Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Top 10 Amazing Legs

Thats the first thing I notice about a female when she already has an amazing body: how do her legs look? See, depending on the female's shape, you can always get away with a lot if you've got amazing legs and you flaunt them. Even men see it that way. They love a woman with gorgeous legs! Who doesn't?

But what you see as gorgeous might be too skinny for me. For exactly, Naomi Campbell. Yah, she's got nice legs, but they're too skinny for me. I like to see legs that are thick. Yes. Thick legs. If they've got muscle definition, thats a kudos. SO lets get with it, shall we?

#10: Amerie

I was about to forget about Amerie. Thankfully I just finished watching her new video. She does have great legs. They aren't the thickest of the batch, but she's got it, right? I could settle for legs like hers.
#09: Fefe Dobson

Look at those legs. Thick and beautiful. Not a scratch in sight! My legs are sorta kinda imprinted with little childhood mishaps that includes me falling on the concrete a few times while playing tag, but Fefe's are just plain gorge.

#08: Ladies of "Electrik Red"

All of them. ALL OF THEM HAVE THICK BEAUTIFUL LEGS! I was reading up on them one day and I think that all of them had some dance background in them so that makes mucho sense, does it not?

#07: Amanda Bynes

She's the only white female on this list, and I am very impressed with her legs. I am one of her biggest fans, and I never noticed how nice her legs were till she came to an award show with this mini dress. I was shocked. Those are beautiful legs. And they're thick, too! I wasn't the only one. If you type in 'Amanda Bynes' and 'legs', the outcome is PREPOSTEROUS!

#06: Alicia Keys

I almost broke my back trying to find a picture of Alicia Keys baring her legs. It is NOT easy, folks, since she likes to tease us. Alicia, nuh uh! Not fun! But Alicia's got those thickie stickies! You can just see how thick they are throug hthe tight jeans or pants she wears. Thats how I knew she was hiding thick legs from us. But you can't run that far, Alicia. Caught you.

#05: KESH

My fave designer slash DJ. Yes, her legs are phenomenal. Long and thick. She's got those legs, too. No wonder she loves to wear skirts and mini dresses and whatnot. Cuz her legs rock harder than the outfits she makes and the music she blasts.

#04: Rihanna

DERRRR! LOOK AT THOSE BABIES! Seriously, need I say more?!

#03: Beyonce

I don't like Beyonce. Not at all. But I adore her legs. Besides the fact that she is the model body type figure to have, I just admire her legs. I don't like her body all that much. Call me crazy, but its looks dyfunctional. Why do her abs look the way they do? Anyway, those squats she said she loves doing does her legs greatly.

#02: Ashanti

She almost took number 1. ALMOST! I have been following up on Ashanti's legs for the longest, cuz they are stunning! Thick, mami, thick! My mother adores them too. I remember the first time she saw Ashanti perform, she said, "Oh, ym God. Look at that girl's LEGS!" And how, do you ask, did she obtain those gorgeous legs? She used to run track. Yep. Back in HS. Where are my running shoes?
#01: Serena Williams

Hot mother damn mother fxcker holy shit. Yes, I had to cuss. Look at them. Sigh . . . I don't know where to start and where to end . . . Like . . . huh? Tennis can really do all THAT?! She is driving me crazy. With the snap of my fingers . . . if I can just have her figure, INCLUDING THE LEGS, LORD DON'T LEAVE THEM OUT, I would have them.

TIDBIT: There are many I should have added, Like Lady Gaga, Hayden Panettiere, Kim Kardashian, even Solange . . . but these 10 are my faves.
Anyone I forgot? Lemme know!


JacqueRoxx said...

OoOo great list! I'm always on the look out for thick legs because mine are really thick. Fefe is my favorite, but yeah, I would have added Solange annnndd Leona Lewis. She's got legs like me so I love them!

The Bastard Gentleman said...

you had me until ya got to serena...while, i am a fan of her ass her legs are no number 1 lol..

nice post


Cee Frizzle said...

@Jacque: Leona Lewis! I was looking for someone but I couldn't put my finger on it. Yes, she has great legs. And My legs are thick, too! I think thats why we love thick legs. Cuz we've got them.

@TBG: You know, I wasn't even gonna put her on the list. But I was reading a fashion blog and she was the topic and I realized that her legs are pretty thick. But Here's another thing: I never pay attention to them really. Her ass, thats hard not to look at, but her legs were never a focus for me . . . hm. Time for me to rethink number 1.

Rachelle said...

who knew fefe dobson legs looked like that. aside from ashanti i agree with u 100 percent! idk why i jut wasnt feeling ashanti's pic like the rest. but great list!

Christie said...

i really like this post. very original! this inspired me cyn to make make top ten list! lol check it out.

Cee Frizzle said...

@Rachelle: I looked so hard for a great pic of Shanti's legs because she really has kickass legs! Like in the "Only U" video, gosh darnit!

But nothing really popped up. Plus her outfit was cute so i'm like, "Ehh."

@Chrstie: Isn't it funners!! Top 10's are awesome-o

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