVIEW.

Whoa, nelly. Cough, um, Ciara? I do still stand by what I meant, by you just being a great dancer to me and thats it. I think the song is nice, plus JT makes it fire, but, Let me give it up to you. Applause, because this video pretty much has me wanting more of your material. The GOOD material, of course, but, nonetheless, material. Like . . . you're a friggin acrobat! How do you . . . and then you . . . and lemme not forget when you . . . hot damn, C. HOT DIZZAMN! I love it.

This video just spews sexuality, sexiness, and lust. I love it mucho. Plus, Ciara looks great. I did not see one ounce of Beyonce chewing, so the bootlickers can sit their arses down. Two thumbs up! Great vid. One of the best.

TIDBIT: I'm gonna start taking ballet. This is too much.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Hate Ho-bags!!!!!



Nooo she did not.

So this is it, Christina. You really are fxcking for tracks.

And with The-Dream. MY Dream.


Oh, how dare you.


I can't even fathom . . . and I used to think you were cool! I was considering on giving, "Us Against The World," another chance!! But not anymore. Ooooh no. You're tapping my Dream.

You effin falcon.


TIDBIT: After careful thinking and some weeping to go along with that, I've established that The-Dream is a man whore. He did mention that he tapped Mariah before she went and found herself a lil' boy (COUGH Nick Cannon SNEEZE). I guess my feelings got in the way. He's lucky. I'm still going to listen to his music cuz I effin love his material. But he's such a slut. Such a dirty lil' whore, ain't ya?!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Get a Stripper/Bi-Sexual, half off!

So . . . there's this new trend going around. I swear all the hottest guys are doing it.

Whats that trend?

Wifing Up Strippers/Bi-Sexuals.

We thought Kanye started this trend with Amber Rose?

Pft. Thing again, las chicas! OMARION DID!

Yep. He's secretly married to his girlfriend. When did they get married, you ask. Around last year of spring. And who is she, you ponder. She's, you guessed it, a stripper/bi-sexual. She likes the poon, too. I swear, she'll be famous in a quick second. Because just like Lily Allen said in her oh so amazing song, "The Fear," And I quote:

"And I'll take my clothes, and it will be shameless.
Cuz everyone knows thats how you'll get famous..."

But, then again, its only Omarion. And she would have to come with a killer style game, or else, X marks the spot. Or O. Or . . . some letter. IDK. People in America these days . . .

I guess for my birthday, I'm heading to a male strip club. And maybe I'll make the hottest guy who sucks on a guys wing wong to be my new man. Cuz those are the best ones, right? [-_-]

Friday, March 20, 2009

Can I be your best friend?!

Why am I so in love with Katy Perry?

HA, cuz she is so fxcking sexy! Yes homo! She is soooo amazing. She makes this dress so "Oscar Red Carpet Fashion Do's."

I love you, Katy Perry.

BRB, betches!

Gonna go see "I Love You, Man!" with my new and coolest gal pal Latoya!

I will have a review when I come back from watching it, a fancy lunch, and then some SHOPPING! Can't enjoy a friday without these tasks at hand, huh.
UPDATE: OK. Turns out I did not see the movie, due to certain circumstances. BUT knowing Paul Rudd and Jason Segal, I have no worries. I've been reading some reviews, and people are giving it a thumbs up! So, if someone sees it, lemme know!!
TIDBIT: [blushing] Andy Samberg's in it . . . sigh . . . oh, Andy.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Love Sex & Magic . . . nice?

So I'm guessing this is a promo shot of Ciara's latest chart topping (??) single, "Love, Sex & Magic," featuring J. Timbo bka Justin Timberlake.

The Beyonce bootlickers have already started.

Most say Ciara is seriously chowing on Beyonce's "SWAG" from the "Single Ladies" video. With the white background, slicked back hair, shades, booties, leotard . . .

What do I say?

Personally, I think Ciara is a talented dancer. Very skilled. I wish I can do the moves she can do. But I don't think she's a great singer, and her music does diddly squat for me. For she doesn't get a point. And I can't stand Beyonce "I can do anything!" Knowles because she swears she can take over the world. Fine. You can sing. You can "Uh oh, Uh oh, Uh oh," booty pop till we all get the ass you obtain. You can . . . act? Sorry, rephrase? You MANAGE to act, and so far all of the films I've seen you in (And trust me, I've seen them all) is musical based, excpet for this movie oyu're gonna come out with that looks like bullshizzot.You have a fashion designing mother, a husband that has one hell of an empire, a father who's a hard working son of a gun (smh), a sister who I admire more than you ever could reach in my eyes, and you were the lead singer of a girl group that came close, next to TLC & the Spice Girls. We get it.

But we don't give a rat's tail. I can't stand you. You have made a mockery out of what a Diva truly is. THEY DON'T HUSTLE MONEY! Its not about that! They dominate because they have to beauty, the swag, the talent, the ambition, and the personality to leer anyone into their web. They are fierce. Stylish, sweet, inspirational, and they all have a special trait that makes them . . . them. How dare you call divas hustlers. They don't hustle money. They're not gangsters. They don't sit down while smoking a highly expensive cigar and count their money in a dim-lighted basement! No! They are celebrated singers with amazing and outrageously rare talents! Yes, Beyonce, you COULD be a diva. But to me, you are just someone who annyos the HECK out of my noggin. Sorry. You fail.
So therefore, I don't care if Ciara IS chewing off of Beyonce, because in this industry, it takes balls to be an individual. Neither of them to me are individuals. Beyonce is a hustler, and Ciara is a dancer. SO therefore, who gives a cracker?

TIDBIT: On a lighter note . . . Gee, Ciara. Where'd that donk come from?

Man Candy #2: Rupert Grint

Oh, man. My palms are getting sweaty just typing his name out in the title.

Lemme take you back, to when my sister took me to see "Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone." I remember seeing Rupert (I was 11 or 12, I think), and I found him so adorable. He was too cute in that movie, don't you think? Seriously, I wanted to pinch his cheeks to oblivion. But anyway . . . after that movie, my adoration for Harry Potter began. I bought the books, made sure I saw all the movies and such and such. I never got a chance to see "Prisoner of Azkaban" in theatres, which sucked ass, so my older sister being the genius she is, bought me the DVD for my birthday. I flipped out and watched it IMMEDIATELY! And it was this movie that made me see Rupert in a whole new light. Well, him and Daniel Radcliffe, but Rupert . . . I have never had a thing for gingers. But Rupert . . .

He's developed. So much. Soooo much. He's a great actor, I can always count on him to make me laugh in the Harry Potter films, he's tall, and he's fxcking British! The accent, need I forget! The flippin' accent just drives me bonkers! I told myself that I need to date one guy, at least one, from Australia, Ireland or England to complete my life. Seriously. And he's just so cute! He has a great physique and . . . his hair is so reddish orange. Its so cute, man! Ughhh. I want to meet him so badly. Please God! . . . oh man, I think I just had an orgasm.

TIDBIT: He's a pale motherfxcker, too. But I love it on him. I wouldn't spray him with tanning spray for my LIFE! MY LIFE! Can't wait for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Finally he gets some lip action! Though I wish it was from me, but . . . hm. Lemme not go there.

Cop Alert!

I L U R V E ♥ Kelly Clarkson's New Album. Go grab, then pay later!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

You Will Be Missed, Natasha.

I was shocked when I heard this story.

And at first, I didn't recognize her, till I realized she was the adorable mother in "The Parent Trap," and that snobby woman in the movie, "Maid in Manhattan," two films in which I loved! So, in this case,

If you don't know, she was involved in a skiing accident in Canada this past Monday. She had a terrible head injury, and just yesterday, they pronounced her brain dead. The family decided to fly her to NYC, where they pulled the plug. She died earlier this evening. Worst part is, she wasn't wearing a helmet during this incident . . .

My love and prayers go to all of her fans, loved ones, and her. I hope she breathes easy in heaven.

TIDBIT: She was only 45. . . .

Keri & Kanye sittin' in a tree

I don't think I mentioned in the post where I showed you the teaser to Keri Hilson's "Make Love," video that seeing these two together was sort of . . . weird. Not hated, but weird. And that I didn't really think that they made a cute couple.


After watching THIS video? I beg to differ. Sorry Amber Rose, but if they got together, it'll be just as cute, too.

I just lurve the chemistry here. You can see it! There is something. SOMETHING going on in the way they speak, the gestures, their touchy feeliness . . .

Get it, Keri! You both are amazing artists . . . make a damn masterpiece, if you know what I'm saying wink wink.
TIDBIT: Their names sound cute together, too. Kanye & Keri. Keri & Kanye. Kani. Kenye. Lemme stop.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Coco Avant Chanel

I would fly back to Paris to see this in theatres, since the US release date isn't made yet.
Long Live Coco Chanel.

How does it FEEL!!


1. To wake up next to this beautiful, delicious, gorgeous chunk of chocolate man?!!!!

2. To touch and feel and make hot passionate LOVE to this beautiful, delicious, gorgeous chunk of chocolate man?!!!!

3. To be showered with affection of love from this Beautiful. Delicious. Gorgeous Chunk of Chocolate MAN?!?!?!?!!!

Oh, how I envy you, Kim Kardashian. First you tapped Ray J. Now you're getting it on with Reggie Bush.

WHO HAS A FATTIE, MIGHT I ADD! Look at it . . . oh, man.

TIDBIT: Kim, I envy you. And I know you're wearing a booty lifter. You've got curves, but this is a weeee bit much, no? Atleast Reggie is looking at you as if you were Hera, the Goddess of Love herself. To have that look from someone that looks like him is a blessing. God blessed you.

Fashion (Put It All On Me!)

I was looking through this folder that I had back in high school that was filled with magazine pages that intrigued me, drawings I did out of boredome or inspiration, and stories/poems/songs I had written during my "I hate my life" phase. Interesting.

I forgot how much of a passion I had for fashion design. I remember I forced my mother to buy me this automatic sewing machine that can do almost anything! Too bad it is now collecting dust. Womp womp. I plan to use it over the summer, so pish posh.

I still have this urgent passion for Fashion. But fashion design? I dunno. I don't think I'm still up for it. But, who knows. Right now, I'm focusing on the acting career I dream about every waking MOMENT! ::cue the heavy breathing and the psychotic facial expression. TA DA!:: During the vacation, I will be searching for an agent. I have a list of all the great ones that reside here in NYC. During summer school and work and maybe (??) an intership at NBC studios (I'm still waiting for my uncle, who works there, to get back to me. He's trying!) for my journalism dreams as well, I will be searching like a MAD WOMAN for auditions, agents, and someone that can take a real good headshot photo.

Anywho, this was a design I made two years ago, during my "FASHION DESIGN IS WHAT I CAN DO!" days:

I have a real big thing for pearls...

Eh. Its cute, I guess. Not my cup of tea, but I remember back then I was Ga fxckin' Ga (lmaoo insider! Rachelle probably knows) for it.

Are you . . . flippin' serious? Like, huh?!

KID CUDI! WTF MAN! Double u. Tee. Eff.

Can someone please explain to me what the hell is going on in that membrane of Kid Cudi's?!

If you haven't heard, or if you've heard and you are waiting for someone to say something so you can put your two cents in, Kid Cudi is RETIRING from the music business because he's tired of people making fun of his music. He's now going to focus on acting and etc.

Whoa whoa whoa, buddy ol' pal.

Who are these people that are mocking your music? If you wanna know, I see your lyrics to "Day N Nite" posted on 75% of my friend's away messages. You have that song on numerous myspace profiles, as the status of tons of people on Facebook, remixes being made, this hit song on the radio (Like Z100 which is rare, since they follow Top 40 hits. Wait, is your hit on the Top 40? If it is . . . ) Your single is on the Top 40 (??) and yet you don't like when people make fun of your music????

TO THOSE WHO DO, FXCK THEM, MAN! SERIOUSLY!!!??? You're going to let people who probably have no taste in music but waste their time smoking blunts or getting "saucy" or writing song about birds and whatnot get to you?! Atleast you've got a jizzload of fans, man! Your shxt it original! Its different. Its sexy! And yet . . . ???!





Baffled. Flabbergasted. Shocked. Puzzled. Angry. Disappointed.

These are my emtoions at the moment.

Click here to read the rest.

TIDBIT: To those who don't like his music, I am flipping you the bizzird. LOOK WHAT YOU MADE HIM DO!

Monday, March 16, 2009

It's Garnier (For my natural gals)

I don't like commercials. They are false-tto! Lool. Cough. Sorry. Anyway, back to what I was saying. So, when it comes to commercials, I tune them out. Well, around the time that I actually watched commercials, Garnier Fructise's products kind of intrigued me. I dunno. Maybe because of that "WHOO WHOO" person singing and the way the people are just having a grand time in the shower or the woods and then next thing you know, ohmigosh call the fire marshall, their hair is in a heap of mishap. Then, da da da daaaa! Garnier to the rescue. Then all is well. They either make out with someone, flip their hair, or march as if they're on the runway as a conclusion. Then you hear, "GARNIER." Nice commercial, huh. You would never know if the product isn't good for black people. But, turns out, it IS!

I haven't washed my hair in a while because i've been conditioning it nonstop since us black people need more moisture than any other race. So I didn't find any shampoo in my house, til I raided my sister's room. And looky look, she had both the Garnier shampoo and conditioner. So I said, "Hmm," while massaging my chin, and went into the shower and an hour later, I was already conditioning my hair. After conditioning, I left it to air dry. 4 hours later, my hair looks like THIS:

I don't think my hair has ever looked this curly or voluminous before. And I am soooo happy I know what Garnier can do for my hizzair. Plus, it smells so good! Like citrus! Oh, my goodness. I will tell you what I did to obtain this look.

As soon as I finished shampooing, I towel dried my hair while it still being a bit wet, and then sectioned my hair into 7 sections. For every section, I massaged my wet hair with the conditioner, swirled it into a bun, and then tied a scrunchie around it. I did it for all sections. And then, 4 hours later, I removed the scrunchies and unraveled the bun, shook my hair, and voila! Unfortunately my hair is still a bit wet, and I wish I did this tomorrow morning where it'll be dry, or I wish I blowdried it while in its small buns. But you get the point. I have a 4b hairtype, so for my natural sisters, try it! Then, if you want to style is up, put a flowered pin or a nice headband, or for my wild thangs, pin it up into a curly mohawk or just pin the back up to have a handful of curls at the top of your head, and you are set to go!

Here are some more pics! ENJOY!

Laugh Us a River!

I seriously think that if Justin Timberlake took a good gwap of a break from producing/songwriting/singing, he should be part of the cast of Saturday Night Live. I mean, this dude has me rolling all the time he's on. He's hilarious!!

And, I mean, when he and Andy Samberg are together . . . need I say more?!And just because we're posting funny SNL videos, this one really takes the cake. I have never laughed so hard. After the first part, you'll start laughing I promise you. WATCH! Shia was so funny, even when he didn't do much.

or you can view the video here since bogger isn't letting the video load [-_-].

And one more video that had me laughing which features one of my favorite actresses, Ellen Page!

There are more, I'll post soon enough!

TIDBIT: For the 'Dear Sister' vid, if you wanna know who sings that song that they repeat nonstop, it's "Hide & Seek" by Imogen Heap. Yeah, I'm downloading the song, too.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

So much in one!

NEWS! NEWS NEWS NEWSSSS! OK, not only news but things I wanna bring to your attention.


#1: I might pretty soon have my own radio show. Yes. Like, on radio stations. Except you can hear it on iTunes, not an actual radio because its going through my University's radio station. GAH! I'm totally excited! I'm trying to find a DJ name for myself and also a name for my show. It will be about anything, my listeners will listen to anything, and yes, you can call in and make requests or get into the convo. Isn't that cool?!

#2: I was hanging out with my friend, Kiana at our school's radio station and for her Radi oShow demo, she played some Britney remixes and music and we started discussing Britney, and Kiana told me how much she wanted to see her in concert and how amazing Britney is. I didn't think so at first, but then Kiana told me some interesting thing that I forgot at the moment, but it made me see Britney in a different way. Now, I wanna see the bxtch in concert, too! Her circus is coming to town! I wanna go!

#3: I also wanna see No Doubt in concert, too. Ohmyfudge! NO DOUBT! Whoooooo!

#4: Yes, I am sorry that you were unable to comment on my posts. Its fixed my loves!

#5: Since I am a natural haired beauty like many others are, I was roaming through youtube and I found this girl that has these wonderful tutorials. But not only that, she's so adorabley interesting! I would love to be her best friend, man. I don't get bored with her vids. So lemme share, since i'm nice! her name is ItsMsHeatherNicole. Unfortunately, she has disabled the embedding, but just click and watch. Good stuff! She's even got make-up tutorials! (^_^)

HAPPY SATURDAY! Monday is the start of my Spring Break! Hell yeah. But I'll be hella busy. But don't think I'll abandon you. Oh, no, sugar.

Wanna be a Hipster?!


Oooooh weee!

Sesame Street for wannabe hipsters/druggies/alchoholics/sex fiends/college dropouts . . . sigh, you get it.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Shame on you, Revlon. I won't buy your lipstick!

You know . . . I really don't want to talk about the whole Chrihanna thing. I see it like this. I pretty much don't have to since I have a pretty good feeling you're reading up on it, since many gossip websites are giving you every detail possible. But unfortunately, since I brought it up a good while ago, I might have to bring it up again, only because this whole thing is becoming so ludicrous.

I was reading up on some news (Perez Hilton to be exact. I luves me some Perez) to laugh at something, like I did last week when i saw the video of Britney Spears screaming about her PUSSYcat haha but, then I came across an article that angered me.

It was on another blog that I subscribe to for the make-up, since thats my forte, and it's BellaSugar. This is what they wrote:

TMZ reports that Revlon quietly hired a polling company to gauge consumers'
opinions of Rihanna — who is a spokesperson for its competitor, CoverGirl.
The online survey, which Revlon commissioned, highlights a CoverGirl commercial
and, as TMZ says, asks "if they are aware of the person in the commercial
(without saying Rihanna's name), if they've heard about her in the news lately,
if they have an opinion about the person and if they feel the person is 'an
appropriate spokesperson' for the product."

Along with this, they put their 2 cents in, saying how Rihanna is being taken advantage of. And I could not agree more. Seriously? Revlon is so worried that CoverGirl is beating their sales that they had to take such a serious issue and try to use it to their advantage? How heartless can they be? I just feel so angry. I don't want to, and many might not find it as a big issue, but you really have to realize that it IS.
I'm just sort of mad.


I thought I'd leave you guys alone, since I bombarded you with post after post last time. Too much. I bet you felt overwhelmed. Claustrophobic. ANXIETY ATTACK! GAH! . . . Hahaha, exageration at an all time high. Sorry. But anyway, I've got some . . . interesting news for you!

For those 'Family Guy' viewers, and seriously, I know that everyone watches Family Guy. My MOM watches FG. My 6- & 2-year-old cousins watch FG. Hell, I watch FG. Duh. YOU watch FG. So, you will find this news interesting. Anyway, I know you folks love Quagmire. Giggity. Well, guess what?
Nike is designing a shoe inspired by our horny bastard of a freind, Quaggy! Whooo! Tell me you're not excited. Shocked? Baffled? Weirded out? Damn, work with me, please.

There it is . . . it's not that pretty. I luves Quags, but, no. Won't be purchasing this one. And I bet it's a jizzload of money. Mucho dinero.

Would you buy it?

TIDBIT: If you're wondering how this is inspired by Quagmire, just look at Quaggy's attire the next time you watch Family Guy.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Oh. Oh, my.

I . . . I feel like I'm drifting to a world so unknown and dangerous yet, blissfully speaking, it's incredible . . .

All thanks to her. Little Boots. Yes. That's her name. And I feel at ease . . .

Celebs Be Funny #1

Haha! She looks cock-eyed!

More Music of the Videos!


I seriously can never ever ever get enough of The-Dream. He. Is. SCRUMPTIOUS! Whoosh! Heavens to Betsy. This is the remix to "Rockin' That Thang/Shxt."

TIDBIT: Did I mention how much I HATE DJ Khaled? "We da BEST!" No, shaddap. You're not. And also, the girls in this vid look so wack. In the original video, the girls were impressive. See that post below.

ANDDDD then you have the video for "My Love," ft. Mariah Carey. OH MAN! I loves it. Totally loves it. Mariah did pretty good! The beginning reminds me of "Mad" by Ne-Yo . . . but this was more real. In Ne-Yo's video, I laughed. Pardon me (-_-)!

TIDBIT: I dreadfully get annoyed when they make Mariah to look like the ghetto chic girl from the small part of town. Like, seriously? Just leave her like she is! Though, the look is cute on her . . . did I just contradict myself? O_o;

'Ye & Keri! Making Love! Oooh wee!

I just don't stop with these videos, do I? Three posts in a row, this one included. Sorry. Actually, screw it. I take my apology back! ::raspberry::

Anyway, Ms. Keri Baby aka Keri Hilson aka Timbaland and Polow Da Don's (mm. Scrumptious) prodigee, has a new single/video out named "Make Love." The title alone is sexy, and Keri is talented at making such words coincide to create wonderful songs. this isn't exactly the FULL video, I'm guessing Just check out the end. But from what I see . . . mm.

The video is cute, but what REALLY has me baffled and sort of giddy is that her love interest is played by . . .


KANYE WEST! Whooooo! Lurve him. He has a more romantic and softer side to him in this vid, though Iseriously want to see more. I wonder what it was like. Getting nuzzzled and caressed by THEE Kanye . . . well, Amber Rose should tell us. Or does he just go all out with her? Just pure . . . fxcking? THAT WAS NOT AN INSULT! I was just saying . . . gee whillickers.

Enjoy, me lads and lassies!

TIDBIT: Hey! No tidbit! . . . Wait.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Musiq . . . Lemme have your babies!

OK! OK lol sorry! Just one more video. ONE MORE! I just saw the video for Musiq Soulchild's "Sobeautiful," and I am soooo inlove with it. Gosh . . . Oh, man. It makes my heart beat! I lurve it.

TIDBIT: I want that damn camera.

Prom Queen Vid . . . I ♥ you, Weezy F. Baby . . . ahhh.

This is why I love me some Weezy.

He makes it work.

At all times.

Seriously? If someone else tried to do this, they would get bashed like there was no tomorrow.

But with Lil' Wayne? It works soooo well.

The video to "Prom Queen." So sweet.

TIDBIT: Can Weezy actually play the guitar? Just asking . . .

Glamour's 70th Anniversary. Pop champagne!

See, now I'm gonna start subscribing to Glamour Magazine. Its great, I tell ya. They celebrated their 70th Anniversary with an American Icon photoshoot, where celebrities portray the women we've admired for 70 years. You've got celebs like Hayden Panettiere, Lindsay Lohan, America Ferrera, Rumer Willis and etc. portraying people like Billie Holliday, Michelle Obama, Audrey Hepburn, Carrie Bradshaw . . . I think pictures are in order. I picked my fave bunch!

EMMA ROBERTS / Audrey Hepburn

Aw, look at Emma. I must admit, she's blossomed into a prettiful young girl. I can't believe she's 18 already! Her smile is fresh, her updo is to die for, and her ensemble . . . gasp. She defined Audrey here. I adore Audrey Hepburn. I never got the chance to completely watch "Breakfast at Tiffany's," but I swear, one day I will. And I probably will enjoy it as much as everyone else did. Hello. She made "The Little Black Dress" happen.

EMMA STONE / Carrie Bradshaw

OH GEE! When I switched to this photo, I almost threw my glass cup at my screen. I LURVE Emma Stone! When I first saw her in "Superbad," I didn't even try to mock her for her manly type voice. Because, my voice isn't exactly sprewing with femininity. In fact, I like her voice . . . plus she's adorable, a great actress and an amazing model. I mean, look at how well she pulled off Carrie Bradshaw, man! Those shoes . . . that outfit . . . I can seriously picture the theme song to "Sex & The City" when I see this picture. Well done. I think I'm gonna go watch S&tC now . . .


Erm . . . I don't really care for Lindsay . . . I mean, whatev. She's not a concern for me. Her talents gone down the drain, and she's spending her money like there's a 70% sale at every store she shops at, but . . . whatev. She does look great in this photo. Well done. And its funny cuz though Madonna is like the HBIC, I don't really care for all that much either. . . . Ha, next thing you know I put a post up saying I wanna have Madonna's babies. OH, but here is one thing I lurve about Madonna: She created an amazingly beautiful daughter by the name of Lourdes! That girl has uber style!

ALEXIS BLEDEL / Rosie the Riveter

Whooo, there is one thing about this girl that I will always admire her most for: her eyes are so piercingly blue . . . I can get lost in them. She's a great actress (Hola! "Tuck, Everlasting." Need I say more?) and I never got tired of her in "Gilmore Girls." I love that show, and miss it dearly . . . But I always knew there was something about her . . . I'm glad she has portrayed one of the sexiest hard working women to look so butch yet so feminine ever. I mean, I would love to pose as Rosie. Christina Aguilera did it in her video for Candy Man, and rocked that ish. It gives Alexis an edge, I guess. Actually, Alexis always had this edge. Its the characters she played that has phased us. But not anymore.

CLICK HERE for the rest of the women who portrayed . . . women! Great photoshoot, Glamour.

Pick a copy up today!

TIDBIT: What I liked most about this photoshoot is that they picked some females who aren't really in the limelight nowadays. Its fresh and sweetly nice to see. I hadn't expected to see Alexis or Emma (both of them) in this photoshoot. Nice choices.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Tatt Report. Sound the Alarms.


I want it.

I want it.

As soon as I'm out of my house and into my own little penthouse apartment where I can see all of the beautiful NYC and I have a great job somewhere . . .


I ♥ Snow!

Goodnight, NYC. Hello, Dreamland. How d'you do? . . . zzzzzzzz

I really lurveeee snow. I ♥ Snow! I love how when you stick your head out the window, its quiet and there's this peaceful blissful whistle in the air . . . its calming. Plus its tres belle, no? The blanket of white that covers us . . . its gorgeous. I love that I stay home where its warm and cozy, sipping on something hot . . .

BUT . . . and yes, there is a biiiiiig BUT . . . I hate snow when it becomes darker than coal, or yellow. Cuz thats a sign. I hate when it dries and then there's only a friggin icecap surrounding a tree trunk or something. I hate hearing the sounds of shovels shovelling up that gorgeous blanket. I hate how difficult it is to travel, and how lazy you get. I hate when my automatic heater decides not to turn on because it doesnt think that the weather outside is cold enough. I hate that when I need socks the most, they're in the washing machine, soaking! But what I hate most about snow?


Woosah, Cyn. Wooooosah . . . Don't matter, my derriere is staying home. I'm gonna fulfil my peaceful snow day, regardless. The beauty of college.

TIDBIT: I must say that when its not so hideous, NYC is the greatest place to be when you wanna see a snowfall. Thats another reason why I love it so much. Sigh . . .
TIDBIT NUMERO DOS: OK, see, now I feel really bad for venting out like that, because it turns out that my school IS closed . . . *slinks into corner* sawwwy. Vewy Vewy sawwy.
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