Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jamie and Halle get it on . . . STAGE!

Oh, Jamie! Squeeze a little tighter and it might burst!

Oh, Halle! Tug a little more and it might rip off!

Oh, . . . both of you! . . . That was some hot ass lip action. Both are lucky. Yeah, I would go lesbo for Halle. She may be overratedly sexy, but she's still sexy, you know? And you already know my love for Jamie. He's Mandy Candy #3!

TIDBIT: I am lurving Halle's pixie. I miss it greatly. She's so stunning! This woman doesn't age, I swear. She's drinking something.


JacqueRoxx said...

Halle Berry does look good...she's so pretty!

I'm shocked by this kind of because she's got a baby daddy now, but oh well she's having fun!

One Eighteen said...

That really happened? lol


Rachelle said...

halle ..hot...jamies..not so much! but ilh

Mymou said...

ah ah ah ah Thse pics are kind of reaally Haaawwwwwttttt

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