Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Keri & Kanye sittin' in a tree

I don't think I mentioned in the post where I showed you the teaser to Keri Hilson's "Make Love," video that seeing these two together was sort of . . . weird. Not hated, but weird. And that I didn't really think that they made a cute couple.


After watching THIS video? I beg to differ. Sorry Amber Rose, but if they got together, it'll be just as cute, too.

I just lurve the chemistry here. You can see it! There is something. SOMETHING going on in the way they speak, the gestures, their touchy feeliness . . .

Get it, Keri! You both are amazing artists . . . make a damn masterpiece, if you know what I'm saying wink wink.
TIDBIT: Their names sound cute together, too. Kanye & Keri. Keri & Kanye. Kani. Kenye. Lemme stop.


FlowerChild said...

He is rubbin the hell outta her arm! If I was Amber I'd be a little worried. He was givin her the gooogly eyes.

JacqueRoxx said...

No! He must stay with Amber Rose!


' sнαrz. » said...

somethin somethin goin' on!
but he's dating that amber chick, so forget it....?

It's cute though, i will not lie. He gave her that look too..that "get over here" look.


Cee Frizzle said...

Well, him and Amber are cute together, no joke. I think she's a doll, even though she likes to eat the poon, too. But thats fine!

But then again, if him and Keri got together . . . hm. HM!

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