Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Ad♥re Thee: Melanie Fiona

As a singer myself, its key to have someone influence you; to give you a strive. Especially when they are up and coming and you feel as if though you have other inspirations, they're getting old. I feel that way all the time. So this is why I seek to find something to challenge/inspire me. And my new person is Melanie Fiona.

I was on Perez Hilton, surfing through the latest gossip, when I came to his post on Melanie. He was praising her music, and the player was right htere, so by curiousity, I played it. In that nanosecond, I was hooked AND inspired. her voice has a raspiness to it that is so pure and beautiful! It's what makes her voice so unique! The beat of the song, which captured me in a quickness, brought a smile to my face, due to the fact that I do love music that has the influence of the 60's and 70's. The words had me hypnotized. "Ok, ok. He's got my number and/you can't you can't warn me baby, here I am/either you make the time/or just forget me..." The song is basically about getting hers when she wants it. And if it's not given to her right, then she doesn't want it at all. Come on ladies. What an anthem, huh?

But her song, "Give It To Me Right" is not her only triumph or ode to her listeners. You've got "Ay Yo," which is for the doubters and non-believers. Then there's "Somebody Come Get Me," which is possibly my favorite record by her, just cuz she's touching her West Indian roots with a nice reggae beat and words oh so tough. Its for the women who have those cheating men who think they can get away with having a female on the side. Revenge. Then you have, "It Kills Me," which is so beautifully sung and so sultry. It warms my heart. I feel her sadness and desperate plea to be loved. "Should I grab his cell/call this chick up/start some sh*t/then hang up/or should I be a lady, ooh maybe/cuz I wanna have his babies/I don't wanna be alone/I don't need to be on my own/And I love this man/but some thing I just can't stand."

The best part is to find that she writes/co-writes her songs. To think all of this comes from such a beautiful mind. Its amazing and refreshing.

So I fully applaud Melanie, who is opening up for Kanye. APPLAUSE!

TIDBIT: I wish she came out with a mixtape!

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