Saturday, March 14, 2009

So much in one!

NEWS! NEWS NEWS NEWSSSS! OK, not only news but things I wanna bring to your attention.


#1: I might pretty soon have my own radio show. Yes. Like, on radio stations. Except you can hear it on iTunes, not an actual radio because its going through my University's radio station. GAH! I'm totally excited! I'm trying to find a DJ name for myself and also a name for my show. It will be about anything, my listeners will listen to anything, and yes, you can call in and make requests or get into the convo. Isn't that cool?!

#2: I was hanging out with my friend, Kiana at our school's radio station and for her Radi oShow demo, she played some Britney remixes and music and we started discussing Britney, and Kiana told me how much she wanted to see her in concert and how amazing Britney is. I didn't think so at first, but then Kiana told me some interesting thing that I forgot at the moment, but it made me see Britney in a different way. Now, I wanna see the bxtch in concert, too! Her circus is coming to town! I wanna go!

#3: I also wanna see No Doubt in concert, too. Ohmyfudge! NO DOUBT! Whoooooo!

#4: Yes, I am sorry that you were unable to comment on my posts. Its fixed my loves!

#5: Since I am a natural haired beauty like many others are, I was roaming through youtube and I found this girl that has these wonderful tutorials. But not only that, she's so adorabley interesting! I would love to be her best friend, man. I don't get bored with her vids. So lemme share, since i'm nice! her name is ItsMsHeatherNicole. Unfortunately, she has disabled the embedding, but just click and watch. Good stuff! She's even got make-up tutorials! (^_^)

HAPPY SATURDAY! Monday is the start of my Spring Break! Hell yeah. But I'll be hella busy. But don't think I'll abandon you. Oh, no, sugar.


Ayanna said...

your posts just get better & better everyday. lolol. i need to spend more time on my blog.
& britney? can i just have a moment to brag real quick?.....yessss i can't wait to see the concert on march 23! next mon! wooo hooo! ok bragging done. i also want to see no doubt.
& the radio station thing? you're just too cool. you have the total package of a radio host. good luck!

Ophelia Jane France said...

Thanks thanks thanks times 200! Yes, update as much as possible! I can't keep reading the same posts over and over again.

And, I think you are sooo lucky cuz you actually get to see the Dutchess of Pop herself! Take pictures, videos, drops of her sweat whatever! lool lucky goosee!

And thanks for the luck! I'm recording my demo today! Scared as hell, but I'll get over it.

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