Sunday, July 12, 2009

Annoying Ass People

You know the type of people I cannot stand at all? Like, the type I have zero tolerance for? My deepest apologies if you are one of these people, but I just think it's high time I speak about this.

The type of people that dedicate their away messages / facebook statuses to their lives.

I have a good friend of mine who spills off a ton of nothings on her away message. One minute she feel so empowered and is all, "I don't need him. He doesn't know what he's lost. I can find a man whenever, wherever." Next thing, two hours let's say, her away message is all, "I can't do this. Why did you do this to me? My heart is aching. I don't feel like myself. I gave you my heart and you won't give it back."

You can't do it? I CAN'T DO IT! It drives me insane. Alright, you are caught up on a person, but why do you have to write all that bull kaka on your away messages, especially when this person HAS YOUR AIM! Like, dee dee deeee! Its obvious, though, why someone would act so immature.

She wants the person to see how she's feeling.

See, girls love to do this to themselves. They act all tough but when they really think about it, they realize that they are supposedly weak without this dude. And they act desperate and sad in front of the guy, or in her case, in enough of a view for the guy to see, via AIM. Sweeties, word of advice: Yeah, don't do that.

Guys are not worth it. Believe me. I just want you to know that we are the superior ones. Seriously, we are. Think about it. A guy won't come up to us unless he has a reason to. A guy can't go out on a date unless we verify it. A guy can't have our goodies unless we say they can. And we will LET them. We don't give it up like a dozen glazed Donuts at Dunkin. Without us, guys would not be. Sorry to do this, but it was Eve who convinced Adam to eat the damn apple. If it weren't for Eve, who God made because Adam needed a companion (WE WIN AGAIN!), then we wouldn't be born because Adam wouldn't have a tap buddy to have tap action with and they would not have reproduced. So kudos, Eve you skank bitch.

So making yourself look weak and pathetic not only makes the guy laugh at you and lose every ounce of respect that he ever had for you, it also ups his game by making him feel that the girls will swoon over him and he won't see how much he loss if you won't give him the opportunity to show that really, you are better off without him.

AND! The girls and boys who go haywire and dedicate their away messages / facebook statuses to their honeyboo's, saying "I LOVE MY HUBBY / WIFEY! 00/00/00 THE DAY WE MET! YOU COMPLETE ME! I WILL ALWAYS HAVE YOU IN MY HEART BLAH DEE BLAH DEE BLAHHHH!

Shut the fuck up.

I'm sorry if you are one of those people, but, come on. We understand how much you love this person, but flaunting it as if they already put the ring on your finger, you went on your honeymoon and had three kids is not cute. Or interesting. Its annoying and unnecessary. Its fine if you put the day, month and year you met (Like we need a circa), but all the other stuff . . . you become one of those girls who we want to shoot because you won't shut up. Your conversations become useless. Your time become useless. Your presence becomes useless. Why? Because all the conversations, times and presences is about you and your jigaboo. So, like I said.

Shut the fuck up.

Stop rubbing it in that you have the greatest boy in the world, because he might be saying, "Damn, why is this girl so serious?!"

And seriously, why are you?


miss_vogue said...

haha i know what you mean.

S Jones said...

I Used To Be Guilty On The Life Status Update On Aim When I Got Into It With My B/f But He Explained To Me That I Needed To Stop Because He Didnt Want Our Business Out There. At First I Thought He Just Said That Cuz He Didnt Want His And My Friends To Know He Was A Jerk...But Looking Back I Was Verrrry Childish Doing That Mess.

If I Want My Man To Know "How I Feel" I Will Call Him Up...Or Make The Trip For A Face To Face So I Cud Slap Some Sense Into Him Easily.

Tay said...

Its about maturity level......but i think it takes a lot of courage and emotional literacy to be able to put yourself out there like that. You just gotta know when to pull back and keep it inside. It's good not to care what others think.
I think women and men should be able to express themselves anyway they want. If you have something to say to someone, tell them directly. But how someone is feeling is THEIR own business and they should be able to let it out any way they want. But people should know the risk of being open--not everyone's gonna like it. Might loose some friends..might cause all kinds of problems. Just account for that before you put your shit out there.

In some situations, I see looking vulnerable and being open as a strength and not a weakness. Nothing wrong with looking human sometimes. But acting wounded on purpose is pathetic and ridiculous. There's a way to be emotionally intune without asking for sympathy. Some people just dont realize that they deserve more than sympathy and dont know how to help themselves.

Lori said...

i'm totally with you on the facebook status/ away message thing. i've had my facebook for over 2 years now and i think i only updated my status once or twice. I have friends who do it once every 30 mins. so annoying

Cee Frizzle said...

Its true. It all depends on maturity levels. But at a time it makes you look pathetic especially the way you write your feelings. It makes it seem as if you really have nothing better to do than just think about this person and bash this person for hurting you. And i realize the people that usually do this are the people that are just not comfortable with being by themselves. That convince themselves its OK but put up the front.

I've had times when I've been mad at a person, and the way I would express it is with a little poem to get a person thinking or just a brief thing. That may not be someone else's style, cool. But feenin for the attention through your aways is just saaaad.

And of course at some points its good to be vulnerable. No one wants to deal with a hard ass 24/7. Thats just not exciting.

miky said...


Sei'Lani Britagne said...

another reason why i love you. I've been saying this for years now. Its one of the reasons why i no longer use aim, i don't have a myspace or facebook or anything like that. It gives people too much room to advertise their lives and, just like couples in reality tv, that lack of privacy leads to the ultimate downfall of the relationship OR they feel as if they need the public eye in order to keep their relationship going.

*looks at the picture of heidi and spencer* they are the prime example. they call folks and paparazzi telling them where they are going to be, they go on other reality shows and talk shows to promote their relationsip, not their show, their relationship, and when lauren decided to leave the hills (her own damn show) because of the fakeness and how her friends changed, guess who heidi and spencer called to induce the drama to keep their fame? KRISTIN. its too much haha

Cee Frizzle said...

Lool thanks Sei'Lani! Like, deadass. I don't think anyone cares! And if they do, don't torture the people who DON'T! Like, come on. What does it make the person look like?!

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