Monday, March 9, 2009

More Music of the Videos!


I seriously can never ever ever get enough of The-Dream. He. Is. SCRUMPTIOUS! Whoosh! Heavens to Betsy. This is the remix to "Rockin' That Thang/Shxt."

TIDBIT: Did I mention how much I HATE DJ Khaled? "We da BEST!" No, shaddap. You're not. And also, the girls in this vid look so wack. In the original video, the girls were impressive. See that post below.

ANDDDD then you have the video for "My Love," ft. Mariah Carey. OH MAN! I loves it. Totally loves it. Mariah did pretty good! The beginning reminds me of "Mad" by Ne-Yo . . . but this was more real. In Ne-Yo's video, I laughed. Pardon me (-_-)!

TIDBIT: I dreadfully get annoyed when they make Mariah to look like the ghetto chic girl from the small part of town. Like, seriously? Just leave her like she is! Though, the look is cute on her . . . did I just contradict myself? O_o;

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