Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Chillin' . . . NOT!


Omigosh . . . I wish I knew what to say or what to think or who to fxck, but I'm so tired and blank its just not coming to me. Nada! I'm literally staring at my keyboard as I type this, giving my eyes and hands a rest every other nanosecond to scratch my head and to watch "The Duel 2" on MTV (Listen, I don't watch TV! It's just on, and this is what it's showing. But apparently, if you watch this, you'll know that CT and Adam got into a brawl and they both got kicked out. The brawl was pretty intense, need I say. Pretty intensyyyyy). I took some pics today cuz I just felt real cute. I usually do . . . i'm not that negative toward myself. But . . . I think that was the highlight of my day.

I got to English class 10 minutes late and walked into a dark room and saw that my class was watching a youtube vid on robots. Turns out in 2035, they'll take over the world! "I, Robot" flashback anyone?! Then I left around 1:45ish, even though my class doesn't end til 2:15 cuz my bestiend (best friend) Jamesjones aka Latoya (Don't ask) kept texting me to ditch class cuz she and our guy bestiend skipped their classes and they were hungry and couldn't bear the boredom they were going through. So I did them a great favor!

Hung out with them for ten minutes in our schools lounge, went to get a BLT, ate with them, had more of our friends come join us, we all started talking about the childhood shows we lurveee. We got so excited talking about "Thomas the Train Engine," cuz those facial expressions get so effin scary! One minute, they are so gleeful. Next thing you know, their faces turn so sickened and sad or angry that you feel like you deserve to go to hell, and "The Big Comfy Couch." That was the shizzot. I remember i felt so ashamed that i still watched it when I was 14. Man, look it up on youtube. The BESTEST! <-- Not a word. Don't give a hoot. Two of my friends went to go play pool, Latoya and Hassan (the guy bestiend that was mentioned but not named) stayed with me so we could accompany Hassan when he goes to buy a BLT, but then I got a phone call from my sister.

My little 6-year-old cousin, Jonathan, who I love oh so dearly, who I see as my son/brother I never had, was in the hospital.

He was dreadfully dehydrated.

I almost passed out. A great day gone bad in a matter of seconds!

I needed to get to Downstate Hospital, but I seriously did not know how to get there. Hassan and Latoya tried to help me . . . it helped, but then my mom called and said not to come to the hospital.


So I didn't go. Instead i remained in the company of my two great friends and that made me feel so much better cuz they know how to make me laugh and smile. I'm so grateful that I have them. Hear that Hassan and Latoya?! I am greatful for your existence.

More happened, but what made this day great was seeing my little cousin walk into his house (which I was in cuz I was baby sitting his little 2-year-old brother and 1-year-old little sister) looking weak and tired but so adorable as he is. He uttered, "Hi, Cynthia." Then gave me this kisso n the hceek, and my heart melted. I swear if I ever lost him. I would lose all happiness. I would shut down. He's so smart. So adorable. So fun. So bright . . . I love him. I could never live without him.

He fell asleep within ten minutes, but just seeing him was good enough.

That was my day.


But one hell of a day.

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