Friday, June 26, 2009

My Take on Michael's Death (1958-2009)

I was in my best friend, Keva's, car when we heard the news. And I sat there in the passenger's seat a bit perplexed because it was hard to even let that amount of information ring my ears. Michael Jackson? Passed? At the age of 50? Whoa, buddy.

It was shocking. I mean, its not like Farah Fawcett, who we predicted would pass due to her illness. When I pictured Michael Jackson passing, I would be forty five with three children and an amazing husband, living in a penthouse somewhere in NYC with an amazing profession. He would have passed with age. But not because he's been taking the wrong prescripted pills. Hm? Seriously?

I'm not gonna front. I am not a die hard Michael fan. Yes, I listened to his music, but you wouldn't have seen it in my iPod. I wouldn't have gone psycho to go to his tour. I didn't practice his dance moves in my entertainment room when I was yay big. But I have respect for him. And that's because of one person.

In grade school, we had this music teacher. His name was Mr. Chericho. And by God, he was an amazing man. I remember he made sure we finished our music lesson quick enough to at least have 10-15 minutes left over of class just so he can play some Michael on his piano, or bust out the record player and have us move our desks to the sides so we would have room to dance around. He made us watch "Thriller" over and over again. I can give you the play by play of that music video in my sleep. Mr. Chericho idolized Michael Jackson, and it was through Mr. Chericho that I heard the amazing sounds that Michael created.

Mr. Chericho had to retire when I was in 4th grade, due to the fact that he had a stroke. We didn't have music classes until I got to 7th grade, because they couldn't find anyone to fill Mr. Chericho's shoes. He visited once and I remember we payed a great tribute to him. We missed him so much! And he still looked the same! He never yelled at us, because there was no reason. We paid so much respect to him. He was our homie. Our top amigo. When he left, things got dull. And if you don't believe everything I'm saying now, then chop your balls off because I am excruciatingly serious.

When I see Michael, I see Mr. Chericho. And thats my real hero. Sorry to say it. It's a terrible loss. Micahel Jackson was not only a musical legend, he was a fashion legend, too. Do NOT forget that. The gloves, the white socks, the red leather jacket, the Jerri Curl (Which I can say only looked perfect on him) . . . he started trends. Musically and fashionably. But Mr. Chericho really opened those Michael doors for me.

James Brown: Dec 25th. Aaliyah: August 25th. Left Eye: April 25th. Michael Jackson: June 25th. How Random is that?


JacqueRoxx said...

This is a really sweet story. I loved Michael Jackson's music (he's in my ipod!) but yeah like you said, I'm not his biggest fan so I won't pretend like I am but his legacy lives on through his music.

Cee Frizzle said...

I'm putting some of my fave tunes in my mP3. Cuz when listening to some of the songs i go back to when I was younger, in music class.


Rachelle said...

im still devasted.

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