Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How does it FEEL!!


1. To wake up next to this beautiful, delicious, gorgeous chunk of chocolate man?!!!!

2. To touch and feel and make hot passionate LOVE to this beautiful, delicious, gorgeous chunk of chocolate man?!!!!

3. To be showered with affection of love from this Beautiful. Delicious. Gorgeous Chunk of Chocolate MAN?!?!?!?!!!

Oh, how I envy you, Kim Kardashian. First you tapped Ray J. Now you're getting it on with Reggie Bush.

WHO HAS A FATTIE, MIGHT I ADD! Look at it . . . oh, man.

TIDBIT: Kim, I envy you. And I know you're wearing a booty lifter. You've got curves, but this is a weeee bit much, no? Atleast Reggie is looking at you as if you were Hera, the Goddess of Love herself. To have that look from someone that looks like him is a blessing. God blessed you.


FlowerChild said...

Okay... Maybe I never paid attention to just how fine this man is.. Wow!!

Cee Frizzle said...

Oh hell yes!!

Christie said...

he is really a sexy piece of chocolate bar, and I'm not even attracted to chocolate like that! but Kim's "fatty" isn't really, a fatty anymore. She def lost some of it. Reggie Bush told her to lose weight because he didn't find her 200 pound ass attractive.

just some food for thought :)

Cee Frizzle said...

Who you tellin? Dark chocolate isn't my thing either! But he is seriously an acception.

And, um, I'm having a minor turtle moment here, but I hope you're not serious when you said he told her to lose it.

Cuz then . . . I would be very turned off. Very!

Karen said...

LOL. They make a cute couple.

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