Friday, March 13, 2009


I thought I'd leave you guys alone, since I bombarded you with post after post last time. Too much. I bet you felt overwhelmed. Claustrophobic. ANXIETY ATTACK! GAH! . . . Hahaha, exageration at an all time high. Sorry. But anyway, I've got some . . . interesting news for you!

For those 'Family Guy' viewers, and seriously, I know that everyone watches Family Guy. My MOM watches FG. My 6- & 2-year-old cousins watch FG. Hell, I watch FG. Duh. YOU watch FG. So, you will find this news interesting. Anyway, I know you folks love Quagmire. Giggity. Well, guess what?
Nike is designing a shoe inspired by our horny bastard of a freind, Quaggy! Whooo! Tell me you're not excited. Shocked? Baffled? Weirded out? Damn, work with me, please.

There it is . . . it's not that pretty. I luves Quags, but, no. Won't be purchasing this one. And I bet it's a jizzload of money. Mucho dinero.

Would you buy it?

TIDBIT: If you're wondering how this is inspired by Quagmire, just look at Quaggy's attire the next time you watch Family Guy.

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