Monday, April 27, 2009

Williamsburg . . . KESH!!!

Alright, so yesterday was Sunday. And boy was it great outside. New York hit a 90 degree hot weather and gosh I was not about to miss the beauty that is the sun. SO I decided to help my schools radio station with their booth for my schools LIU Day, where all the incoming freshman get tours and just enjoy their visit and their new school!

So I was type bored, my feet were hurting because the flats I was wearing were just bothering the crap out of me. So I called up my homie, Latoya (Chick in the photo) and she told me she is going to be around the area anyway, so when she got here, we had FUN! Tons.

Alot of other things happened, but let me fast forward. We decided to go to Williamsburg. Why? Because my fave designer/DJ, KESH, was there having a one day / last chance street sale! She was selling all of her stuff because she's leaving NYC for good on thursday. How can I pass up the opportunity to meet her?! Are you bonkers? Shite. We went, dammit, and we had fun! Kesh is adorable. She is. For some odd reason, I thought she had a big head. But when i saw her, her head was quite miniscule! She was sitting down on a towel with black ankle socks, leggings, this poncho / tube top outfit on and her hair had grown at the sides, but I was still able to make out her heart tattoos. I wish I could have had a full blown conversation with her, but when i walked up to her, I said hi, that I'm obsessed with her blog and how cool she is . . . she wanted to talk but she said that she was feeling really sick. She was sniffly, weak and I felt bad! So I told her to chill and that I would someday laugh it up with her. She giggled and said to enjoy her sale and just ask her questions.

I also met Contessa, her BFF. She is AWESOME!!!! OMG! I lurve me some Contessa! She was so lively and sweet and was making bargains with us . . . she's great.

So I couldn't really find anything to buy in the department of clothes. But. BUT! I DID buy Kesh's old wallet for $3! And I lurve it with the passion. I threw my Hello Kitty wallet away and I now adore my Kesh wallet. So ha. Sorry Kitty. Your 9 lives are done!

So while that wallet was being bought ,there was this hot ass vintage jacket that I was begging Latoya to buy. She liked it, but she felt she could find a better jacket at another vintage shop. I felt so disappointed. I wanted her to have that jacket. It was so . . . LATOYA-esque! But we left it alone.

OK, this becomes sad. I had no more money. Nothing. I had a few pennies, but nada. Latoya had a good amount of dollars, btu she couldn't waste it all. We became hungry and extremely thirsty. Plus it was hot, so you can imagine. Latoya mentioned that she hada $5 gift card for Starbucks, so we yelled Huzzah and started walking down Bedford in search of a starbucks. My feet started THROBBING. I needed to sit or eat or drink . . . it was bad! But while I was sullying, Latoya and I went to this shop that sells vintage shit, and they have these leather jackets for $40 or $20 . . . and its insane! They are so fxcking sexy! I was in love! We vowed to come back to this shop. Then we saw a CHEESE SHOP! IDK if you know this but I have a big obsession with cheese. I almost collapsed. I stared at it for about 5-10 minutes? Latoya started cracking up and tried to drag me from it. She succeeded. She's lucky that I love her so much, man.

SO! We had been walking for such a while, admiring Williamsburg, til we realized that there was no Starbucks! So we became bums: By removing our shoes and walking, going to a corner store, buying a $.50 soda, sharing it, and eating nasty $.25 chips. It was great. We were bums. Which is funny because some parts of Williamsburg are very bummy! So we felt in place! Gosh, being a bum for a day, lemme tell you. Its amazing. Latoya and I are lviign proof!

So we went home after a long day. I enoy my time with Latoya. Seriously, she is so fxcking fun. She knows Brooklyn like crazy, so she knows places. Which is great, cuz I'm tired of going to the same spots all the time.

SO that was my day.



FlowerChild said...

I'm a little jealous. I wanted to check out Kesh's sale!!!


I love contessa too.I went to the sale both times and she is flippin awesome(i still love kesh) but contessa is the coolest lol. I didnt buy anything this time either though, but i did get a pic with them!yay me

Cee Frizzle said...

Seriously Contessa rocks! I do wish Kesh were feeling better. I would have loved to just talk about nothing with her. Oh poo.

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