Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'm In Love With Her! Sorry.

I have to keep reminding you all that I do have the biggest crush on Katy Perry. I must see her in concert. I must have a fullblown conversation with her based on unicorns, the economy, and lawn mowing. She must kiss me. Its a necessity. She has to give me make-up tips, daily quotes of her own that I can live by, and of course a souvenir to admire for the rest of my days on Earth. This woman is absolutely kick ass. And I swear, if I don't get any of the above, I will not die happy.

Enjoy her new music video, "Waking Up in Vegas." IDK if this is her new single, but I absolutisly lurve this record. Just as much as I absolutisly lurve her. Gosh this video is so rad. Fuckin' A!

TIDBIT: Can you believe it? She and Travie got back together! YAY! Secretly I am jealous of him, but YAY! Actually, I'm jealous of them both because they get to tap each other. If I could find a man like Travie or a woman like Katy (if I were either bisexual, lesbian or very experimental), then I would have no conscienceness of the word "BOREDOM," or "DULL."

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