Monday, May 18, 2009

Oh, Romeo how you've grown!

Do you see those . . . !

And his coy smile is just so . . . !

Ohmygahness ♥.

So Scrumptious.
Where for art thou, Romeo??!!!


Selah said...

DAMN he looks good here... but I go to school with him (USC) ... and trust me... he looks like a normal, short, skinny dude on the regular.... it's amazing what photographers can do LMAO

Cee Frizzle said...

Wait wait wait wait wait. How short is he?! Please, inform me!

And what is he like? Does he have girls flocking him . . . is he a royal asshole?

JacqueRoxx said...

I don't care how short he is...he's sexay! Probably conceited though..

Rachelle said...

aw he's an adorable little teeny bopping eye candy.

Selah said...

Well.. he's short in my opinion, cuz i like em big (lol) .. about 5'10" ... and thin. not really skinny, I guess... but def not ya reggie bush type (can you tell my preference is tall and thick LOL)

.... and actually he's a pretty cool dude... girls flock to him, but it's cuz he's got charisma. He seems down to earth

HOWEVER I dont hang out with him soooooooooo I can only tell you wat i see from seein him round campus, at the parties and at the games, during the season. ... i'm just laughin at the pics like uhmmm he doesn't look that big in real life LOL LOL

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