Sunday, May 10, 2009

peep @ Drake

My heart pounds everytime I see a picture, or a video, or hear a song that includes Drake.

I'll update this post when I get the chance. I have a final today and i am tired as all hell.


Enjoy while you wait.


UPDATE: Hey, loves! Alright, so my fianl went well. It did. It was history. I have never done well in history in all my years of living, so it was quite miraculous that I was able to go through this final pretyt well. SO!


I will not be one of those people that say, "The people that claim their Drake's biggest fans, but haven't seen him in Degrassi, aren't. They are not his fans. They dont' KNOW him. WE do! The Degrassi / Jimmy lovers do! So back up, frauds!" I believe that fans are fans, whether they've been there from the beginning or not. So, without further ado . . .

I AM ONE OF DRAKE'S BIGGEST FANS! Gosh I lurve him, truly! I'm a sucker for guys with true talent and who also exuberate intelligence. And in this interview, I really am impressed with him.

It's not often you read or hear guys talk so much truth. So its excellent to hear him speak. And his rhymes are unbelieveable. I don't liksten to hip-hop or rap very much. But you will find Drake splattered all IN my mp3.

He's an amazing actor. I seriously want to act with him one day. That would be a great honor. I hope he stars in some films soon. He deserves it. He can really sing. His voice isn't exactly Usher, but he's got a suave flow to it, like he's chill. And he can spit acid! Gosh he can rhymeeeeee! I cannot stress it enough! I end up sitting down and really paying attention to the words he strives to scream at you, and I get chills cuz the words he finds . . . genius. Fuckin' A.

OK. No more talk. You already know.

But, erm . . . Drake pwnes. Deadass.


Mary said...

..... So.. damn... good looking.... damn... damn...

Good luck with your final!

but daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn.

Rachelle said...

i love him

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