Monday, July 6, 2009

Trailer for Diablo Cody's "Jennifer's Body"

If you've seen "Juno," and is a fan of the Showtime series, "The United States of Tara," then you know the brilliance that is Diablo Cody, who is the writer of these beautiful pieces of work. She's back with a horror/comedy starrring my (Wo)man Candy, Megan Fox, Amanda Seyfried (the retarded Karen in Mean Girls), and Adrien Brody.

It's about a cheerleader, posessed by a demon, who eats boys. No, really. All jokes aside? She eats them. Devours them. Like a fat kid to a chinese food buffet. DEVOURS, MY DUDES! Guess who's the cheerleader? So it's up to the cheerelader, Jennifer's, best friend Needy, who is played by Seyfried, to stop her from doing something so heinous.

You know what? It looks interesting as hell. It looks like something to make you laugh but something to make you go, "WHAT THE FRUCK?!" Which is just what we need nowadays with horror movies because they are shiteous to the T!

Here's also a lil' note from Diablo herself, and the trailer below that. BTW, you have to be 17 and over to watch it. I'm not trying to be a parental cop, I'm saying this because the trailer asks you to put your birthdate in, 'kay? 'Kay!

“Fox is putting a trailer of Jennifer's Body in front of Bruno this Friday. Great, right? Only problem is it's not our trailer. It's kind of a straight
horror preview and while we're sure it'll appeal to many of you, we wanted to make sure you guys got to see our cut... Lets call it the “filmmaker's cut”. We think it captures the comedy and scares of the horror films we grew up on―a kind of nostalgia for when horror films were fun. Can't wait to show you the whole film... In the meantime, here's the red band trailer we wanted our fans to see.”
-Diablo Cody

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Tay said...

excited for this.

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