Thursday, June 11, 2009

(Wo)man Candy #2: Megan Fox

"Who's your first (Wo)man Candy, Cee Frizzle?"

I speak about Katy Perry all the time of every second of everyday, so you already know she holds numero unooo.

So yes, I went there and I am not hitting reverse. There is a (Wo)man Candy edition, because I have to show love to females! And no these aren't females that I am in love with because I am no lesbo or bi or experimental individual, but these are females that I admire and look out for (in the media, that is).

So, Megan. Megan to the Fox. Which she is. Its funny, I never really liked her. See, the thing with Megan is that she looks like she was born a porn star. She just oozes sex(y). And I was reading an interview where she says that men find it sexy when she's eating chicken. And its not even her trying to be sexy--she's just muchin' on chicken. Which is fun. To be seen as the hottest girl in the US while eating chicken, and she doesn't even mean to be. But once you look, she's really gorgeous--cuz most porn stars are so fake and icky . . . I wouldn't want to touch one. Or even get close to one--with these icy blue eyes and this gorgeous jet black hair. Plus hot bod. And another thing, her attitude is bad ass. She takes shit from No One. Absolutely no one. I enjoy reading her takes on certain things. Entertainment in a few words max. Great stuff.

Soooo Megan you are #2. You may be Maxim's #1 hottest girl, but in my book, you're only number 2 . . .

Movie Casting Alert; They're making a Lara Croft origins film from when she's younger and guess who might be the winner of this role? That porn star beauty above.

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Rachelle said...

i actually really love her tooo!

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