Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sultry Blues #2

I love the idea of making love. So I wrote a poem about it. Enjoy.

Let's make love in the sunlight
have the sunrays hit our every bump and grind
Let's make love till the moon comes up
feel my fingers run down your spine
Sweet breaths escape my lips
I wanna scream with utter desire
Holding it in is such a hassle
You thrust inside, and I feel a fire
that ignites in my veins, my hearts beats quickly
I place your hand upon my chest
You feel the pace and your thrusts feeds in space
til I wheeze, "Baby, I'm not ready to rest."
Faster you move, you catch the shortness of breath
We're about to create that love.
The love so unique, its both gentle and sweet
won't find energy to be too rough.
A moan escapes my lips. One so powerful, so loud.
That for a sec, you think we're done,
but I wheeze again and say, "Not now!"
Yes, yes almost there. At the peak.
I pull you close and hold you tight
My eyes begin to weep.
You run your hands into my hair
and kiss me oh so soft.
And look me in the eyes and say,
"You're the first woman I've ever loved."

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