Thursday, May 28, 2009

Man Candy #4: Michael Cera

Sigh. Are you seriously surprised that he's part of my Man Candy bunch? I can talk for decades about Michael Cera. But that wouldn't be fair to you guys because you'll be wondering when I'm gonna STFU.

See, I have this huge thing for nerds. Sarcastic, funny, look-a-like-book-smart-but-actually-just-misunderstood nerds. I forgot who is started with, but I really love guys like these, because they think no one notices them or cares, but I swear if I ever met a guy like this, I would give him the attention he would love to receive. UGH! I JUST LOVE NERDS!

Michael Cera fits my type of guy like a condom (LOL! I made a lame funny). He's adorable as fxck, funny as all hell, sweet as sugar and talented like all. He makes me jittery when I see his face or hear his voice. Seriously. If he were right by me . . . I would seriously ask him to marry me. In an instant.

I cannot wait to see "Year One." The trailer already has me bugging. Imagine me in the theatres.

Michael, I am ALL YOURS!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rihanna is a BEAUTY.

Check out Ye's video for his new single, "Paranoid," featuring Rihanna. In this light, you truly see how beautiful she is! If she didn't make it as a singer, someone would have picked her to be a model.


TIDBIT: I lurve the beat to this joint. Sounds like a techno song from the 80's.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Big Chop and etc.

So I have uber exciting news.

Ugh typing it makes me giddy. But, alas...

1) I'm chopping my hair off. OK, I'm not grabbing an axe and then woopow! Vamoose. Its gone. No. I'm going to the natural hair salon by my school, and I'm getting it cut. Short. Real short. SHORRRTTTT! I cannot help but stress the SHOOOORRRRTTTTT part, you know? For those who've seen my hair, its pretty thick, and it's grown to pass my neck, to a point where I can reach the end of the strand when reaching for it behind my back. WHY THE HELL IS SHE CUTTING HER HAIR? you ask. Guys, don't worry. I know what I'm doing. So many parts of my hair are permanetly straight, due to the fact that I was in this phase where I flat-ironed a lot. Especially the front of my hair to create bangs. I did it all through high school, and in the beginning of college. Well, that damaged it, to a point where it won't curl up. AT ALL. Do you know how deranged my hair looks sometimes? The healthy parts spring up in S and/or spiral curls while some parts are just straight?! UGH. Drives me bonkers. So, chop chop. My little sister threatened that if I go through with this, she won't walk on the street with me. What do I care?! I have an adorable face that I can pull off. I don't think I'll look bad. But I need to do this. I'll be going through this procedure mid June/beginning of July. CANNOT WAIT! AH!

2) I forgot to tell you all that I did pass my radio test, and I am officially a Radio DJ for my schools radio station. So all in due time, I will have a radio show. A 2 hour radio show. That you can listen to on iTunes. OMG, the thought it preposterous but so amazing. I will update you all on this soon enough.

3) I might see Santigold and Amanda Blank perform in concert! Oh that should be interesting. But, get this. DRUMROLL IS IN ORDER! I, me. I might see thee KATY PERRY IN CONCERT! She's performing in NYC and the tix are only $29! Gosh. I am too excited. This is the greatest. My secret lover. The one who I adore. I will see her. Up close. And then . . . sigh . . . ♥ ♥ ♥

Um . . . thats really it. Yeah.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fxcking Brilliant.


Alright alright alright.

I didn't actually MEET him.

We didn't sit down in Sarbucks with lattes in our hands and talked about our days out in the midst of my home, Brooklyn. We didn't go shopping, and he didn't take me to go see my secret lover (he still doesn't know) Katy Perry.

But I will be honest and frank when I say I was two feet away and counting from Travis "Travie" McCoy.

So here I am with my sisters and my little cousins. We had just come from seeing "Night At The Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian," (review coming!) and now it was time to shop! Today was sort of hot but you could still feel a beautiful breeze. So there's this whole strip thats called the Fulton Mall (its actually Fulton Street but since there are so many shops down this strip, they just call it a mall) and we were window shopping since we were all broke, and my sister was trying to find shoes for my little six-year-old cousin, Jonathan. So, we're crossing the street and we stop by a shoe store. When we come back out, I'm sipping on my water when I turn to the right and see this reallly tall dude standing there with a buddy.

He's tall. Oh yea. Tall.

I stare at him for a while, because he just has so many tattoos all over his body. His arms, his neck . . . so I look at his face and I say to my little miss sis, Shani, "Woooow, bro looks like Travie." So she turns and sees him. So she says, "oh wow! He does." Then we spend a good two minutes observing him silently. Then we just instantly stare at each other and shout, "IT'S HIM!" My older sister finally gets in on it and she is just as siked. So we are in awe! Travie? In the Fulton Mall? NO CELEB IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD COME TO THIS STRIP! It's type lame, but, it'll do if you really need to go shopping.

So he starts to walk away, and we refuse to miss this opportunity. So what do you think we do?

We follow him.

For about 20 minutes of our time.

Our older sister got tired of being an amateur stalker and decided to go to Payless, but Shani and I needed to know this was real, so we followed him, dammit.

I phoned up Latoya, who was at school which was just three blocks down, right at the exit of the Fulton Mall. She is trying to calm me down on the phone while she hauls ass to get to where I am!

So Travie goes into a sneaker store and I'm just admiring him from afar, like the crazed fan that I am. Latoya kept telling me to go talk to him. I was so tempted to! but Shani kept pulling me back and saying no. So I stopped. Then Latoya said I should and Shani said I shouldn't . . . grrrr! You can imagine how much pain I was going through. He was just a few feet away!

So I'm waiting for Latoya to catch up to us when he walks out with his buddy.

So Shani and I are on the case. We're on their trail.

But listen. Travie can walk. Speed of light. If he weren't so tall that his head pops up above all of the pedestrians, I would have lost him in a millisecond. So as I'm on the phone with Latoya, telling her where he's walking, he starts walking really fast! To a point where Shani says the words I didn't want to hear: "Bitch, he's gone."

Sigh. Latoya caught up to us a minute after we lost him. Poor girl. She was out of breath. She partially blames me for not using the speed of light that she claims I have to catch him. I don't blame her. Seriously, I should have hauled as much ass as I could.

But, you know what? Being that close to him, knowing it WAS him (to prove it, I saw his tattoos on his neck and his surgery-stretched ear piercing) and knowing that a celeb was in Brooklyn's Fulton Mall has just given me so much hope to spot another celeb.

I mean, I live in NYC for goodness sake.
Possibilities are endless, sweethearts.
Until my next journey . . .

Friday, May 22, 2009

Charles Hamilton? You Got Punched.

Oh buddy. HAHA! Laughing out loud moment. You could see her anger building up!

TIDBIT: No wanna be rappers were harmed. . . . Wait. Yes. Yes they were.

TOP 10 Reasons Why Beyonce's "Ego" video FAILS.

1. Its boring.

2. She flips her hair way too much for no reason

3. It resembles the concept for 'Single Ladies.'

4. The dance moves were way too stiff and intricate.

5. THERE ARE DANCE MOVES! I just love this song so much, and I didn't think it needed to be a dance video.

6. Her 'I can sing it with piano' is my favorite part, so I was expecting her to halt the dancing (its the least she could have done) and just sing it operatically. Nope.

7. I couldn't really focus on the song, cuz I was looking at the dancing.

8. The dancing wasn't that great. Just a lot of POPPING.

9. She was trying to be sexy. That is understood, because I think the song has a sexy edge to it! But . . . Beyonce has lost her sexiness in my opinion. I just see her as a person that dances, sings and (tries) to act. She's not sexy to me. Maybe if she didn't pop and pump and jiggle her body so much, it could have, might have been sexy. But we know Bee. She likes to be perfect. I'm telling you, she's trying to take over the world.


10. She looked like either Lil' Kim in some parts or a tranny in most. Sorry. She did.

TIDBIT: When is she reuniting with Destiny's Child? Because seriously, I'm about to drop Bee from my MP3. Officially. And I might not put her back until I hear Kelly and Michelle right there with her.

Cop Alert: Electrik Red

I will say it. Electrik Red is going to bring the true meaning of Sexy Back. Justin tried, and it lasted for oh so long, but then it evaporated. But Elecrik Red is seriously going to bring it back. Their sexy isn't skanky. Their sexy isn't dirty. Their sexy isn't raunchy. Its sexy. The way sexy should be. So therefore, when their album, "How To Be A Lady: Vol. 1" comes out, it will basically show the ladies how to be ladies. Sexy ladies. Classy sexy ladies.

First off, they are all beautiful. Absolutely stunning. Like, wtf. And they have these deep sensual voices that can seduce a person! Plus seriously, they have great music. From what I've heard, "Freaky Freaky, "Friend Lover," and "So Good," are my faves. But I cannot wait to hear the rest of the album!

TIDBIT: Seriously, I feel sexier listening to them!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Movie Review: DANCE FLICK

Alrighty! My first movie review. I was suppose to have one a good while ago for "I Love You, Man," but . . . yahh.

SO! Time to review: I am a funny person. I would like to think so! I love to make jokes, and I love when I laugh at a joke that will literally have me laughing hard and/or bawling my eyes out because it's so funny. When I saw the trailer and the numerous commercials for this film, I knew I was going to laugh my buttocks off. I didn't think. I KNEW. I mean, it's made by the Wayans Bros., who made the amazing first two Scary Movies. They are funny in a whole. That whole fam. So, seriously I would not pass up this opportunity. What opportunity?

My sister got two free tickets to see an advanced screening in NYC. I literally freaked. Free snacks. Free movie! Whoa buddy! So I went with her. The theatre was packed. Hooligans everywhere. So we got a good seat in the front, though everyone knows the middle seats are THEE best. So, there we are. Sitting. And then, we watch.

And watch.

And watch.

This movie is so. So. So. So. Soooooo. Disappointing. It is terrible. I partially blame ads for it because they basically played all the could-be funny jokes in the commercials, so when you watch it, you probably get a chuckle in. That's it. There are so many random parts that are parodies, that it comes to a point where you're like, "What does this have to do with the point?" They parodied Twilight (The Prom scene), Save the Last Dance, Stomp the Yard, You Got Served, High School Musical (Their school was called "Musical High School."), Step Up, Step Up 2 The Streets, Hairspray, Black Snake Moan (Yeah, I know. WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING?!) . . . so much. So much that was so unnecessary. It cluttered the film. And the "funny parts" were not funny! I mean, don't get me wrong. There are parts where you might laugh. MIGHT! But its not worth your money. Please. PLEASE! If you can, find it online. But it is NOT worth spending your hard earned money! Please!!!!

This movie gets: ♥//♥♥♥♥

Dance Flick? You FAIL!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ft.'d in "Black Girl w/ Long Hair" blog! YAY!

Hola, mi amigas! So, about a month ago, I visited my favorite natural hair blog and asked them a question about my hair because it has been bugging me no more than mosquitos do (HA! Attempt at a joke; FAIL!). The ladies were so kind to answer my question, and because they saw it as a question many other ladies might need help with as well, they featured me in their blog! AHH! Check it out!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Oh, Romeo how you've grown!

Do you see those . . . !

And his coy smile is just so . . . !

Ohmygahness ♥.

So Scrumptious.
Where for art thou, Romeo??!!!

Top 60 Ghetto Names: See if yours made the list!

This vid has been circling the youtube and blog net like free IHOP breakfast. Oh, that sounds good. Anyway, lemme stop being a fat ass. This video is pretty funny! The ending names just get really ridiculous, so thats what makes it funnier. ENJOY!

Do you have a ghetto name?!

TIDBIT: Awww, my bestie Latoya made the list, and she's not even close to ghetto!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Ad♥re Thee: Melanie Fiona

As a singer myself, its key to have someone influence you; to give you a strive. Especially when they are up and coming and you feel as if though you have other inspirations, they're getting old. I feel that way all the time. So this is why I seek to find something to challenge/inspire me. And my new person is Melanie Fiona.

I was on Perez Hilton, surfing through the latest gossip, when I came to his post on Melanie. He was praising her music, and the player was right htere, so by curiousity, I played it. In that nanosecond, I was hooked AND inspired. her voice has a raspiness to it that is so pure and beautiful! It's what makes her voice so unique! The beat of the song, which captured me in a quickness, brought a smile to my face, due to the fact that I do love music that has the influence of the 60's and 70's. The words had me hypnotized. "Ok, ok. He's got my number and/you can't you can't warn me baby, here I am/either you make the time/or just forget me..." The song is basically about getting hers when she wants it. And if it's not given to her right, then she doesn't want it at all. Come on ladies. What an anthem, huh?

But her song, "Give It To Me Right" is not her only triumph or ode to her listeners. You've got "Ay Yo," which is for the doubters and non-believers. Then there's "Somebody Come Get Me," which is possibly my favorite record by her, just cuz she's touching her West Indian roots with a nice reggae beat and words oh so tough. Its for the women who have those cheating men who think they can get away with having a female on the side. Revenge. Then you have, "It Kills Me," which is so beautifully sung and so sultry. It warms my heart. I feel her sadness and desperate plea to be loved. "Should I grab his cell/call this chick up/start some sh*t/then hang up/or should I be a lady, ooh maybe/cuz I wanna have his babies/I don't wanna be alone/I don't need to be on my own/And I love this man/but some thing I just can't stand."

The best part is to find that she writes/co-writes her songs. To think all of this comes from such a beautiful mind. Its amazing and refreshing.

So I fully applaud Melanie, who is opening up for Kanye. APPLAUSE!

TIDBIT: I wish she came out with a mixtape!

Monday, May 11, 2009

WARNING! 18+ Content

Jessica Biel strips? Woooow. OK. Well, I just clicked the vid to see what was up, and its a clip from her new movie, I think? Excuse me, I haven't done my research. Too lazy right now.

Anywho, here's the vid. I must admit, she's got amazing acrobatic and dancing skill! And an amazing body. So kudos to Jessica Biel!

TIDBIT: Don't worry, there is a sweet part to this video . . . I guess. It's nothing perverted. Actually makes me want to see the film.

First, D*ck In a Box. Now . . . They've done it again.

When these two come together, they are certified geniuses.

They created "Dick in a Box," which got them a mother effin' award! Now they made a Mother's Day video! And let me tell you, brilliance times infinity.

Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg (swoon) create "Motherlover."

Show it to your mom. She'll love it.

TIDBIT: Can this be a download? I want this song on my MP3, man.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

peep @ Drake

My heart pounds everytime I see a picture, or a video, or hear a song that includes Drake.

I'll update this post when I get the chance. I have a final today and i am tired as all hell.


Enjoy while you wait.


UPDATE: Hey, loves! Alright, so my fianl went well. It did. It was history. I have never done well in history in all my years of living, so it was quite miraculous that I was able to go through this final pretyt well. SO!


I will not be one of those people that say, "The people that claim their Drake's biggest fans, but haven't seen him in Degrassi, aren't. They are not his fans. They dont' KNOW him. WE do! The Degrassi / Jimmy lovers do! So back up, frauds!" I believe that fans are fans, whether they've been there from the beginning or not. So, without further ado . . .

I AM ONE OF DRAKE'S BIGGEST FANS! Gosh I lurve him, truly! I'm a sucker for guys with true talent and who also exuberate intelligence. And in this interview, I really am impressed with him.

It's not often you read or hear guys talk so much truth. So its excellent to hear him speak. And his rhymes are unbelieveable. I don't liksten to hip-hop or rap very much. But you will find Drake splattered all IN my mp3.

He's an amazing actor. I seriously want to act with him one day. That would be a great honor. I hope he stars in some films soon. He deserves it. He can really sing. His voice isn't exactly Usher, but he's got a suave flow to it, like he's chill. And he can spit acid! Gosh he can rhymeeeeee! I cannot stress it enough! I end up sitting down and really paying attention to the words he strives to scream at you, and I get chills cuz the words he finds . . . genius. Fuckin' A.

OK. No more talk. You already know.

But, erm . . . Drake pwnes. Deadass.

Lenny Kravitz Booty?


Ultimate S W O O N!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Introducing: LYNWOOD ROSE.

Well, this is new! Q-Tip, D'Angelo and Raphael Saadiq, three men I do love listening to, have become a group! Yes, called, "Lynwood Rose." I love unique names that have a beautiful ring to it, don't you?

Anywho, they will be coming out with an album soon, but as of right now, they have a mixtape for you!

Click HERE to download. And if you get a chance to listen to their material, let me know because I can't download it for some retarded reason! GR! Its killing me!

TIDBIT: Everyone's coming out with a mixtape. Gee whillickers. Can i be next? I DO know how to sing, believe it or not . . . and I am a radio DJ at my University, where a recording studio is available . . . hm . . .

Cassie, WTF is Your Deal? Seriously!

Whoo hoo hooo am I getting tired of this trick. Who is she? Where does she get off?! Like, huh?

First, she disappears after her "Official Girl," single went places, but then didn't. Next thing you know, she saves the side of her head, throws her hands up in the air and says "I'm a Rockstar. LOOK AT MEH!" Posts pics on Twitter, cuz everyone actually cares, right? Now, whats her latest action?


But what differentiates her from all the other stars that have been hacked like Vanessa Hudgens, Adrienne Bailon, and now Rihanna herself, is that they actually took these pictures for a reason and one reason only: to show it to their man candies. So, I guess, if you want to take pity and say, "You knwo what? It was for their boyfriends. Whatev," then go ahead. But, you begin to wonder now. Why did Cassie take nude pics?

If you come up with a good reason, please let me know. Because I have seen these pics, and it looks like a girl that is just lying on her bed, bored as all hell, posing ruthlessly because, hey, she has a nippled chest to photog.

Tee hee heee. I'm laughing. Cassie, you are pathetic. Seriously? PATHETIC.

And this is what she has to say on her Twitter:


Yes, so Cassie? Get off your high horse. Nobody hacked into your computer. You really are not that important. You seem too chill about this. And its not that we haven't seen a titty and we're shocked. To be frank, we don't give a hobo's left foot. Why did you put those pics up? Thats what we're wondering. What was YOUR motive?

Right. Sorry. Pft. I forgot.

You have none. Which goes to show that you REALLY need attention. And unfortunately, you are getting it. Look! I'm writing about you now. Is this OK? Is this what you want? Good? Happy? Satisfied, my friend? Alright.

So stop it.

You're disgusting us and making a fool out of Diddy, even though we don't really mind that.

He will stomp on your bootay for this little stunt, thats a fact.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Rihanna? Nude Pic? NOOOOO!!!!

Oh gee. Oh gee, I really wish this never happened, cuz I adore Rihanna so much. This poor girl has gotten beaten, publicly humiliated, and just when everything was fying down and when it seemed as if the Good Girl Gone Bad has been brought back to her pedestal . . .


Such fuckery, huh.

I don't want to post them up. I don't think its necessary and fun or even cool.

But just know that I have seen them, and they are not photoshop. SMH. This is so sad.

If you wanna see them, search for it, because I really don't want to post it up.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'm In Love With Her! Sorry.

I have to keep reminding you all that I do have the biggest crush on Katy Perry. I must see her in concert. I must have a fullblown conversation with her based on unicorns, the economy, and lawn mowing. She must kiss me. Its a necessity. She has to give me make-up tips, daily quotes of her own that I can live by, and of course a souvenir to admire for the rest of my days on Earth. This woman is absolutely kick ass. And I swear, if I don't get any of the above, I will not die happy.

Enjoy her new music video, "Waking Up in Vegas." IDK if this is her new single, but I absolutisly lurve this record. Just as much as I absolutisly lurve her. Gosh this video is so rad. Fuckin' A!

TIDBIT: Can you believe it? She and Travie got back together! YAY! Secretly I am jealous of him, but YAY! Actually, I'm jealous of them both because they get to tap each other. If I could find a man like Travie or a woman like Katy (if I were either bisexual, lesbian or very experimental), then I would have no conscienceness of the word "BOREDOM," or "DULL."

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Daydreamers. Please Wake Up. We Can't dream no more . . .

Here I seet (sit).

Here I bloggg.

Here I type.

Here I draw.

Anyway, here I am, eating the last of the Turkey Hill's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream (Omigah. My fave. I lurve cookie dough. Seriously? Visit me with Cookie Dough and IDGAH [I Don't Give a Hoot for the beginners] if you're fxckin' Megatron ready to let loose a missile full of whoop tooshy, dude. I will let you in!) and typing my Journalism paper on blogging (herrrrr. Thats what I'm doin' now, sucka!) and it is currentlyyyyyyy . . . 12:13am. Hoopla. And my mind just starts drifting . . .

Don't you lurve it when that happens? Dude, you're in class. Bumass teacher is talking about stuff you surely won't need later on in life cuz you're gonna be an astronaut. And then your mind just shifts . . . Treasury moments, my dear. I treasure those spacey moments. In grade school, in my progress reports, my teachers wrote "Cynthia (my real name for the bright ones) is a great student. But she tends to daydream a lot. She has a hard time paying attention." I one time had to go to the school psychiatrist for a year because they thought something traumatizing had happened to me when i was younger and thats why I can't concentrate because that traumatizing thing still haunts the depths of my mind . . . eerie, huh. Idiots. I was eleven. Eleven year olds NEVER concentrate. All they think about is becoming what they want to become (Thank Jesus I didn't want to be an astronaut. Whaaaa?!)! I became a victim of that! Is it really that uncanny? Fudge cakes.

Lemme tell you. Daydreaming is amazing. I can't imagine a person who doesn't daydream. Gosh, they must be dry as fruck. Throw you in a pool and your hair is still disgustingly unmoist. ::SHUDDER::

This is probably my most random post. And weirdest. And yet, understandable.
Don't sit there and lie to me. I know it is! I'm a smart ass--

. . . shifts . . . there I go again.

TIDBIT: Oh, poo. The ice cream's done. Oh well. Guess I'm going to take a trip to Coldstone tomorrow with my bum bitch, Latoya and have them make me some. 'Cause Megatron apparently doesn't feel like dropping by OR whooping my tooshka.

Metal douche.

Son, I've got Optimus Prime on speedy dial.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

G.I. Joe: Gotta See It.

I am a huge sucker for cartoons / comics / books / shows turned movies. Huge sucker. Like a leech, man.

So, don't be surprised when I tell you I will be one of those freaky nerds in the movie theatre with tons of nachos and a huge mountain drink eager enough to be there a half hour early and answering all that mumbo jumbo trivia and laughing at the people who will be sitting in the aisles since the theatre will be that packed and thats what happened when I went to go see "Transformers."


G.I. Joe.

TIDBIT: Marlon Wayans . . . yummers.

Friday, May 1, 2009

The Most Anticipated Movie of '09

I am going to shit a brick.

I am going to shit a brick . . .




Can you say fxcking awesome? I'm reading the book, AGAIN, before I go see the film.

Cuz I am going to shit a brick.

Man Candy #3: Jamie Foxx

Who would have thought? I certainly didn't.

Why on Earth is Jamie Foxx one of my Man Candies?

  1. He is funny. Seriously, he knows how to make you laugh! And he doesn't try too hard, which is a great thing. Its like its natural.

  2. He can act his ass off. Oh, man. I was about 14 when "Ray" came out, and I, at that age, felt that Jamie COULD NOT pull it off, because I was an avid viewer of "The Jamie Foxx Show." I mean, gee, he was a comedian, not an actor (I was 14 and naive. Of course he was an actor. A funny one!) so why was he portraying one of the most musically gifted soul singers out there? It just wasn't right! Well, I watched the movie and I bit that naive tongue of mine. I cried. That was a great film. He also did great in "Dreamgirls." How he portrayed Curtis . . . a guy that was good but had fame bite him hard in the ass . . . he's great.

  3. He can sing, too! I didn't even know that he won a grammy for his last album! Now, I'm gonna go check these songs out, because I have a big pet peeve with actors turned singers cuz they got the chance to portray their musical talent in a film. Now all of a sudden, they take advantage of that and get a record deal. Not cool. But with Jamie . . . it works.

  4. He's one of a kind. How do I explain this? . . . OK. Got it. He received praise after praise for Ray. You'd expect him to be a cool collected man that has a charm very chill. He doesn't seem like the wild type anymore, since he played such a hard role. But, then again, he has his music career. When "Blame It (On The Alchohol)" came out, he's singing about something you're not exactly suppose to be proud of. Getting with a girl thats drunk. But in the vid and with the song, he's doing his own thing and having fun, moving far from the element of serious like you would expect him to be because he was in "Ray." Get what I'm saying? No? Yes? Sigh . . . I tried.

  5. At first, I didn't know he sung "Blame It." I thought it was Ron Browz, since there is a whole lot of autotune in this song. But when I found out it WAS him, I was a bit turned off, because I didn't think he would sing something about . . . what the song is about and plus, he ususally does not use autotune. Thats for the ones who really can't sing! (Sorry Kanye.) But, then, the song started to warm up to me. Andn ow, til this day, I cannot remove it off my iPod. Its like I'm breaking a law. I seriously love that jam.

  6. HE PUT HIS SISTER IN THE VID! How sweet? She's the thick girl with the ponytail? I believe she had down syndrome. Gosh, what a sweetie!

  7. He asked his 14-year-old daughter to help pick the songs on his new album. Awesome. Girl has got taste!

  8. He is fine as hell.

  9. He has a charm that seriously is so approachable.

In conclusion, I adore Jamie Foxx. Seriously. He's a keeper!

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