Friday, May 1, 2009

Man Candy #3: Jamie Foxx

Who would have thought? I certainly didn't.

Why on Earth is Jamie Foxx one of my Man Candies?

  1. He is funny. Seriously, he knows how to make you laugh! And he doesn't try too hard, which is a great thing. Its like its natural.

  2. He can act his ass off. Oh, man. I was about 14 when "Ray" came out, and I, at that age, felt that Jamie COULD NOT pull it off, because I was an avid viewer of "The Jamie Foxx Show." I mean, gee, he was a comedian, not an actor (I was 14 and naive. Of course he was an actor. A funny one!) so why was he portraying one of the most musically gifted soul singers out there? It just wasn't right! Well, I watched the movie and I bit that naive tongue of mine. I cried. That was a great film. He also did great in "Dreamgirls." How he portrayed Curtis . . . a guy that was good but had fame bite him hard in the ass . . . he's great.

  3. He can sing, too! I didn't even know that he won a grammy for his last album! Now, I'm gonna go check these songs out, because I have a big pet peeve with actors turned singers cuz they got the chance to portray their musical talent in a film. Now all of a sudden, they take advantage of that and get a record deal. Not cool. But with Jamie . . . it works.

  4. He's one of a kind. How do I explain this? . . . OK. Got it. He received praise after praise for Ray. You'd expect him to be a cool collected man that has a charm very chill. He doesn't seem like the wild type anymore, since he played such a hard role. But, then again, he has his music career. When "Blame It (On The Alchohol)" came out, he's singing about something you're not exactly suppose to be proud of. Getting with a girl thats drunk. But in the vid and with the song, he's doing his own thing and having fun, moving far from the element of serious like you would expect him to be because he was in "Ray." Get what I'm saying? No? Yes? Sigh . . . I tried.

  5. At first, I didn't know he sung "Blame It." I thought it was Ron Browz, since there is a whole lot of autotune in this song. But when I found out it WAS him, I was a bit turned off, because I didn't think he would sing something about . . . what the song is about and plus, he ususally does not use autotune. Thats for the ones who really can't sing! (Sorry Kanye.) But, then, the song started to warm up to me. Andn ow, til this day, I cannot remove it off my iPod. Its like I'm breaking a law. I seriously love that jam.

  6. HE PUT HIS SISTER IN THE VID! How sweet? She's the thick girl with the ponytail? I believe she had down syndrome. Gosh, what a sweetie!

  7. He asked his 14-year-old daughter to help pick the songs on his new album. Awesome. Girl has got taste!

  8. He is fine as hell.

  9. He has a charm that seriously is so approachable.

In conclusion, I adore Jamie Foxx. Seriously. He's a keeper!


FlowerChild said...

And did you know the man is gonna turn 43 this year. Owwwww. He's hawwwt. Anywhooooo, I was watching Bait and Booty Call the other day and I was telling my SO that it's such a surprise that he turned out to be such a gooood actor and singer because the roles he used to take would NOT give you the impression that he was good at ANYTHING!

Cee Frizzle said...

I know, right?!

I wish I didn't miss the episode of him on Tyra Banks show, cuz I heard it was a great episode. I lurve my Foxx.

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