Monday, March 16, 2009

Laugh Us a River!

I seriously think that if Justin Timberlake took a good gwap of a break from producing/songwriting/singing, he should be part of the cast of Saturday Night Live. I mean, this dude has me rolling all the time he's on. He's hilarious!!

And, I mean, when he and Andy Samberg are together . . . need I say more?!And just because we're posting funny SNL videos, this one really takes the cake. I have never laughed so hard. After the first part, you'll start laughing I promise you. WATCH! Shia was so funny, even when he didn't do much.

or you can view the video here since bogger isn't letting the video load [-_-].

And one more video that had me laughing which features one of my favorite actresses, Ellen Page!

There are more, I'll post soon enough!

TIDBIT: For the 'Dear Sister' vid, if you wanna know who sings that song that they repeat nonstop, it's "Hide & Seek" by Imogen Heap. Yeah, I'm downloading the song, too.


JacqueRoxx said...

OoOh! I looove Shia LaBeouf! (His face not his acting skills) Dear Sister, D!ck in a Box, and the Single Ladies spoof are my favorite SNL moments ever

Ophelia Jane France said...

LMFAO @ his acting skills. I liked him better in his Even Stevens days. Oh, gosh. had me laughing at every episode. The movie was hilarious, too . . . now he's all famous and stuff. Even though I love him in transformers hands down.

And yes the single ladies spoof . . . priceless. "We're the dancers..."

JacqueRoxx said...

Yeah he was so funny in Even Stevens..I liked him in Holes too. He was "eh" in transformers. Just a lot of screaming, but I did love that movie! I think he should quit doing action movies and go back to slapstick comedy

Ophelia Jane France said...

AGREED!!! Or he should join the cast of SNL, he'd make a great addition, along with J.Timberr.

Karen said...

LOL. So frakkin' hilarious!

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