Monday, March 9, 2009

'Ye & Keri! Making Love! Oooh wee!

I just don't stop with these videos, do I? Three posts in a row, this one included. Sorry. Actually, screw it. I take my apology back! ::raspberry::

Anyway, Ms. Keri Baby aka Keri Hilson aka Timbaland and Polow Da Don's (mm. Scrumptious) prodigee, has a new single/video out named "Make Love." The title alone is sexy, and Keri is talented at making such words coincide to create wonderful songs. this isn't exactly the FULL video, I'm guessing Just check out the end. But from what I see . . . mm.

The video is cute, but what REALLY has me baffled and sort of giddy is that her love interest is played by . . .


KANYE WEST! Whooooo! Lurve him. He has a more romantic and softer side to him in this vid, though Iseriously want to see more. I wonder what it was like. Getting nuzzzled and caressed by THEE Kanye . . . well, Amber Rose should tell us. Or does he just go all out with her? Just pure . . . fxcking? THAT WAS NOT AN INSULT! I was just saying . . . gee whillickers.

Enjoy, me lads and lassies!

TIDBIT: Hey! No tidbit! . . . Wait.



that was weird to watch

Ophelia Jane France said...

It was for me at first, cuz Keri and Kanye don't look like a good couple. I just liked how chill and soft and caring he looks.

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