Saturday, April 25, 2009

Something so spine tingling . . .

Have you ever been so affected by a movie that after the credits have rolled, you still sit there, on your couch or chair or whatever sitting utensil you used to feel comfortable on while watching the movie, just thinking about what you just saw? Well, honestly, if you reply 'No' then you're a big fat liar. One way or another, there is a movie out there that you just have the utter most devotion for. I'm not talking about the movie that you can't stop watching. I'm talking about the movie that makes you see things in different colors. Their real colors. I'm probably talking like a lunatic, but I feel justified to state that my color changing movie was "V for Vendetta."

It's one of those movies that you just know will be so interesting from start to finish, and in this case, it was. How exactly did it affect me, well, I'll let you know.

Life & Death. I see it in a different way now and how it connects to . . . Courage. People say they have it, but when the time comes, they exhibit weakness and anything but strength and their so-called courage. Then there are people who wouldn't dare call themselves courageous because they know that their outer being doesn't resemble someone with strength, but with weakness. See, because, they don't have much to hide, they live their lives so cautiously that bravery should never have to show up. And then there are those who are brave to their inner core, but have no reason to exhibit that courage when it is not necessary. Why should they when it's not needed? Now, that's just showing off. When it's time to be courageous, they will be head on and ready.

Maybe it's the way V has a way of captivating the viewers of the movie. His antics, his humor, his joy to beauty and such, his mask, his ability to make a person jump when he uses his swords and fighting tecniques, and his need to tell a story; to finish someone's unfinished work, or to finish the work of his own. Or maybe it's his sudden love for Evey; how she has made him see things as well in a different color. He found a friend, a lover, an ally in Evey, and he showed it to her. Maybe that's why I loved it so much. Yeah . . . that could be it. Or . . . maybe it could be the way Evey inspired me to be a courageous person. Her beauty inside and out . . . her honesty and loyalty to those around her. Her strength, her courage, her drive to finish what V left. Maybe . . . it could be the storyline . . . or the amount of symbolism portrayed in this film. Maybe it's the amount of gore and randomness in the film that really gets me, or the foreshadowing. It could be the whole thing, but whatever it is, it changed my way of thinking just a tad.

If a movie can do that . . . then it can do it all.

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Candy Reign said...

V For Vendetta is definitely in my fav 5 movies! I'm glad you enjoyed it too!

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