Thursday, May 28, 2009

Man Candy #4: Michael Cera

Sigh. Are you seriously surprised that he's part of my Man Candy bunch? I can talk for decades about Michael Cera. But that wouldn't be fair to you guys because you'll be wondering when I'm gonna STFU.

See, I have this huge thing for nerds. Sarcastic, funny, look-a-like-book-smart-but-actually-just-misunderstood nerds. I forgot who is started with, but I really love guys like these, because they think no one notices them or cares, but I swear if I ever met a guy like this, I would give him the attention he would love to receive. UGH! I JUST LOVE NERDS!

Michael Cera fits my type of guy like a condom (LOL! I made a lame funny). He's adorable as fxck, funny as all hell, sweet as sugar and talented like all. He makes me jittery when I see his face or hear his voice. Seriously. If he were right by me . . . I would seriously ask him to marry me. In an instant.

I cannot wait to see "Year One." The trailer already has me bugging. Imagine me in the theatres.

Michael, I am ALL YOURS!


Rachelle said...

i love him. hes sooo freaking adorable

Mymou said...

ooo my goood he is so cute on that one!!
and I can understand youu he really looks like a guy who need some attention from a loving person!!

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