Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Should Men Have Fatties?

DID YOU SEE IT?! Please tell me you watched Sunday's new episode of "True Blood," to witness the sexiest tap action I have seen on television. IT FINALLY HAPPENED! Tara and Eggs did the freaky freaky. Their inner freaks came out and freaked each other. And boy did I bite on my pillow and pulled on my hair while it happened. Soooo hot.

Not to mention that beautiful ass! Mehcad's bootay is so scrumptious. I swear by it. So, speaking of booties . . .

I've asked many of my friends what are some physical qualities a guy should have. Many said the usual: nice abs, strong, muscular, big dick (wah wah wah), amazing lips, a dagger tongue, gorgeous eyes, beautiful skin . . . but when I ask them if a man should have a fattie in the back, they look at me with deer-in-headlights, like I just cursed Jesus out or something. Then one goes, "Um, why the hell should a guy have a big ass? Thats just . . . no. Not right."


Personally, I like a guy with an ass.

I have a great friend of mine, Jaiden* who has a really nice derriere. It doesn't show because of his pants. But one day, he hit my ass really hard and to get him back, I returned the favor. And when I did, I just felt the cheeks. Nice, big cheeks! And then another time, he was bending down and I saw the firmness of his ass through his boxers, and I said, "You have a fattie! Gee whiz, its so beautiful!" He laughed and said, "Shutup, no I don't!" Then I sneaked up behind him and squeezed it. Gosh, it filled my hand! Sooooo fat!

And while watching that beautiful episode of "True Blood," I saw Tara clasp her hands on Eggs' ass and I was just in awe because his ass is so . . . excuse my french, JUICY! Succulent, if you must. A guy with a fat ass is great. Especially one like Mehcad's or Jaiden's*. You can just grab it and feel that juiciness. I mean, if men love looking at our fat asses, why can't females love scoping out mens fat asses?

TIDBIT: I think thats why I love football players. a) because I have a huge thing for bone crushers. I love them. Ughhhh. b) They have fat asses. Take Reggie Bush for example. FATTIE!


yours truly said...

girl i don't give you wrong at all. men with booty (not the broad booty, the nice toned one) are THE bizness. especially when they're training for some sport in public with no shirt on. the shit just looks right to me.

Rachelle said...

omggg i just watched this episodeee ,hes soooo sexy. kudos on the priscilla renea song =)

Cee Frizzle said...

YES! I agree with you 1001% yours truly. Ugh get a fattie, boys.

And Rach . . . sexy ass fudge on a stick, man.

And i lurve Priscilla!

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