Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lick My Boot!

So I'm thinking of making make-up videos. You know, posting them on youtube and then on here . . . OK, that and natural hair care. But here's the thing.

I'm still learning in both categories. I'm still learning how to use color with my make-up and I'm learning new ways to treat and style my hair. So as I make these vids, you will all learn, too!

Um . . . topics to come soon:

1) There's this guy . . . tee hee!

2) More Top 10 lists

3) I'm gonna stop gossiping. Like posting stories you can find on YBF. com or some other shaninigans. Its gonna be hard, and I will post a few gossip titles here and there, but I will stop with all of it in general . . . or am I making sense. Grrrr.

4) I'm not gonna be fully personal, but I will let you guys in on my life. Just a tad. A tad! Because I really don't know who is reading exactly. I can never be too sure or too careful.

5) I'm trying to lose weight, so this will also be a progress blog for me.

6) DO NOT FRET! I will make sure this blog is just as interesting as it is to my followers!

7) I love you, followers. Really. It brings me satisfaction and joy that you even read my posts. Or comment. I'm up to 56! Trying to get more but I'm satisfied!

8) I need to stop hiding behind the camera and just get in front of it. I haven't taken any photos in a long time! So my posts will have photos to back them up, feels meh?

ERM! . . . thats it really.

Its so hot right now I'm just trying to wrap this up mega quick. My fan is broken and the lights are beaming down on my head. My hair is in a plastic bag with a cover cap over it (its deep conditioning) and my computer chair is leather. I cannot be in any more deep doo doo then I already am in.

And I'm pretty sure I just jinxed myself. Hm. Time to take a cold shower.

SEE YOU ALL LATER! When I have something to blog about!


Sei'Lani Britagne said...

yaaaaay! hurry up with the guy posts cee frizzle maaah nizzzziille

Cee Frizzle said...

Haaa I can't wait to get started on it too!

But time is of the essence.

JacqueRoxx said...

I LOVE makeup tutorials! Even though I don't wear, I just like watching them

Cee Frizzle said...

I KNOW! Me too! I'm subscribed to a bunch, man.

I just hope mine are pretty good too.

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