Saturday, May 23, 2009


Alright alright alright.

I didn't actually MEET him.

We didn't sit down in Sarbucks with lattes in our hands and talked about our days out in the midst of my home, Brooklyn. We didn't go shopping, and he didn't take me to go see my secret lover (he still doesn't know) Katy Perry.

But I will be honest and frank when I say I was two feet away and counting from Travis "Travie" McCoy.

So here I am with my sisters and my little cousins. We had just come from seeing "Night At The Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian," (review coming!) and now it was time to shop! Today was sort of hot but you could still feel a beautiful breeze. So there's this whole strip thats called the Fulton Mall (its actually Fulton Street but since there are so many shops down this strip, they just call it a mall) and we were window shopping since we were all broke, and my sister was trying to find shoes for my little six-year-old cousin, Jonathan. So, we're crossing the street and we stop by a shoe store. When we come back out, I'm sipping on my water when I turn to the right and see this reallly tall dude standing there with a buddy.

He's tall. Oh yea. Tall.

I stare at him for a while, because he just has so many tattoos all over his body. His arms, his neck . . . so I look at his face and I say to my little miss sis, Shani, "Woooow, bro looks like Travie." So she turns and sees him. So she says, "oh wow! He does." Then we spend a good two minutes observing him silently. Then we just instantly stare at each other and shout, "IT'S HIM!" My older sister finally gets in on it and she is just as siked. So we are in awe! Travie? In the Fulton Mall? NO CELEB IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD COME TO THIS STRIP! It's type lame, but, it'll do if you really need to go shopping.

So he starts to walk away, and we refuse to miss this opportunity. So what do you think we do?

We follow him.

For about 20 minutes of our time.

Our older sister got tired of being an amateur stalker and decided to go to Payless, but Shani and I needed to know this was real, so we followed him, dammit.

I phoned up Latoya, who was at school which was just three blocks down, right at the exit of the Fulton Mall. She is trying to calm me down on the phone while she hauls ass to get to where I am!

So Travie goes into a sneaker store and I'm just admiring him from afar, like the crazed fan that I am. Latoya kept telling me to go talk to him. I was so tempted to! but Shani kept pulling me back and saying no. So I stopped. Then Latoya said I should and Shani said I shouldn't . . . grrrr! You can imagine how much pain I was going through. He was just a few feet away!

So I'm waiting for Latoya to catch up to us when he walks out with his buddy.

So Shani and I are on the case. We're on their trail.

But listen. Travie can walk. Speed of light. If he weren't so tall that his head pops up above all of the pedestrians, I would have lost him in a millisecond. So as I'm on the phone with Latoya, telling her where he's walking, he starts walking really fast! To a point where Shani says the words I didn't want to hear: "Bitch, he's gone."

Sigh. Latoya caught up to us a minute after we lost him. Poor girl. She was out of breath. She partially blames me for not using the speed of light that she claims I have to catch him. I don't blame her. Seriously, I should have hauled as much ass as I could.

But, you know what? Being that close to him, knowing it WAS him (to prove it, I saw his tattoos on his neck and his surgery-stretched ear piercing) and knowing that a celeb was in Brooklyn's Fulton Mall has just given me so much hope to spot another celeb.

I mean, I live in NYC for goodness sake.
Possibilities are endless, sweethearts.
Until my next journey . . .


Rachelle said...

u lucky son of gun! CYN wtf wer eu thinking?! if it were me i would have jumped on him and proceeded to hump and drool. i hate u. i love him.

Cee Frizzle said...

LOL! I know! Til this day I feel like a total douchebaggette. That was an amazing opportinuty right in front of me.

Hate me.

I deserve it. :-(

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