Friday, April 10, 2009

Cassie Pulled 1/3 of a Britney

Hey, look everyone! Cassie cut her hair!
Lemme be the first to tell you that this will be posted on almost everyone's blog. Everyone who actually knows about this, of course. It mught not be but, if it is, then I was partially right ,thanks to you.
WTF? This was random, wasn't it. You know whats so funny? I swear this is a stunt. A way to get people to notice her more. I could be so wrong on so many levels, but I'm sticking with this theory. I mean, lets think about it.
Cassie isn't really . . . important. We don't pay attention to her! All we know is that she is a beautiful model who became a singer with a hit song, "Me & U," co-starred in "Step Up 2," one of the crappiest dance movies I've seen, is Diddy's latest tap buddy, is battling it out with my pinky for the title of thinnest human flesh, and thinks she's hot shit for obtaining all of the titles I've mentioned that she is.

Now, what better way to get attention than to . . . shave off the side of her head! What makes me sad is that . . . she doesn't look bad. Trust me, this could have been worse. But Cassie's got this face where she can do anything with her hair: change it lime green, chop it into a hairstyle Medusa would approve of, go bald, wear a mohawk, create a maze on her head . . . anything! And it will still. Look. Fresh! DAMN YOU, CASSIE!

But lets not get too crazy. A lot of people are doing this style. I dunno if you guys know Kesh, but she's like this hot shot fashion designer/DJ. One of my faves BTW. She defines retro-effin-sexy-amazing if this was a word. She pwnes! WHOO! Anywho, she did the same thing! But for her, it was more of a "It's just hair . . . it'll grow back," sort of thing, which I respect so much. Maybe Cassie was thinking the same?

I doubt it.


JacqueRoxx said...

hmm, I don't like it. Raven Symone did this once too..I didn't like it on her either


i've seen this post like 5 times in the last ten minutes and you post was the only one that I completely agree with. Cassie is cute and I like that hairstyle, i've even considered it myself it just doesn't fit her persona. Like when has cassie been that bold rockstar chic...NEVER. That's why I think it is for attention, maybe she's about to drop an album you know diddy is all about money so that would explain. Unlike cassie, Kesh is that kind of girl. So I completely respect her choice to make a move like that. She's amazing! and cassie just doesnt have that same......."swagg" for lack of a better word.

Cee Frizzle said...

@Jacque: Wait . . . raven did this, too?! Do you have a picture?! I wanna see!!

@Stardom: Thanks! Seriously, as soon as I saw this, I started scratching my head. I was puzzled. I swear, Rihanna started this "BE REBELLIOUS!" thing, and everyone's doing it, but their not doing it THEIR OWN way. They're just biting off the chick.

Cassie is definitely no exception. I just wanna see how she carries this 1/4 of her head shaven thing. I wanna see how she'll style her hair while walking on the red carpet and whatnot.


i cant wait to laugh out loud at that I know she's gonna look a mess...still smh at this chick

Cee Frizzle said...

I'm hoping she will! Teach her a lesson . . . effin poser.

Nigerian Barbie said...

wtff was she thinkin

JacqueRoxx said...

here's the video:

She even says, "I did a Britney!" ew.
(I like her though)

Cee Frizzle said...

DUMBASSES! WTF! Raven is a douche. Its official. Stamped. Its over.

FlowerChild said...

Kesh did it and it looks pretty fly... and she keeps that curly mohawk going too! She didn't shave off one side while leaving the rest of her hair lookin the same. It looks like she got tired of using pins and clips to pull back that side of her hair and just said eff it, i'm shaving it. It looks like she wanted to shave it all and stopped halfway, not like she was trying to be fashionable.

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