Thursday, April 2, 2009

This is a bit . . . frightening.

OK, there's good and bad news for Ms. Keri Baby.

GOOD N E W S: Her album debuted at no. 1. WHAT AN ACCOMPLISHMENT! And to think, people were owrried, since it kept getting pushed back, but, I guess the long anticipation worked, cuz people can't get enough! Thats great. I've heard her album, and its good! Trust me, its worth your money!

BAD N E W S: As great as it is that she is #1 . . . she made it there with only $93,000 units sold . . . which is sad. It would be an accomplish, a really really BIG one if $500,000+ units were sold. But only 93,000? It just goes to show that her music has been downloaded like mad craziness! And I won't deny. I'm one of those downloaders!

WHY SO F R I G H T E N E D, CEE FRIZZLE?: Cuz . . . looks whats happening. Don't you remember way back when N*Sync and Christina Aguilera and Biggie Smalls and Jay-Z came out with albums, they made it to number one with high units sold! I'm talking millions in the first week! Nowadays, people aren't into using their money (ahem, thats me. Sorry.) to buy albums when they know they can get it online. Which sucks so bad. These poor artists. Five to ten years from now, I wonder how bad it'll get. They'll be lucky if the have $50,000+ units sold . . .

So, does this mean I'm gonna stop downloading?

Do you seriously need me to answer that?!

Are you gonna stop downloading?

Do you think I seriously need to ask you that?!

No, I didn't think so.

I feel bad for my offsprings and their offsprings and so on.

They are so screwed.


Sarah Brooke said...

I don't Illegal download anymore. Especially since I want to become a singer and that if someone was illegally downloading my stuff that'd make you mad because you don't make any money.
I'll by her CD, I feel bad for artists.

Cee Frizzle said...

Haaa we think alike. I had the same mentally when I wanted to be a singer a year ago. My career options have changed, but I do understand what you mean entirely. So I give you full kudos for that.

JacqueRoxx said...

Yup and as cd sales get lower and lower, the mainstream music gets crappier and crappier (Soulja Boy!).

Cee Frizzle said...

YUP! Glad you caught that, my dear.

No wonder music just isn't as inspiring as it used to be.

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