Saturday, March 21, 2009

Get a Stripper/Bi-Sexual, half off!

So . . . there's this new trend going around. I swear all the hottest guys are doing it.

Whats that trend?

Wifing Up Strippers/Bi-Sexuals.

We thought Kanye started this trend with Amber Rose?

Pft. Thing again, las chicas! OMARION DID!

Yep. He's secretly married to his girlfriend. When did they get married, you ask. Around last year of spring. And who is she, you ponder. She's, you guessed it, a stripper/bi-sexual. She likes the poon, too. I swear, she'll be famous in a quick second. Because just like Lily Allen said in her oh so amazing song, "The Fear," And I quote:

"And I'll take my clothes, and it will be shameless.
Cuz everyone knows thats how you'll get famous..."

But, then again, its only Omarion. And she would have to come with a killer style game, or else, X marks the spot. Or O. Or . . . some letter. IDK. People in America these days . . .

I guess for my birthday, I'm heading to a male strip club. And maybe I'll make the hottest guy who sucks on a guys wing wong to be my new man. Cuz those are the best ones, right? [-_-]

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