Monday, June 15, 2009

New Chopped Hair [Pics Inside]


I kid, I kid.

Its all still there. I just cut it by an inch.

And no, I'm not following Cassie! Ew.

But yeah, I remember telling you all that I was gonna cut my hair. And I finally did it. See, I waan't going to only because when I told my mother, she said no automatically, thinking that I would hate my haircut after I went through with it. I told her that I had a great face and I knew how to work my tresses but she did that thing.

You know, that horrid thing mothers do. The guilt trip.

Mom: OK, well, fine. Get your hair cut. Then next thing you know you come to me crying saying you hate your hair and that you should have listened to me because now you don't have a clue on how to do it anymore and then you're going to feel ugly and will go crazy . . . but you do what you feel is right. Go ahead. Cut your hair. You have my support.

And it worked. I won't cut my hair OD like I was planning. But that didn't mean I didn't want to cut my hair period. So I came home from hanging out with my besties, Keva, Annie & Christina after a trip to IHOP and cruising in Keva's car with loud music, and I walked to the mirror and stared. Just stared. Tilting my head left and right, picking at it, teasing it with a comb. Next thing I knew, I was grabbing for the scissors and CUT!

More cutting.

GASP! Some more cutting. They kept falling into the sink!

And I cut some more til . . .

An inch was gone.

And I love it. I did it without my mom knowing and it feels great. It looks amazing too, might I add. It feels fuller and bouncier and just . . . gahhh I feel great only because i know most of my bad ends are gone and I won't have to feel self conscience if people can notice the permanetly straight ends.

Best part is, my mom didn't notice, even though its sort of noticeable. But I ended up telling her, due to the frustration that she DIDN'T notice I went behind her back and cut an inch or two of my hair. Booo!

So after Friday, I have decided that I wouldn't and will not cut my hair for 3 months. Not even to trim a damaged end. I wanna see how it progresses. SO BARE WITH ME, FUGLY SLUTS! Love you.

TIDBIT: When I looked at the sink and saw my hair was in there, I almost screamed because I worked so hard to grow it out. It was getting long. And I do miss my huge puffs. Majorly. The back of my hair had reached past my shoulders! I was excited, til I realized it looked like I was growing a mullet because only the back was growing down, while the rest of my hair was growing out, you know? So I closed my eyes and just cut the back. And when I opened my eyes, it was back to the middle of my neck. Sigh . . . but, lets see three months from now! Heller!


Christie said...

cynthia, i never realized how nice your hair is. It looks really full, thick and healthy. I like it. YOu should take a whole picture with a cute outfit to go with that cute hair. lol

still repping the tigers i see. lol me too, i wear my gym sweats as pajamas now. haha.

JacqueRoxx said...

Your hair looks great! It's still super long and it looks really you cut it evenly and didn't end up with Huey Hair like me :/
And yay you did what you wanted! My mom does that guilt thing to me all the time..I hate it..

Cee Frizzle said...

@Christie: Thanks very much! And I plan on doing that ASAP, cuz I haven't taken actual pictures in the longest of long. And I will always rep the tigers. How can we not? Rawr.

@Jacque: I was so surprised that its even, cuz when I was cutting the back, I wasn't looking! I just assumed and hoping that I was cutting an inch. But Huey hair is still hot, man. And you still look adorable! And yeah my mom wasn't even mad. She was sort of happy. Hate the guilt trip. Not coool!

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