Monday, June 15, 2009

Here Comes LaLa, Shaving Her Head, too.

Like . . . I get it. You're trying to be original.

But copying someone else doesn't make you original. Just makes you a copycat, kiddo.

But seriously, let me stop myself because what if she really just wanted to switch it up a bit? I mean look how many people decided to chop their locks off because Rihanna did in the beginning? Now, people are just . . . sigh . . . doing this shit.


Nevermind I take it back. Copycat.

TIDBIT: LaLa's cut does look nicer than Cassie's. And its more versatile . . . eh OK LaLa. This cut isn't an epic fail like Ms. Can't-Croon-A-Tune over there.

UPDATE: I'm sorry. IDK why they keep doing this . . . this is what LaLa tweeted:

"Cassie started the "MOVEMENT" i did
the "LA LA REMIX" will be next..? feels good to let go!!"

LET GO OF WHAT?! Why do brauds think that when they cut their hair, its like they are changing the orbit of the Sun? Not even close, sweetheart! And why make it seem as if Cassie is the starter of something amazing? Something epic? She looks like a fool! What kind of movement is that?! Ugh I'm sorry this upsets me so much but it does!


Christie said...

cassie is probably thinks she's a trendsetter. syke. the shaving half thing is wack. boo!!

JacqueRoxx said...

That's really stupid. Cassie is soooo unoriginal and I thought LaLa was better than this but she stoopedto a level lower than Cassie's (even though LaLa's cut looks better, the fact that she copied from Cassie makes me not like her that much)

JacqueRoxx said...

Oops another typo, that should say stooped to, with a space

Cee Frizzle said...

Its really sad that people get inspired by others who don't have enough originality to be inspirational, you know? And you get so frustrated when you see these copy cats being inspired by non-inspirers.

Did that make sense?

Rachelle said...

lmao lala's does look better but still silly on her, cuz shes grown ...with kids! at least cassie is young and stupid with no real responsibilties so she doesnt have to be mature.

uii said...

"Like a fool"
Your words are joy

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