Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Drake is Finally Signed!

You know what I really love about him? He acts the same way he acted when he was younger getting interviewed for being the kid who got shot in Degrassi. His attitude is chill. Collected. He comes off as brilliant and very knowing. He's not clueless. He's fully aware. Example? He finally signed with a label: Young Money. He was offered $2 Million with Atlantic, but he turned it down. Next thing, Lil' Wayne offered him two times that with $4 million. Drake took it. We all thought he was signed with young money but he wasn't. He rolled with them but he didn't take their offer just yet because Young Money is somewhat affiliated with Cash Money and Cash Money has one hell of a reputation for jacking the money from their artists and playing them dirty. He's fully aware! He's holding the reigns on his career. . No One Else. Like . . . if you can find something wrong about him that is truly argueable, then hit me with it. But I will probably have a great excuse as to why he's great and he can do no wrong. Cuz as of right now, he's the first up-and-coming artist to earn THAT MUCH for a record deal...

UGHHH his brilliance astounds me.

Teyana's New Hair Dew

Can you see the cut she did in the back?! Click to see a larger version, but its pretty clever. Even though people won't be able to see it if she leaves her hair out, since she has long locks. But interesting cut nonetheless.

And seriously I cannot hate this girl. I'm not one for tomboy-fem-chic looks but I just love hers. She makes it work! Ughhh Tee! You're good to go girl. And this cornrowhawk is fabbsss!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Momma's Gotta Understand.

I am very happy.

My mother has finally accepted the natural hair transitioning thing.

Remember when I showed you the pics of my newly shorter (by an inch) hair and my mom said she wouldn't let me cut it because she thought I would hate it, even though I effin' love it?

Well, look who's supporting me now suckazzz?

Ever since I started reading up on my hair, she noticed something. That I was becoming obsessed with being natural. I would tell her about conditioners and no shampooing and rarely combing my hair and all that jazz and she was getting tired of it. I came home every week with a new conditioner, new hair product, new oils . . . she told me that I would lose my hair. She told me that my hair isn't everything. She told me that my hair was just fine before "all of this," and that she doesn't know what made me want to be so focused on my hair. I would go to bed late doing twists and cornrows and she hated that. She hated that I had become to enthralled with my hair!

You can imagine how she felt when I wanted to cut it. She thought I went crazy. She started yelling, "Cynthia, that's enough. No. I won't let you. I don't know whats going on, your hair is fine. Look (she started picking at it). See? See? Its fine! You don't need to cut it! Stop with this nonsense!"

Well, a few days ago, after I cut my hair, I decided to attempt the wash-n-go, or in my case, co-wash-n-go. So an hour before I went to go take a shower for my summer class, I used my new VO5 Milk Conditioners, some honey and olive oil, blended it into my hair, put a shower cap on and after, I put my hair wrap over it, then an hour later I rinsed it out in the shower. Then, all I did was shake it, moisturized it with my own concoction of Aloe Vera oil, boiled water and my Organix Coconut Milk leave in moisturizer, sprayed all that into my hair and just left the house. My curls and kinks and coils came out nicely, and when she saw it, she couldn't speak. OK, I'm totally lying. She spoke. She said:

"T-Tia (nickname!), your hair looks so nice! Its so black and shiny . . . oooooh, look at the curls! It looks so niiiiiice!" I told her what I did and she just smiled and kept looking at my hair.

So two days later, I ran out of shampoo and I asked her if she could buy me some when she went out to go to the bank. So when she came back, she did the sweetest thing: She bought me Garnier Fructis shampoo, conditioner and this leave in moisturizer. I said, "Mom whats all this? I just asked for shampoo." She said, "Well, I saw how nice your hair came out the other day. And I was reading the label and it says its a leave in moisturizer so when you get out of the shower, just put this in your hair when its wet and there you go. And you're always talking about moisturizers and conditioners and stuff, so . . ."

I gave her the biggest hug EVA! Yep. Disney Channel Original Movie corny. I know. But it really did mean a lot. It wasn't easy having your mother bark at you for wanting to try something and all that. So I was glad she finally gave in. Now everytime i do my co-wash-n-goes, she looks at it before I leave to see if I did the right procedures.

TIDBIT: Result of co-wash-n-go at the right corner under my music player. That little bow is just a cut up leg from my little miss sis's pantyhose.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Christina trying to be Rogue now?

OK! I get the game. Alright, so if I bleach my skin blue, get all scaly, dye my hair red and walk around nude, I can be Mystique.

Got it. Thanks for the inspiration, Christina.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Man Candy #5: Mehcad Brooks

In all that is holy . . . hallelujah. Geeez. I get so hot in between the legs just looking at him. If you don't watch True Blood, a) You better have a good excuse. I'm talking GREAT. Cuz there really should be no reason as to why you are missing out on such a great show; b) You are missing out on some great drama, lemme tell ya; & c) YOU DON'T GET TO SEE SEXY ASS MEHCAD BROOKS! Ughhhh I cannot stress enough how gorgeous this guy is.

First episode I saw him, I just went "Whoa . . ." and I paused my TV (DVR, beeyotch.) cuz I wanted to examine his face . . . he was in "Desperate Housewives" and I definitely remember him in an episode of "One on One." He was even in "The Game," which I don't watch. But gosh is he gorgeous.

His head is kinda small. KINDA. And he does have big ears. But he has this beautiful chocolate skin . . . and his arms are so muscular with a chest so broad . . . and his voice is deep and hypnotizing . . . and his lips. Oooooh do not get me started! TOO LATE! Those lips are so gorgeous! He has those . . . lips. You know what I mean. Those "eating" lips. Wink wink. Those lips that will have us singing to God . . . have us bragging . . . have us screaming "YES!" Ok, sigh. Think of a cat. A . . . PUSSYcat. PUSSYCAT! Seriously, guys I will not go any further with hints so if you can't catch what I'm saying . . . O.O;

When he (Eggs, who Mehcad plays on True Blood) kissed Tara in the season premiere of TB, I threw the raisins I was snacking on, at the TV. It was amazing. I rewound that scene 10 times. It was so effin' sexy. Gosh, Mehcad. TAKE ME NOW!

Doesn't he look like he can please you in every way you want?!

TIDBIT: Forgive her strong southern accent. This show does take place in the South, ya'll

My Take on Michael's Death (1958-2009)

I was in my best friend, Keva's, car when we heard the news. And I sat there in the passenger's seat a bit perplexed because it was hard to even let that amount of information ring my ears. Michael Jackson? Passed? At the age of 50? Whoa, buddy.

It was shocking. I mean, its not like Farah Fawcett, who we predicted would pass due to her illness. When I pictured Michael Jackson passing, I would be forty five with three children and an amazing husband, living in a penthouse somewhere in NYC with an amazing profession. He would have passed with age. But not because he's been taking the wrong prescripted pills. Hm? Seriously?

I'm not gonna front. I am not a die hard Michael fan. Yes, I listened to his music, but you wouldn't have seen it in my iPod. I wouldn't have gone psycho to go to his tour. I didn't practice his dance moves in my entertainment room when I was yay big. But I have respect for him. And that's because of one person.

In grade school, we had this music teacher. His name was Mr. Chericho. And by God, he was an amazing man. I remember he made sure we finished our music lesson quick enough to at least have 10-15 minutes left over of class just so he can play some Michael on his piano, or bust out the record player and have us move our desks to the sides so we would have room to dance around. He made us watch "Thriller" over and over again. I can give you the play by play of that music video in my sleep. Mr. Chericho idolized Michael Jackson, and it was through Mr. Chericho that I heard the amazing sounds that Michael created.

Mr. Chericho had to retire when I was in 4th grade, due to the fact that he had a stroke. We didn't have music classes until I got to 7th grade, because they couldn't find anyone to fill Mr. Chericho's shoes. He visited once and I remember we payed a great tribute to him. We missed him so much! And he still looked the same! He never yelled at us, because there was no reason. We paid so much respect to him. He was our homie. Our top amigo. When he left, things got dull. And if you don't believe everything I'm saying now, then chop your balls off because I am excruciatingly serious.

When I see Michael, I see Mr. Chericho. And thats my real hero. Sorry to say it. It's a terrible loss. Micahel Jackson was not only a musical legend, he was a fashion legend, too. Do NOT forget that. The gloves, the white socks, the red leather jacket, the Jerri Curl (Which I can say only looked perfect on him) . . . he started trends. Musically and fashionably. But Mr. Chericho really opened those Michael doors for me.

James Brown: Dec 25th. Aaliyah: August 25th. Left Eye: April 25th. Michael Jackson: June 25th. How Random is that?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Obama Swatting the Fly: FOOTAGE!

Hahahahaa! I couldn't help but laugh. That was uber funny. Tee heee! "Got the sucker . . ." Oh, barack. You slay me, baby. Got his judo chop moves going. Now you see me, HA! Now you don't.

PETA, you dumb bootays. Making a big deal out of this.

A Transformers Camera

EEEEEK! I want! I need! I play! I take pictures! I give you evil grin and laugh like this:


I'm done.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Mel B's a sex bomb!

GOSH! Mel. B. makes me feel like a fat ass. A true true fat ass that is stuffing her face with carbs and transfats and all that greasy shit.

Alice In Wonderland pics: Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway . . .

I hope you guys aren't late in the news that Tim Burton, the genius behind "A Nightmare Before Christmas," "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," "Edward Scissorhands," and so much more, is recreating "Alice in Wonderland." And you already know how twisted Tim Burton is. So picture him recreating this child masterpiece into something so dark. So sinister. So wretched. So . . . beautiful.
And . . . he's picked an amazing line-up! Let's start.

Mad Hatter
Awesome, huh? A Tim Burton film without Johnny Depp isn't right. I mean, he's done it many times, but . . . sigh. You can't not love Johnny Depp, now can ya? I know that the Mad Hatter is just beyond quirky and exquisite. So, Johnny will pull this off.

The Red Queen
IT'S OK! Yes, her head is larger than it should be! Yes, it looks like it will fall off. Yes, it scares me! But its just digital effect, Home skillets. Gosh how excited was I to find out that she was in this film, too! OK, A Tim Burton film without Johnny Depp and his wife, Helena Bonham Carter isn't right also! Seriously, guys. It's not! Hello! "Sweeney Todd," anyone?!!!


The White Queen
I would have never thought, but here she is! And I like it! I'm a fan of Anne. She's has this old glamour look thats stunning. She's a rare beauty. And I really want to see how she does in this film, because she's established herself as an amazing actress so KUDOS!

Tweedledee and Tweedledum
I LURVE HIM! Omigahssshhh he is so effin' funny. Have you guys see "Little Miss Britain?" If not, wtf. Go watch it. Its hilarious and he cracks me up. So very very very excited am I that he is playing the twins. He will surely bring the laughs.

CAN'T WAITTTT! Comes out March of 2010.

Friday, June 19, 2009

xoxo, GOSSiP GiRL: Good & Bad News

OK, which one do you want first?

Alrighty, guess I'll decide for you. Bad news first, my loves.

Turns out the wonderful actress who plays the greatest beeyotch-with-a-heart, Leighton Meester, might have a SEX TAPE! Say it ain't so! Woe is me! Holy moly ravioli! Cough. Yeah, so I'm really hoping that its not her. I am. But it unfortunately is. Its not a recent sex tape. It was when she was younger, like a good 3 or 4 years prior? But why do you people do this to yourself? Is it exciting?! Really, I gotta make a future post about this. I swear!

GOOD NEWS! BUM BA DA BUUUUUUM! Sound the trumpets ehhh . . .

Taylor Momsen who plays our adorable turned skanky but oh so fab Jenny Humphrey, has a band and its pretty recklessly amazing. Haaa cuz thats their band name. The Pretty Reckless. And seriously, they are gooooood, home skillets! No front. She's only 16, but she looks 19ish. What am I saying again? RIGHT! So she has a band and its The Pretty Reckless and I already said all this . . . . huh?! Whats wrong with me?! GR! Anywho! Videos, yes! There are youtube vids I have posted for you guys to see cuz I want your opinion on her music. They're signed with Interscope Records and its said that their album is much anticipated. Wowza, Jen!

Forgot to mention, she wrote the damn record. This girl is a star. She's a style icon (say what you want. She's on the most fashionable show on television and everytime she walks out, she's on a fashion blog. So shaddap), she's a child star (Watched "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas"? She's Cindy Lou Hou . . . IDK how to spell the name), and she's a singer! STAR!

TIDBIT: Though I find Taylor fierce and all, I do miss her old style. Chic and adorably gorgeous. Its taken me a while to get used to the paley, chopped up hair and punk rock look she's in for. Eh. Oh well.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Smokers Make Way Into Our Hearts, no?

Barack Hussein Obama [ ♥♥♥♥ ]

Seth Rogen & James Franco [ ♥♥♥ & ♥♥ ]

Kid Cudi [ ♥♥ ]

Enough said.
I leave the rest in your hands.

Rihanna is Mucho Fierce

I hope Rihanna comes out with a fashion line. I'm sooo serious, folks. This is no joke, if you think I'm joking. I mean, she can do it! Any famous celebrity can. I hear Vivica A. Fox is coming out with a clothing line. Why? CUZ SHE CAN! Derrrrr!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Dear God,

My love. My sweet savior. The creator of all that is beautiful. Why, sir? Why? What did I do? I didn't do anything to deserve this. Actually, you know what, I take that back because I have been naughty a doozy, you know? But still. STILL! We are destined by your rule. You have lined up our futures. So why did you have my future lined up to see this foolery?! God, why? I think I have been traumatized by man breasts, attempts at being sexy, and absolute turn offed-ness. I feel robbed of my innocence though I am still innocent. Please tell me when I see you in the far far far far far x300 far future. Because I will never understand why you did THIS to me.

That'll be all.

Stay Sweet,

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Answer on How to Get A Man

I recommend this book to any woman who either:

a) Has problems keeping a man.

b) Wants a man but can't find one

c) Doesn't understand guys PERIOD.

Why do I recommend this book?

Because its pretty much the truth. Steve Harvey literally has blessed us with such a book. I had one mindset before I read this book. After reading it, my mindset has changed. For all the times I thought men were complicated; for all the times I thought guys just didn't like "MY TYPE," for all the times I thought I would never have a boyfriend; for all the times I thought guys should all move to Mars because they cause so much trouble . . . this book has given me the answer.

I used to dislike men greatly before this book. Now? I can enjoy them.

Seriously, read this book. I promise you, you will love it. I couldn't put it down!

And after that, get a man, cuz you will definitely know how!

TIDBIT: Someone sent me a PDF file of the book, so if you want it, just e-mail me and you will have it in a jiffy! Shhh just don't tell anyone I sent it to you!

E-Mail: icecold404@aol.com (Don't ask lol)

Drake's Leading Lady . . .

In his "Best I Ever Had" video.

Her name is Sophie Marie.

She looks like a fugly slut.

Yes, I said it.

And I ain't takin' it back, either.

Sniff sniff :-(

Its not fair . . .

Monday, June 15, 2009

New Chopped Hair [Pics Inside]


I kid, I kid.

Its all still there. I just cut it by an inch.

And no, I'm not following Cassie! Ew.

But yeah, I remember telling you all that I was gonna cut my hair. And I finally did it. See, I waan't going to only because when I told my mother, she said no automatically, thinking that I would hate my haircut after I went through with it. I told her that I had a great face and I knew how to work my tresses but she did that thing.

You know, that horrid thing mothers do. The guilt trip.

Mom: OK, well, fine. Get your hair cut. Then next thing you know you come to me crying saying you hate your hair and that you should have listened to me because now you don't have a clue on how to do it anymore and then you're going to feel ugly and will go crazy . . . but you do what you feel is right. Go ahead. Cut your hair. You have my support.

And it worked. I won't cut my hair OD like I was planning. But that didn't mean I didn't want to cut my hair period. So I came home from hanging out with my besties, Keva, Annie & Christina after a trip to IHOP and cruising in Keva's car with loud music, and I walked to the mirror and stared. Just stared. Tilting my head left and right, picking at it, teasing it with a comb. Next thing I knew, I was grabbing for the scissors and CUT!

More cutting.

GASP! Some more cutting. They kept falling into the sink!

And I cut some more til . . .

An inch was gone.

And I love it. I did it without my mom knowing and it feels great. It looks amazing too, might I add. It feels fuller and bouncier and just . . . gahhh I feel great only because i know most of my bad ends are gone and I won't have to feel self conscience if people can notice the permanetly straight ends.

Best part is, my mom didn't notice, even though its sort of noticeable. But I ended up telling her, due to the frustration that she DIDN'T notice I went behind her back and cut an inch or two of my hair. Booo!

So after Friday, I have decided that I wouldn't and will not cut my hair for 3 months. Not even to trim a damaged end. I wanna see how it progresses. SO BARE WITH ME, FUGLY SLUTS! Love you.

TIDBIT: When I looked at the sink and saw my hair was in there, I almost screamed because I worked so hard to grow it out. It was getting long. And I do miss my huge puffs. Majorly. The back of my hair had reached past my shoulders! I was excited, til I realized it looked like I was growing a mullet because only the back was growing down, while the rest of my hair was growing out, you know? So I closed my eyes and just cut the back. And when I opened my eyes, it was back to the middle of my neck. Sigh . . . but, lets see three months from now! Heller!

Kesh vs. Cassie & Diddy

OMG I am loving this. I AM LOVING THIS!

So, you know that whole LaLa hair cut thingy? Well . . . my fave designer / DJ, Kesh, got into the fight! She's defending her and the other originals who really started this shizzot. Diddy and Cassie get into it. LOVES! Via TWITTER.

@iamdiddy come on!!!! @cassieventura didn't start that shaved head shit. We BEEN doing that in london for over a YEAR. Sigh. about 16 hours ago
@keshandkitty ok u started it. Sorry. Lol. about 16 hours ago
[Blah blah blah, eat chicken wings . . . in walks Cassie]
Shaving 1 side of ur head dnt make u a rock star. Being a successful rock & roll musician makes u a fuckin rock star. about 16 hours ago [THANK YOU! What did I tell you guys before? Oh boy that comment made me cheese]
@keshandkitty chill baby girl. We know you the shit ! about 16 hours ago
@iamdiddy :) thanks love. Xxxxx about 15 hours ago
Ok I'm calm now. I love all of u who know. No disrespect to cassie or the lala woman but we aint lettin the underground get played. Yeaaahh. about 15 hours ago
Not sure who @keshandkitty is, but she seems pretty upset, I'm getting RTs of her messages.... Send her some love. about 15 hours ago [How can you not know Kesh? Douchebaggette.]
@cassieventura its all gd was jst takin credit for the hairstyle tht me & otha girls hav had for ages before u claimed it. Thx 4 the love :) about 14 hours ago
@keshandkitty no prob. Anytime :) about 14 hours ago
SEE. No beef between me & @cassieventura. Just straight honesty and <3.>.

Not to be an instigator, but I really wish some real beef started, just so I can see Cassie and Diddy get played by the wonderous Kesh.

Cuz Cassie needs some reassurance. Needs to get off that high horse.

Here Comes LaLa, Shaving Her Head, too.

Like . . . I get it. You're trying to be original.

But copying someone else doesn't make you original. Just makes you a copycat, kiddo.

But seriously, let me stop myself because what if she really just wanted to switch it up a bit? I mean look how many people decided to chop their locks off because Rihanna did in the beginning? Now, people are just . . . sigh . . . doing this shit.


Nevermind I take it back. Copycat.

TIDBIT: LaLa's cut does look nicer than Cassie's. And its more versatile . . . eh OK LaLa. This cut isn't an epic fail like Ms. Can't-Croon-A-Tune over there.

UPDATE: I'm sorry. IDK why they keep doing this . . . this is what LaLa tweeted:

"Cassie started the "MOVEMENT" i did
the "LA LA REMIX"..lol..who will be next..? feels good to let go!!"

LET GO OF WHAT?! Why do brauds think that when they cut their hair, its like they are changing the orbit of the Sun? Not even close, sweetheart! And why make it seem as if Cassie is the starter of something amazing? Something epic? She looks like a fool! What kind of movement is that?! Ugh I'm sorry this upsets me so much but it does!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Napolean Perdis for Target : MAKE-UP!

Never heard of him, but this palette is so gorge and inspired by denim. Its said to compliment any girl that is wearing denim while wearing these eyeshadow shades. I can't wait to purchase it. That's one thing I can't get enough of. Make up. Sigh . . . .

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Drake & Rihanna: Pissing Me Off!

OK so, word on the boulevard is that Drake and Rihanna really are going out. I've been trying oh so hard not to believe this rumor because I become a squealy little bitch when I hear Drake's name or hear a new song of his or read a new interview where someone praises him because he seriously deserves it.

But, you know what? Even if it is true, its OK because I do adore Rihanna to the T. But here's what is upsetting me.

I got this information from YBF.com (Young, Black and Fabulous), and I was looking through the comments and I got really heated. Hm, why? Because left and right I read shiizzot like, "Rihanna didn't upgrade, she downgraded."

"Drake is so ugly!"

"He is so over rated and over hyped."

"How does Rihanna go from Chris to Drake?!"

"Chris is probably laughing like, 'She left me for him?'"

"Rihanna is playing us. She wouldn't go for something like that."

Stop the carriage ride and get me off the damn horse. Are you kidding me? Sigh. Time to educate. OK class, take out your notebooks and jot this down: HOW DO YOU SOUND RIGHT NOW?! Drake is not ugly. He has an adorable quality in him (OK, maybe I'm saying all this because I am a girl that does not focus on looks as much as what intentions the guy has. I'm very serious when I say this. I've gone for guys who you wouldn't really look twice at, but whose minds and hearts I've fallen in love with). OK, these are opinions, I respect that. But they come off so haughty, unnecessary and uneducated . . . how can someone say that Rihanna downgraded? Chris Brown is now officially labelled as an abuser. Drake on the other hand is writing songs / raps and is making his way to the top. He doesn't feed into this bullcrap. How does Rihanna go from Chris to Drake? Easy. Chris is an asshole, Drake is a certified genius. I don't see the mix up there, do you? He may be in everyone's mouths but you can't say thats not impressive. He did this all in a short few months and not with publicity stunts but with his head. He writes hit making rhymes after hit making rhymes! He sings, acts and raps! Are you effin' kidding me?! Chris Brown can pull you in with his voice, grind his ass away and then slap you up a bit. Record labels are battling it out to sign Drake. And when he signs with that label he will get cash money upon cash money. He put his mixtape online and in two days he got more than 50,000+ downloads. HUH?! And thats a downgrade? Chris Brown's laughing? Rihanna wouldn't go for that?!

I'm telling you, some people have no sense. Rihanna can go for that because THAT is someone worth going for. I don't know Drake personally, but from the interviews, his music and what I've seen since I was a young girl watching Degrassi, he's almost the best the music industry's ever had.

(Wo)man Candy #2: Megan Fox

"Who's your first (Wo)man Candy, Cee Frizzle?"

I speak about Katy Perry all the time of every second of everyday, so you already know she holds numero unooo.

So yes, I went there and I am not hitting reverse. There is a (Wo)man Candy edition, because I have to show love to females! And no these aren't females that I am in love with because I am no lesbo or bi or experimental individual, but these are females that I admire and look out for (in the media, that is).

So, Megan. Megan to the Fox. Which she is. Its funny, I never really liked her. See, the thing with Megan is that she looks like she was born a porn star. She just oozes sex(y). And I was reading an interview where she says that men find it sexy when she's eating chicken. And its not even her trying to be sexy--she's just muchin' on chicken. Which is fun. To be seen as the hottest girl in the US while eating chicken, and she doesn't even mean to be. But once you look, she's really gorgeous--cuz most porn stars are so fake and icky . . . I wouldn't want to touch one. Or even get close to one--with these icy blue eyes and this gorgeous jet black hair. Plus hot bod. And another thing, her attitude is bad ass. She takes shit from No One. Absolutely no one. I enjoy reading her takes on certain things. Entertainment in a few words max. Great stuff.

Soooo Megan you are #2. You may be Maxim's #1 hottest girl, but in my book, you're only number 2 . . .

Movie Casting Alert; They're making a Lara Croft origins film from when she's younger and guess who might be the winner of this role? That porn star beauty above.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Top 10 Amazing Legs

Thats the first thing I notice about a female when she already has an amazing body: how do her legs look? See, depending on the female's shape, you can always get away with a lot if you've got amazing legs and you flaunt them. Even men see it that way. They love a woman with gorgeous legs! Who doesn't?

But what you see as gorgeous might be too skinny for me. For exactly, Naomi Campbell. Yah, she's got nice legs, but they're too skinny for me. I like to see legs that are thick. Yes. Thick legs. If they've got muscle definition, thats a kudos. SO lets get with it, shall we?

#10: Amerie

I was about to forget about Amerie. Thankfully I just finished watching her new video. She does have great legs. They aren't the thickest of the batch, but she's got it, right? I could settle for legs like hers.
#09: Fefe Dobson

Look at those legs. Thick and beautiful. Not a scratch in sight! My legs are sorta kinda imprinted with little childhood mishaps that includes me falling on the concrete a few times while playing tag, but Fefe's are just plain gorge.

#08: Ladies of "Electrik Red"

All of them. ALL OF THEM HAVE THICK BEAUTIFUL LEGS! I was reading up on them one day and I think that all of them had some dance background in them so that makes mucho sense, does it not?

#07: Amanda Bynes

She's the only white female on this list, and I am very impressed with her legs. I am one of her biggest fans, and I never noticed how nice her legs were till she came to an award show with this mini dress. I was shocked. Those are beautiful legs. And they're thick, too! I wasn't the only one. If you type in 'Amanda Bynes' and 'legs', the outcome is PREPOSTEROUS!

#06: Alicia Keys

I almost broke my back trying to find a picture of Alicia Keys baring her legs. It is NOT easy, folks, since she likes to tease us. Alicia, nuh uh! Not fun! But Alicia's got those thickie stickies! You can just see how thick they are throug hthe tight jeans or pants she wears. Thats how I knew she was hiding thick legs from us. But you can't run that far, Alicia. Caught you.

#05: KESH

My fave designer slash DJ. Yes, her legs are phenomenal. Long and thick. She's got those legs, too. No wonder she loves to wear skirts and mini dresses and whatnot. Cuz her legs rock harder than the outfits she makes and the music she blasts.

#04: Rihanna

DERRRR! LOOK AT THOSE BABIES! Seriously, need I say more?!

#03: Beyonce

I don't like Beyonce. Not at all. But I adore her legs. Besides the fact that she is the model body type figure to have, I just admire her legs. I don't like her body all that much. Call me crazy, but its looks dyfunctional. Why do her abs look the way they do? Anyway, those squats she said she loves doing does her legs greatly.

#02: Ashanti

She almost took number 1. ALMOST! I have been following up on Ashanti's legs for the longest, cuz they are stunning! Thick, mami, thick! My mother adores them too. I remember the first time she saw Ashanti perform, she said, "Oh, ym God. Look at that girl's LEGS!" And how, do you ask, did she obtain those gorgeous legs? She used to run track. Yep. Back in HS. Where are my running shoes?
#01: Serena Williams

Hot mother damn mother fxcker holy shit. Yes, I had to cuss. Look at them. Sigh . . . I don't know where to start and where to end . . . Like . . . huh? Tennis can really do all THAT?! She is driving me crazy. With the snap of my fingers . . . if I can just have her figure, INCLUDING THE LEGS, LORD DON'T LEAVE THEM OUT, I would have them.

TIDBIT: There are many I should have added, Like Lady Gaga, Hayden Panettiere, Kim Kardashian, even Solange . . . but these 10 are my faves.
Anyone I forgot? Lemme know!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Singing Cherubs!

I have yet to post my review of both "Night At The Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian," and "Drag Me To Hell." DO NOT FRET! They're both coming. All in due time, puppies! But um, when I was watching NATM, there was a scene with cherubs, which are singing angels? So, since the museum came to life, those cherubs did, too. And these cherubs just would not stop singing! They sang "My Heart Will Go On," some other song that involved a rap (which was cute. Jacque, do you remember what song they rapped? I can't!), and then they sang the Jonas Brothers' "Lovebug."

Thats when my little miss sis, Shani, and I knew that the three guys that did the voices for these cherubs were none other than the Jonas Bros. themselves! So when we got home, we did some reasearch and indeed we were right. So we're checking youtube and this is what we find.
Trust me, this shite had me in knots. Its pretty funny. Nick is too adorable.

Poor Joe. Always in the corner.

Anne Frank at 80

Above is a picture of what our heroine, Anne Frank, would have looked like if she survived for her 80th birthday. When I saw this I felt sort of sad, because she was such a bright young girl with dreams of going to Hollywood and being with her one true love, Peter. And it sucks so bad that she died at the tender age of 15. It really isn't fair that someone who had so much to live for (She left behind one of the most treasured novels in history) and had so much heart had to pass away so early in life.

R.I.P. Anne Frank.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Who Are You: Jiggaboo or Wannabe

I end up loving Spike Lee's old school material. He's pretty much a genius. I was on my natural hair rampage, which means I was invested in youtube videos and websites and blogs dedicated to us naturales, and I stumbled upon this clip in Spike Lee's, "School Daze." Take a look!


A beautiful, "What the eff?" comes to chime, don't it?

Friday, June 5, 2009

This is some Pole Dancing

I know pole dancers are, like, the epitome of bad but this girl is sickular. Bad ass!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jamie and Halle get it on . . . STAGE!

Oh, Jamie! Squeeze a little tighter and it might burst!

Oh, Halle! Tug a little more and it might rip off!

Oh, . . . both of you! . . . That was some hot ass lip action. Both are lucky. Yeah, I would go lesbo for Halle. She may be overratedly sexy, but she's still sexy, you know? And you already know my love for Jamie. He's Mandy Candy #3!

TIDBIT: I am lurving Halle's pixie. I miss it greatly. She's so stunning! This woman doesn't age, I swear. She's drinking something.
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