Saturday, April 18, 2009

"I Curse The Day You Were Born!" -Charlotte of 'Sex & The City'

I'm watching one of my all time favorite movies. "Sex & The City." I get so jittery, call a girlfriend of mine or call my mom or sisters, and watch it. I'm with the little miss sis right now, and we're enjoying this flick.

I want that sort of life. Shopping till you feel corns developing on your feet which are sitting comfortable in Manolo's. Going out for breakfast at exclusive diners. Sipping on Cosmopolitan's, even though I can't stand alchohol. Having a successful career liek Carrie has, writing. Gosh, just being with my girlfriend(s).

I just really love that sort of stuff. Just tons of love and excitement and thrill and laughs! To have that is great. When I have that . . . gosh, I think my life will be complete. I'll have my gals, my family, my career, the man of my dreams . . . what more could any woman ask for?

TIDBIT: Can't wait for #2, coming in 2010! Hell yea!

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