Monday, March 2, 2009

I ♥ Snow!

Goodnight, NYC. Hello, Dreamland. How d'you do? . . . zzzzzzzz

I really lurveeee snow. I ♥ Snow! I love how when you stick your head out the window, its quiet and there's this peaceful blissful whistle in the air . . . its calming. Plus its tres belle, no? The blanket of white that covers us . . . its gorgeous. I love that I stay home where its warm and cozy, sipping on something hot . . .

BUT . . . and yes, there is a biiiiiig BUT . . . I hate snow when it becomes darker than coal, or yellow. Cuz thats a sign. I hate when it dries and then there's only a friggin icecap surrounding a tree trunk or something. I hate hearing the sounds of shovels shovelling up that gorgeous blanket. I hate how difficult it is to travel, and how lazy you get. I hate when my automatic heater decides not to turn on because it doesnt think that the weather outside is cold enough. I hate that when I need socks the most, they're in the washing machine, soaking! But what I hate most about snow?


Woosah, Cyn. Wooooosah . . . Don't matter, my derriere is staying home. I'm gonna fulfil my peaceful snow day, regardless. The beauty of college.

TIDBIT: I must say that when its not so hideous, NYC is the greatest place to be when you wanna see a snowfall. Thats another reason why I love it so much. Sigh . . .
TIDBIT NUMERO DOS: OK, see, now I feel really bad for venting out like that, because it turns out that my school IS closed . . . *slinks into corner* sawwwy. Vewy Vewy sawwy.

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